Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why I Love Facebook


I'm so glad that our Grandchildren encouraged us to set up Facebook Accounts... The Man and I over the years had lost touch with many Family and Friends... Distance and Time can do that.  And I find that as we grow Older, our Desire to find and reconnect with extended Family and Long Time Lost Friends grows stronger.   Those that share our Blood and our History... our Past... well, it is Meaningful.  And through Facebook we have been so Fortunate to locate long Lost Friends from the Past and reconnect with some Family we haven't seen or kept in contact with over the years.  We may not find them all... but isn't it Sweet when you find some and get to catch up via their FB Pages and Shared Images?!  To see Familiar Faces once again, now Older to be sure... and with Families that have expanded with each Generation born into them!   To see the Children, Grandchildren and perhaps even Great-Grandchildren of our extended Families and Friends... sometimes for the first time, well, its really Special.   Today I Located yet another Relative, my Cousin DA from Oklahoma... and gazing back at me from his Profile Image was more than just a Familiar Face of a Cousin I hadn't seen in Years... but a Reflection of his Father, my Uncle... and my own Father... the strong resemblance to them both in their Senior years was uncanny... and it touched my Heart deeply and brought tears to my eyes.  I miss my Uncle... and my Dad... yet, when we look into the Faces of various Family Members, we can still see a Reflection of them in ourselves and each other can't we?  And their Legacy Lives on through us and successive Generations.   The last time I saw my Cousin in person he was a Marine, with short hair!!!   *LOL*  If you knew my Cousin you'd understand how different and odd a Military haircut was from his Norm... as a Proud Handsome Native American Man the longer hair suits him so much better... and I was glad to see he still wears Traditional Hairstyle and Represents the Tribe Proudly.  


I wasn't certain if he had some copies of the Childhood pixs that I had of him, his Sisters, Wewokajanna and DeAnna, and my Uncle... and so I Shared via Facebook... another reason why I Love it... we can all Share and Swap Images that not all of us have in our own Family Albums.   This is DA when he was sporting a Mohawk Hairstyle in the Sixties... he was always Fearless when it came to being Fiercely Proud of his Heritage and Native Style, even back when there was much more discrimination and pressure to Conform to a Non-Tribal look and dismiss Cultural Lifestyles and Traditions.  I remember thinking my Cousin was very Handsome... just like my Uncle and my Dad... and I looked up to them all, especially since each Served our Country Honorably during their Military Service... and each looked so good in Uniform!    

I Hope to find even more Relatives and Long Lost Friends to reconnect to, it always warms my Heart to see them once again... and find out what they've been up to and what they've Shared Virtually.  We may never all get to be in the same place at once again on this side of Time and Eternity, but via the Beauty of Cyberspace, we can have the next best thing Virtually.  
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. I read recently youngsters want to leave FB because too many old people on it :P

  2. I went through that phase of life a couple years ago looking for old grade school and high school friends from my home town since I moved away when I was 14
    I found a couple then one died from cancer,it was so sad I thought Judy and I would become close again and so did she, she had looked for me also

    facebook is good even though some people don't think so

  3. what an amazing gift and I think you are ravishing


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