Thursday, May 9, 2013

What I Really Want For Mother's Day...

What I REALLY want for Mother's Day?  A VICIOUS SABRINA Accessory of Curiosities Necklace or Brooch!  *Swoon*   Preferably from the Entomology Collection.  Though the Collections from Mineralogy...Archeology...Zoology...Botany and Prepared Slides are equally Fabulous!
What I will probably get for Mother's Day... a Macaroni Necklace... C'est la vie and a Sigh.

The G-Kid Force simply won't comprehend why Gramma would rather have a Bug Necklace than a Macaroni one...
And The Man will simply not understand why I want a Bug Necklace that COSTS HOW MUCH?!?!???!??!  {Insert The Man now clutching his Chest like an old Red Foxx Sanford and Son Episode!  LOL}

The Son, who has a wry sense of Humor, will likely go out and catch a Bug, squash it between a Beer Bottle Cap filled with Cotton and a piece of Glass, hang it on a chain and present it as a Vicious Sabrina Knock-Off as a Joke.  *So NOT Funny!  Well... maybe a little Funny. Smiles*
And me... well... ME spent way too much time last Night doing Yen Conversions so I could devise a Wicked Plan to procure one of these Coveted Accessories of Curiosities which I ADORE!!! *Winks*
Well sure... in a Perfect World, with as many Kids and G-Kids as we have, if they all got on the same page, pooled resources and wanted to Surprise me they could get together and make it happen without it costing anyone a fortune.
But that is not likely to happen in this Lifetime so my Expectations are Reality Based and Plan B is that I'll just have to Save up for this Prize myself... and dutifully Pretend that whatever I get is Awesome, whether it is or not.
Which is all Good because I tend to be very Good to me... and I've always relied on me to get exactly what I REALLY WANT.  *Winks* 
Only it's not gonna happen by Mother's Day and that kinda sucks.  I could certainly envision Self Sporting one of these after Mother's Day... rather than a Macaroni Necklace that I'm being a Good Sport by actually wearing!  *LOL*  Okay, and Cherishing for obvious Sentimental Reasons as all Good Moms and Grammas do.  *LOL*  Don't look at me that way... you know you do too, we ALL do!  *Smiles*
But I've done the Math... I've already spent in excess of Thirty Plus Years raising Children... and by the time we're done raising Children I will have put in over Forty-Five consecutive Years of Mothering Minor Children and Maternal Sacrifice!  *Whew... yeah, I'm Exhausted just THINKING bout it!*  And of coarse there is also the assisting of the Adult Children that happens in a 'down economy' when Young Adults can be struggling without help from Family... so it doesn't really end once they're all Grown.   I would have Served less Time for Murder I tell you!  *Winks*  
And when you get to your Senior Season of Life you start doing that other Math... and realizing you might not have as many Mother's Days ahead of you as you have behind you... Sooooooooo.... I DESERVE a VICIOUS SABRINA Accessory of Curiosities this Mother's Day!!!!!!!  {Insert a Semi-Private Petulant Un-Gramma-Like Tantrum going on!}  Well... you agree don't you?  *Humor me... Smiles*
Well, those of you who are also Wednesday Addams Type Gals who wander over to the site's Link and behold her Laboratory are very likely going to Lust after some pieces yourselves and be Jonesin' for some on your next Special Occassion!  *Winks*  Just be sure not to buy it all up so that I can't get mine when the time finally comes...
I Hope you get what you REALLY want and Deserve for Mother's Day my Maternal Friends...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I think Vicious Sabrina owes you Big Time!

  2. Hope you have the Mother's Day that you yearn for...complete with a bug necklace. I'll be dying to know if you receive a knock off from your son! LOL


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