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The Big Heap ~ Yes, I'm Finally Doing The Post!

Okay, yes, it has taken me Forever and a Day I Confess and I feel like a total Slacker... but FINALLY I'm doing the Post on THE BIG HEAP Event I attended fairly recently!  *LOL*  I Hope I'm not losing my Blog Mojo because lately Posts are taking me DAYS to roll out now!  *Gasp!*  Yeah, I know, scary stuff when you've got a lot to Share and playing catch-up to get it rolled out before the news is so stale you wonder where in your Photo Archives you've stored it all?!?  *LOL*   Luckily this Vendor's Boho Upholstery was so Eyecatching that it jumps out at ya... so much easier to find in the Photo Archives!  *Whew!*  In fact, I LOVED this Sofa... you know me, I'm a Go Big and Bold or Go Home sorta Gal!  *Smiles*
And since this Sweet Vendor had a run on their Business Cards {no wonder huh?} I didn't get one... and though she wrote it down... now I can't find the Note *Le Sigh*... so I'm Hoping I run into them again so I can properly Identify the Stylist for you!   Cause I was Adoring all of their Furnishings... very Alice In Wonderland... had Alice fallen down the Boho Gypsy Rabbit Hole that is.  *Smiles*
I want to fall down this Rabbit Hole in fact... and not climb out for a while... so stimulating and Fun!
So Cheerful and Bold... being in a Room Decorated with Furnishing like this would bring a Smile to my face often and be so Uplifting and Joyful.  I would call this Joyful Style in fact.

Seriously isn't this a Fab Therapy Couch for when you might feel 'Blue'... just languishing on this 'Princely' Couch {Sorry couldn't resist inserting Prince in a Purple reference... ha ha ha}... with a good Book would Cheer me right up if I was the least bit down!
And another reason I always make the long trek and Pilgrimage to the other side of Town for this Event is that I will get to see so many of my Talented Friends who will be there... here I am rolling up on my Friend Heidi of PARIS MONTANA.
My Friend Tricia got better Images of all the Gals than I managed to since I was having some Camera Malfunctions that day and so many of my shots didn't turn out after the dropping my Camera in the dirt incident!  *Gasp*  But don't worry... since then my Friend Pamela has Blessed me with the Gift of a much better Camera so I'm back in the Game!  *Whew!*  So I'm borrowing and Sharing a couple of Tricia's Images of the Gypsy Gal Posse.  And head over to Tricia's Blog VINTAGE BLISS to see even more!
You see, I really wanted to show you more of the Gal's Style and Ensembles that I just Adored and they totally ROCK!

Heidi's Caravan always has a wealth of Wardrobe and Accessories that I drool over and want to fill my Closets with!   This day, even though it was about 100 degrees outside, I was looking for one of her Gypsy Jackets... yeah, I know, I'm a head case looking for Jackets in late Arizona Spring... luckily all of my Friends know this Quirkiness about me and are not surprised when I make such Odd {Okay Crazy} requests and Love me anyways.  *Winks*  And since nobody in their right mind is looking for Jackets in late Arizona Spring I'll have to wait for the Fall Line now.  *Le Sigh*   I knew I shouldda bought that Jacket at the last BIG HEAP Show!  Hindsight is always 20-20 huh?
But you'll be Proud of me for still Exercising my Restraint Muscles... and if I couldn't Score that Jacket I came for... then I was going to Resist all of the Fabulousness that I didn't come to buy... this took Great Willpower and Resolves... lucky for me I was on a strict Time Restraint to get the Event covered in under an Hour so I could make the long trek Home to pick up the G-Kid Force from School on time since The Man wasn't feeling well this day and was doing the bedrest thing.
I must say that had I NOT had Time Restrictions I probably would have stayed all day...
Both Window Shopping, Photographing and Socializing...
Heidi's new Line of Cuffs was Gorgeous!

As was her Spring Line of Wardrobe which was Weather Appropriate.  *LOL... had to add that too since I know the rest of you are probably not the head case that I am and wouldn't be looking for Wintery Wardrobe in a Desert Late Spring triple digit heat!  Winks*
Source: Sandra Fetty-Elsberry FB Page

And it was a Special Surprise to also run into our Friend Sandra while she was Shopping the Event... I had not seen Sandra in quite a while so we had a lot of catching up to do!  She too is an Amazing Artist... can't wait for her next Trunk Show.

Loving these Lacy Chaps that Heidi Creates... and they were Modeled so Beautifully by the Lovely Daughter of a New Friend I made while at the Event... who had her Gypsy Caravan right between my Friends Heidi and Tricia.

Because while I was Admiring Heidi's new Line I glanced over to my right and saw yet another Kindred Spirit with her Awesome Inventory and Gypsy Caravan right beside Heidi's!

This is a New Friend Natalia of BLUE BIRD VINTAGE... her Talent and Style really Rocks and she has a Free Spirited Outllook on Life and Creative Styling so we instantly Connected.

Natalia also has an Awesome Shop in Springerville, AZ which my Friend Tricia covered in a Blog Post at VINTAGE BLISS so click on the link to see Natalia's Shop and another of her Gypsy Caravans.  You will want to move in to this Sweet Little Mobile Manse and head out to Springerville... I know it's on my next Road Trip itinerary!

If these Boho Slippers had been in Princess T's size I would have bought them for her... I already have a set she's outgrown... my Restraint Muscles were REALLY Exercised trying to Resist these though regardless that they wouldn't fit anyone in the house!  *Winks*

And all the Retro Chenille Art Pillows... LOVE those!  And you know what a Pillow Hoarder I already am!   So I kept Exercising Restraint... Lord am I Sore from an entire Event of that!!! *Smiles*

And right beside Natalia was my Friend Tricia's Gypsy Caravan the VINTAGE BLISS Lounge and all it's Fabulousness!!!   Yes, this was certainly the Trifecta of Gypsy Gal Fabulousness with this Trio side by side at the Event!
Tricia's Creations are all over my House as well... and I Adorn myself with them... she's a very Talented and very Busy Gal... I get Tired just Thinking about her Itinerary!  *LOL*

In fact, if I could bottle the Energy levels of Tricia... and the G-Kid Force... I'd make a Fortune selling to the less Energetic of us!  *Winks*

Not that I'm not Hyper mind you, I still am... just not as Energetic anymore.  *LOL*  Here's my Friend Sandra beside the cute Heap Mobile... she had 'Scored' a Fab Vintage Frame.   And I was Lovin' her Scarf Halter Top Creation!!!   I have a slew of Vintage Scarves that I Love and Upcycling them into Summer Halters is a Great Idea I'm totally stealing so that I have some new Summer Wardrobe... especially since I couldn't get that Jacket I came for!  *Smiles*

Now... though they give you a Starting Point when you Enter... I must say I was all over the Map... doing the 60 Minute Version which was not nearly enough time for Yours Truly to do my Usual Zen Event Browsing and Photo Taking... but I made it Work.

My next stop was at our Friend Deb of MERCY AND GRACE.   She got super busy right after I rolled up so alas, I didn't get as many shots of her Work and Space as I wanted to out of respect for the other Customers.   And you'll see why she has such a Rush on her Space when I show you the next Image... her Creations are beyond Fabulous and I want at least one for my Collection of Bags!

Though ALL of Deb's Creations are drawing me in... there was one thing in particular that attracted me like a Moth to a Flame... you see it right?  It's SO very ME right?

When I saw it the Heavens parted and Angelic Voices seemed to be singing a Heavenly Chorus...  a Bag of Fur, Leather, Upcycled Cowboy Boots, Vintage Fabrics, Belts, Badges, Chandie Crystals, Bling and Turquoise... Lord have Mercy!!!!!!!!  I... Seriously... Want... It!!!!!   This would have been the one piece that I would have Caved on and not been able to Exercise my Restraint Muscles... had it not been for the darn Budget preventing me from Popping on it this Month... darn Budget!  *Winks*   Sometimes when Restraint isn't enuf, Finances... or lack thereof, are huh? *Le Sigh*  But one day soon I Hope to Save up enough for one of Deb's Fab Bags.

And this is my Friend Jenny of REDHEAD SADIE sporting her Amazing Retro Wardrobe and Style... Loved the nod to Frida Kahlo in the hairstyle, she pulled it off Beautifully.  Now, if you're really into Classic Vintage Attire and Accessories... this is the Gal to seek out!  She has it ALL... and she's uber Creative and a Talented Artist too!

Vintage Millinery... Divine!   Shouldda-Wouldda-Couldda bought them all up... but remember, I was Exercising Restraint?!?  My Restraint Muscles are SO sore from all that Exercise and not having used them or given them a Workout in such a while!  *LOL*

And speaking of Exercising Restraint... I'm going to hafta do it again... in not burying you with the Entire Experience of THE BIG HEAP in one Post!  *LOL*   And because I'm Exercising my Editing Muscles too... which are really out of Shape too let me tell you!  *Smiles*  And mostly because this Post has already taken me several days to finish!!!  *Seriously!*  So be sure to come back for the rest of the Coverage of this Event... which I will try to roll out in less than a week!  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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