Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Big Heap ~ Part II

We're back on our Tour of THE BIG HEAP Spring Event that I attended in April... and yes, only now just got around to Blogging about!
If you've never attended you've missed a great Flea Market that is held Seasonally out in Cave Creek.
My Friends Chris and Danyelle of VAGABOND X-CHANGE had a Space right near the Entrance...
Most of these Gilded Frames Sold just after I photographed them...
And I really liked the lines of this piece...
I also regret Exercising too much Restraint and not picking up these Vintage Crystal Doorknobs priced at only $5 to $7 apiece!   But with the Hoard of Vintage Doorknobs I already have at Home... well, I reluctantly passed on scooping these up... and now I wished I hadn't!  *LOL*
VAGABOND X-CHANGE always has good Prices and do many of the Popular Local Shows and Events, they also have a Booth #701 at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.
I always enjoy their Aesthetic and Styling and have picked up more than a few Treasures... just not this visit... believe it or not I came away from the Event empty handed... I think I got carried away with that Exercising of the Restraint Thing!  *Smiles*
The Man couldn't believe it when I came Home without a Cache of Found Treasures to boast about!
And for a Fabric Artist to pass by Old Suitcases and Baskets filled to the brim with Vintage Fabrics and Trims... well, it doesn't happen too often let me tell you.
And it's not that I didn't see plenty of Items to Lust after and be Tempted by... these Victorian Corbels, Stacking Wicker Baskets and Vintage Dress Form were not flying under my Radar!

And I found these Simple long Box Planters to be a Great Idea for a Windowbox Herb Garden!
While visiting REDHEAD SADIE there was plenty of Vintage Bling and Spiritual Statuaries that caught my Eye too!
And Vintage Carpetbags and Chinese Lanterns in Bright Colors and Designs...

And Vintage Needlepoint Bags to drool over...
And Vintage Chenille Fabric Upcycled Pillows!
This was a new Vendor that I liked the Inventory of... though I couldn't locate a Website.
A real Springtime Vibe in their Vignettes and Color Palettes that was Fresh and Vibrant.
I also really Loved the Inventory of this Vendor THE SALVAGE CO. which had Architectural Salvage, Rustic Southwestern Decor and my Favorite Items were their Metal Tole Florals that were Magnetized and could be stuck to anything...
Like Old Buckets...
Metal Files and Drawers...
Or any other Metal Objects that you wanted to add some Panache to!
This vivid Blue Rose was my personal Favorite.  And I want some of these... I could find a myriad of uses for them.

Another reason I Enjoy attending this Event is that Cave Creek has loads of Interesting Shops, a Spa...

And good Restaurants... alas, with my 60 Minute Deadline I didn't have the time this day to Enjoy as many of them as I would have liked... it's Okay, you can feel Sorry for me... I was feeling Sorry for me! *Winks*
And just for YOU I was taking Photos of all the Fun Places I wasn't gonna be able to stay around to Enjoy this time around... I'm just that dedicated a Blogger... *Winks*

And besides, it's always so Visually Appealing and Stimulating to Enjoy later in a Blog Post and Plan on DOING the next time around when there might not be such stringent Time constraints.
Everything was quite Beautiful as all the Spring Blossoms were Showing Out... I Love Ocotillo Blooms set against the Vivid Blue Cloudless Arizona Skies!

Well, this concludes the Sharing of this Event... Thanks for waiting on it 'til I could get around to it!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  1. Merci de ta visite,je découvre ainsi ton blog.
    J'adore cette ambiance.

    Bonjour de Provence



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