Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Almost Finale' Post... Again ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Retreats

Probably the most difficult things for me to resist this month at the Event was da Bling!!!  I'm still somewhat Lamenting leaving this particular Necklace behind.  *Le Sigh*  You know how it is, I'm sure you've done it before too... left something behind with a few regrets for having done so?

Since I'm not Decorating for a Sweet Retreat yet of my own, then I tended to gravitate to what I could WEAR!  *Smiles*  
Had I been Decorating and Furnishing a Vacation Home I would have hit the Motherlode at this Event to Style entire Rooms and a Second Home if we had one... but since that all is still a Fantasyscape rather than a Reality, Accessorizing Wardrobe was more Reality based for me right now.  *Smiles*
And so Princess T and I spent an inordinate amount of time perusing Bohemian Bling...
And lately she must be viewing MY Bohemian Bling as HER Inheritance because she's being the Lil Devil on my shoulder, Encouraging me to Invest in more, even though clearly I already have more than enough!  *LOL*  "Look at THIS one... and THIS one... and THAT one...", she said.
Hard Selling me on the merits of each piece like a Used Car Salesman she was... I was overdosing on Bling Lust and Temptations!   You would have thought this Kid was getting a Commission, Kickback or somethin'?!  *Winks*  "You're not are ya Kiddo?"... {Insert her making this Face at me... and answering with a long drawn out "Gramma!!!!"} "Well Okay then... just checkin'!"
Not that I can blame her for Going Hard though... there was a LOT of Sparkle and Bling mixed in with the Dream Vacation Home Furnishings.   And you know how us Gypsy Style Gals ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go for the Sparkle, the Shiny and Glam... Human Magpies we are!!!   We hang Chandie Crystals on just about everything... and Adorn ourselves Lavishly with whatever we manage to 'Score' for Accessorizing ourselves!
And look at the Size of some of these Chandie Crystals... Enormous!  I put my Scrabble Tile Beach Coaster down beside them for Scale just so you can Appreciate just how Humungous they were!  I'd like to see the Ballroom Chandie these came off of... and the Mansion!  And if it isn't razed... move in!  Yes... one of my Dreamscape Sweet Retreats would be to move into a Mansion or Castle Ruin!
"But what about your Beach Cottage or Shack on Bora Bora or Kauai?", you might be saying.  Listen, if we're gonna have Wild Imaginings of our Sweet Retreats we might as well Dream Plural here and have several of them... covering every Dreamscape we might have Fantasized about, right?
And besides... my Mansion or Castle Ruin could be standing on a Cliff overlooking the Ocean, in a Tropical Setting with Magnificent overgrown tangles of Vines and lush Tropical Florals enveloping it like an Organic Human Cocoon! 
And Mossy Stones... I Love Moss... don't get Moss in the Desert though... or Lush Greenery... so I NEED Moss and Lush Greenery for my Home away from Home.  I want it to look like an Enchanted Secret Garden, my Ruin... where Interior and Exterior melds together so you can't distinguish one from the other and have the best of both.
In fact Plants of any kind have always been something I get totally Excessive and Obsessive with in my Decor... my Parents used to joke that you needed a Machete to get through my Room.  It was always a Lush tangle of growth allowed to grow Wild and Untamed.  
Experimentation with Unusual Container Gardening, Terrariums, Topiaries and Exotic Species looked like a Scientific Botanical Experiment gone awry!   I like my Exterior Gardens to be the same... Unexpected and Unplanned.   No Orderly Plantings and Manicured Gardens for me... I have Nurtured Plants that just happened to Show Up and look good without Human Invitations to the Garden they decided to Flourish in and where ever they decided to Grow!  *Winks*
I have been known to Nurture a Weed if it looks Good... much to the chagrin of The Man who couldn't understand why anyone would Cherish a Weed, even a Pretty one, as much as Cultivated Flowers and Plants!?  But to me a Weed is often a Flower just growing in the wrong places.   I Respect and stand in Awe of their Resilience even though Man has tried to eradicate them and shun them, not helped them to Thrive and yet they still do.
I find it rather hysterical really that we can Nurture some Cultivated Plants with the Care and Attentioin of Newborn Babes and yet they still croak or will not Flourish... and yet our unwanted Weeds often can't be killed off with any amount of herbicides, neglect and diligent Gardening to prevent them!  *LOL*   I actually want to know the Secret of their Resilience, Stamina and ability to Grow so quickly no matter how harsh their Environment... I want to Tap Into that Magic! 
 I once Nurtured some Wild Tree Tobacco that came Home via a Donkey Skully found miles from an Old Abandoned Mine Site in the Desert that we were Exploring on our Ghost Town Seeking Adventures years ago.  We had a Vision to find and Photograph every Ghost Town, Cave and Abandoned Mine site we could back in the day.  It was so much Fun and at the Ghost Towns and Old Mining Sites we were careful to take only Pictures and leave only Footprints... alas many did not so nowadays they're pillaged and ransacked, most haven't Survived intact into the 21st Century.  
 However, we Decorated our Front Yard Desert Landscape at our previous Property with Skullies found in the remote Desert... things often die and are picked clean in the remote Desert... so bones and Skullies are quite common finds.  Apparently the Seed was lodged in the Teeth and it grew up thru the Skully Mouth to Tree Height and had the most Magnificent Yellow Trumpet Shaped Flowers and Lush Greenery... everybody wanted to know what it was and what Nursery I got it from!  *LOL* 
Can you just Imagine how Well we'd Thrive and Survive anything if we had the Tenacity, Resilience and Strength of a lowly Weed!?!   These are things I ponder and Meditate upon... Nature holds so many Secrets to unlock and pay Attention to if we but open our Eyes and Spirit to Receive the Knowledge and Back Story they have to tell us!
And as you can clearly tell if you've been following my Blog for more than a Minute I Love a Good Story...  both to Hear and to Tell.  *Winks*  I come from a long line of Storytellers on both sides of the Family... ours was more an Oral History than a Written one due to the distinctive Cultures of each of my Parents... where the Written Word in their Native Tongues wasn't as Important as some Cultures... the Importance was in the Telling from one Generation to the next.
But, Lucky for you {Well... Maybe?!?  LOL} I do Love to Write AND Tell Stories.  And though I was Advised by many here in the Blogasphere early on, when I was new to this... that lengthy Posts are Taboo and not well Received if you want a Successful Blog or an Impressive number of Supporters... I Redefined Success... because I didn't really Care who or how many Showed up.  All were Invited and nobody had to stay, Support or read any more than they Desired to... it wouldn't hurt my Feelings or how much Joy I derived from this Process and Journey I had embarked upon.
When you're not Attached to the Results or Concerned about the Outcome or how it will be Received then you're Creatively Free to just let it Flow Naturally and Effortlessly with no Stresses and no Worries... to me that is True Unobstructed Artistic Expression.  
Children do this very well and that is why every Child is an Avid and Natural Born Uninhibited Artist.  I've never met a non-creative Child... their Creativity even at a tender Age is Awesome, knows no Limits and is Pure.   They are Fresh from the Great Creator and so their Creativity is coming straight from the Spirit, Heart, Imagination and Soul... whatever was Instilled in them by the Creator is not Edited in their Art and their Inner Critic hasn't developed nor Infected them with Doubts about their Ability to Create Masterfully.  Here's a couple of my Favorite Young Artists... Princess T whose Art is always outside of the Box and Fresh {No brag, just Fact!  Winks}... and my Friend Myko's Beautiful and Talented Artist Daughter Marina... her Art ROCKS! 
Creativity obviously is Encouraged in their Family too... I'm still Admiring that gutted Clock Creation Myko! 
And now I realize that there shall have to be at least one more Post to get thru all my Images of the Event... LOL... I know you probably don't mind if you're Enjoying all the Visuals as much as I do?  I've never really heard anyone complain that they took too many pictures of their Family or their Lives... only those that Lament that they never took enough.  So become a Pathological Picture Taker too... and Photograph with Reckless Abandon, it's so Inexpensive a Hobby now with the Technological Advances... my Memory Cards hold 2000 Images, and I buy them for about Ten Bucks!  Compared to the Cost of Photography in the Old Days... that's practically Free!  *LOL*
Til Tomorrow... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I've been neglecting feasting on all of your glorious images in your posts and am quite behind on your adventures. You are a good storyteller. My PC takes forever to laod your blog so I need a cup of tea (and perhaps a slice of cake) before I settle down. Love the beachy look, summer always makes me think of sirens, pirates, and the seas. Minerva x

  2. I am home sick today so I can spend the whole day gazing at pics of treasures thanks to you!

    That sweet ones face is just breathtaking.....such a beautiful girl

  3. I need to win the lottery...wow I love the doors with the grill work....I watched Junk Gypsies for two hours the other night & got inspired again....these pics inspire me even more..LOL off to view the rest of the swett salvage series...Hope all is well with you & the Man, Boho Sistah..



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