Monday, May 20, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Retreats Continued...

Do you have a Sweet Retreat Memory that stands out above all others?
Where was it?  What made it particularly Sweet and Memorable?
Though I have many fond Memories of Fantastic Sweet Retreats, mine that stands out particularly Sweet was our Trip to Kauai, Hawaii.  Now, if I could have the ultimate Beach Cottage anywhere... that would be an Ideal Location!!!   And I'd Decorate it with the likes of this... this Antique Bubble Frame with the Black Sea Fan repainted in a Soothing Robin's Egg Blue with Gilding would be Perfect for my Dream Beach Cottage.
What are some of the ways and Style you'd Decorate YOUR Dream Sweet Retreat?
Ah... go ahead and throw in that Crowned Santos too... and that Old Clock Repurposed as a Shadowbox to hold Shells and Coral... Myko, I will probably now be looking for Old Clocks to gut and Repurpose to hold some of my Treasures, Great Idea!!!  *Winks*
And since we're doing a Fantasy Shopping Spree for that Elusive Dream Beach Cottage on Kauai... go ahead and load up this Huge Fab Aqua Wicker Trunk as well.   I Love Fantasy Shopping don't you?  *Smiles*
When you're Fantasy Shopping for a Dream Vacation Home the Sky is the Limit Decorating it on the Canvas of your Imagination!  Remember... it's your Fantasy... so you can be as extravagant as you'd like to be... go ahead, spare no expense... Dream Big!  *Winks*
Fresh Lavender... yes, that would be a perfect Aroma...
Had the Bat Sadly not been broken, this little Thimble Sized Trophy probably would have come Home with us for Real.
And I Loved this Old Clock... lots of Ornate Carved Details on the Case.
And Mingled with Horse Trophies and Ivy Topiaries it was a Sweet Little Vignette.
And remember that Favorite Shelving Unit Vignette that I initially couldn't get a Panoramic Shot of on Opening Day?  Luckily it hadn't Sold yet so now you can see the whole thing... turns out it was Created and Styled by my Friends Ron and Cynthia... I shouldda known, they have such a similar Aesthetic to me that I always gravitate to their Vignettes and Inventory!
And my Grand-Daughter Princess T Adores my Friend Ron, she gets so excited when she sees Mr. Ron at the Events... and here's a pix of them together.
Ron... I'm STILL Lusting after that Exquisite Shelf you Designed and Created from Barnwood, the most Fabulous Architectural Salvage and Antique Mirror!   If only I had a Wall left at Bohemian Valhalla to put such a Display Piece!  *Le Sigh*
And I SO WANT this Bronze Cherub Jardiniere!!!   This is a killer piece!!!  *Double Swoon going on!!!*

Yes... as you can tell... my Beach Cottage would not just have Beachy Hues and Decor... there would be the Quirky Bohemian Botanist meets Addams Family and Mad Scientist Vibe integrated in the Styling as well!   Otherwise it just wouldn't be ME!  *Winks*
Here's a peek at the Vignette inside the Men's Room... YES... I go there to snoop and see what Eye Candy is tucked away in the Men's Room too!  *LOL*   My Mom's Big Bro', my Uncle Syd in Wales, was a Welsh Guard and was a Welsh Guard at the Queen's Coronation in 1953.

The Men's Room had a Vision of a Sweet Retreat to Great Britain... My Mom would Love the Union Jack Pillow!   I Wonder if the Guys peek inside the Women's Powder Room to see what Treasures are in the Vignettes in there as well?  I bet they do!!!   A Serious Treasure Seeker will not let anything be a barrier between them and the Found Treasures and Junque they're eager to Discover and Claim!  *Winks*
Loved the European Treasures scattered about the Event this Month.  From Vintage Enamelware French Wash Basins...
To Enormous Demijohns!
I Wish I had the room for an Enormous European Demijohn!!!
I could be such a Hoarder of Old World Fabulousness you know!  *Smiles*  It's probably a good thing The Man is never taking me to a 'Pick' in the South of France or Tuscany... we'd have to send Huge Containers of Found Treasures Home ahead of us!  *LOL*

But it's not just that which has a European Flavor to it that I Love... just look at this Perfect Beach Cottage Hued Rustic Table!!!   The layers of Divine Hues peeking through is Ideal!!!

But then so were the Vintage Industrial Style pieces... and those are so Sturdy that they're Ideal for a Workshop, Studio or Busy Home that has Kids, Pets and Menfolk... practically Indestructable!!!  *Winks*
If you're anything like me there are attributes to be found in so many different Styles and Decor.  I would need several Sweet Retreats to Explore all of the Styling Options I might want to Experiment with and Enjoy Living with!  *Smiles*   And I think that is why having a Retail Space can be particularly Fun... you can Experiment with various Styles and Inventory in your Retail Spaces more Freely and often than at Home.

I'm actually Insatiable when it comes to Styling and Experimenting with different Styles and Decor... there are so many I Appreciate and Enjoy that choosing to stick with a single one is near impossible for me actually... which makes for a very Eclectic Home since I have many Loves that transcend and defy being a single Style.
In fact, I have probably never Decorated with a Pure Style... I've always been Quite Eclectic... embracing several Styling Elements and Melding them together in my own Boheme' Version.
How about you... are you a Purist when it comes to a particular Style?  Or do you have many Loves and can't really be defined by any particular Style?
I found many things to be Inspired by and fall in Love with at the Event... but I restrained myself and came Home with a Modest outlay of Treasures during both visits and stayed well within Budget.
Though as always I went Wheels Off with the Photography... because I could... *Smiles*... and I had that New Camera I was breaking in and getting used to... I drained the entire Battery!  *LOL*  Now I've got to ask Pamela how to recharge it???   Not sure where to plug that Charger in and don't want to force anything!  *Smiles* 

Just look at this Magnificent Enormous Metal Plant Hangar!!!  I heard that a Customer from somewhere like Nova Scotia wanted it... but getting it there would be the Challenge?!?  *LOL*  I can relate to that dilemma though... haven't you ever been ON Vacation and found the perfect Enormous piece that you couldn't easily get Home?!? 
Because sometimes it's when we're on Vacation at a Sweet Retreat that we Discover the Perfect Treasures we want to procure and take back Home with us isn't it?
And leaving those things behind can be torturous!!!   Sometimes certain Regions have an abundance of the things we can't easily find in our neck of the Woods at Home.  Or a particular Style is more prevalent and distinctive to certain Area so the Inventory is easier to Source in various Locales than it might be in our Region... State or Country.
I Hope you'll be able to come back Tomorrow as we Conclude the SWEET SALVAGE SWEET RETREATS Coverage?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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