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My Mother's Day Weekend ~ Part I

Yes... it's gonna take several 'Parts' to get thru my Mother's Day Weekend because I crammed a lot into it!  *Winks*   And some of the Posts will be Exclusive about some of the Great Places I went and of coarse took a gazillion Images of during the Visits!  *LOL*  But Today's Post will be a jumble of some of the Activities that didn't get Photographed to Death.  *Smiles*   Like re-stocking my Showroom for Mother's Day Shoppers since I had good strong Sales and needed to bring even more Inventory in at the last minute. *Whew... but a good problem to have, so I'm not complainin'!*
Remember all those Vintage Troll Dolls I brought in?  Well... they're almost Sold Out already!  So... either a bunch of Moms got Trolls for Mother's Day, which totally cracks me up... or a Serious Troll Collector hit the Mall... I don't know which it was?  *LOL*   But I must say that Decorator and Cook Books were also going fast... and anything Shabby Chic, so I'm glad I brought the Rachel Ashwell Inventory to the Showroom just in time!  It's always a gamble on what folks are gonna buy for their Moms... I know what most of the Moms would probably want... but typically they're not buying their own Gifts... unless like me they ask for cold hard Cash!  *Winks*
And we were giving out these nifty Free Coffee Mugs, that have a Spoon Rest and Spoon in the handle, to the Moms... filled with Candy, which the Crew here will consume!  *Smiles*  I just realized I left a big greasy thumbprint on mine during the Photo Shoot in my Kitchen Tonight!  *Oops!*  And I don't even remember eating anything greasy all day... I Swear!  *LOL*
And in case you don't Believe me I Photographed the Healthy Lunch I had for Mother's Day at the Desert Botanical Gardens earlier Today... because I'm a total Blog Nutjob now so I Photograph EVERYTHING!!!  *LOL*  Come on... you know that some of you do too!!!  I'm not the only one... remember, I've read and seen your Posts!
I Adore the Hummus and Quinoa Salad Plate they serve at the Cantina there... yes, it's as good as it looks too!   Though I'd spent Saturday with the G-Kid Force and my Friend Pamela Junquing and having Lunch... which will be covered some in this Post and in the extended Future Posts about our Mother's Day Adventures together... I spent Sunday Solo... having my Total Mother's Day Zen Day... which was ALL ABOUT ME!!!  *Winks* And NOTHING was gonna Spoil it!!!
So... there I was at DBG knoshing down on my Delightfully Delish Hummus and Quinoa Salad in the midst of the Beautiful Serenity of the Gardens all by my lonesome and enjoying every minute of it... when this other Family sits down at the Table on the Open Patio beside me... a Mature Mom, Dad and their Adult Daughter.  Which would have been no problemo except, apparently this poor Mom wasn't feeling Well but had agreed to go out for a Mother's Day knosh with her Family anyways.  And she ends up hurling her entire Lunch all over the Patio... loudly!!!  OMG!!!  I felt so badly and embarrassed for her and it killed the appetite of everyone within earshot and eyesight!  Well... except Moi... 'cause remember, I pulled YEARS at the DA's Office Witnessing some really gruesome stuff in the files just before every Evening Meal on the Late Shift... and so I polished off my Meal whilst everyone else practically evacuated the Patio Dining Area in a heartbeat... so I had the whole place to myself now!  *LOL*  I have the stomach and fortitude of a Goat I tell ya! 
But I digress... back to the Mall...  for some strange reason I realized I was Photographing lotsa Mugs and China at the Mall?!?  I don't exactly know why?!?  Isn't it weird how sometimes you're just drawn to certain things to Photograph and you don't even realize it 'til you download the Images?!?

So... at our Mall anyway I was in a Floral China and Coffee Mug/Teacup obsessive mode I guess!!!

It's not even what I happen to Collect but it sure is Pretty when grouped together in Vignettes and I suppose that is what the draw and Appeal was for me.  I guess I was in Girly Mom Mode or somethin'!?!!??!  *Bwahaha!!!*   I'm SO NOT a Girly Mom or Gramma... so that's a bit of Irony there...  remember, this is a Gal that wants a Bug Necklace from Japan for a Mother's Day Gift.  And since Mother's Day Weekend Sales were brisk and The Son contributed to The Cause, I should be able to swing it in a couple of weeks!  Booyah!!!
I had informed The G-Kid Force and The Man that I didn't want them buying some random stuff for me for Mother's Day.  The 'Gift' the G-Force was to give me would simply be to hang out on Saturday Junquing with Miss Pamela and I while being on their Best Behavior!  Now that might sound Simple enough and not Priceless to some... but if you've ever met The Force, then you know what a tall order that was for them... especially bringing them in tow TOGETHER for an Entire Day!!!  *LOL*  Meds wear off, they Aggrivate and Annoy each other typically, are both Hyper and usually spiral out of control quickly so things can go South fast with this Dynamic Duo.

My Bribe of coarse was to take them to MacAlpines  for Lunch and a Milkshake if they managed not to kill each other or make me want to kill them by Noon.  *Winks*  As you can see, nobody is going to Jail and it was Miss Pamela's first time at this Historic 1928 Soda Fountain and Antique Shop.  Everything at this place is Home Made from scratch and even the Sodas are Created the Old Fashioned way... I had a Sarsaparilla.   Well... and a Delish Egg Salad and Bacon Sammich with a cup of Home-Made Chicken Noodle Soup!  The Booths and Soda Fountain are Original 1920's Era so an uber Nostalgic Experience.  My Mom used to Love going there and always said it took her back to the Soda Fountains of her Childhood.  Needless to say Mother's Day Weekend I was particularly Missing spending Time with my Mom!  But Rolling with this Crew Saturday was Fun and a Good Time.

The Antique Store portion of MacAlpines has some great Vintage Clothing and Accessories.  Loved this Retro Dress!

And while we were there a Vespa Club rolled up and so the Parking Lot was FILLED with Fab Vintage Vespas!!!  This one was my Fav... it had a cut Velvet seat and backrest!  So Boho!  I once tried to talk The Man into buying a Vintage Vespa with Sidecar that we saw for Sale on a Roadtrip to Prescott... but he's not really that into Vintage European modes of Travel.   And I'm not that into riding anything on the Open Road with two wheels... except maybe IN a Sidecar attached to it with him driving!  *Le Sigh*
And I know I'm getting totally Schizo on ya by bopping all over the place in this Post, but now we're back at The Gardens in the Butterfly Pavillion... it was the last day of the Season for the Butterfly Exhibit and they were really Showing Out.  Or maybe they were just exhausted after being Exhibited all Season and too tired to fly away from avid Photographers I dunno?!?  *Winks*
I just know they were holding still more than usual and were quite Magnificent while Posing for the Photo Ops for Mother's Day so all the Moms and their Kids were Happy!  This one was really workin' that Orange and totally oblivious to us Photographing it!  *LOL*
Some were a bit Tattered by the end of Season but nonetheless Stunning... I Hope folks will say that about me too?  *Winks*
I Love Photographing Wildlife... Butterflies in particular... they are among some of God's most Amazing Creations... so Fragile and yet so resilient.  Do you know that to get to the Exhibit they are shipped in Envelopes?!?  They allow Guests to help Release them on the day they Arrive and I was in Awe of how they just come out of those Envelopes unscathed and ready to open their Wings and get back to business as usual!!!
And of coarse their Life Cycle is quite Amazing too... the Transformations they go through to become Butterflies!!!
My Favorite Entomology Specimens are Butterflies and I Cherish those Vintage and Antique Entomology Butterfly Specimens that  I have Collections of.  But its much better to see them while they are still Alive and doing what they do.
So it goes without saying I always thoroughly Enjoy the Butterfly Exhibits the Garden Hosts Seasonally.  But its getting really Hot for these guys... and so Mother's Day was the last day of the Season.  You might still see some Wild ones... but they too shall dwindle as Summer approaches in the Desert.
Come along with me now to see more of the Desert Botanical Gardens this Mother's Day...
I don't know what these are but I know that they're HUGE, Beautiful, Unusual and I want some in my Garden!!!
And I'd Love to have some Cuttings for an Informal Bouquet!!!  They almost look like an Artichoke huh?
And the Dill was really thriving... I Love Dill and often grow it in my Herb Garden at Home.  Nothing like having Fresh Herbs to Harvest in your own Garden.  Even though its getting Hot everything in my Herb Garden except the Cilantro is still thriving and giving me a bountiful Harvest this Season.
And look who was peeking down at me from his perch in the Mesquite Tree!  Mr. Quail... they are so darn Cute.   I feel kinda bad that I also think they are so darn tasty... but The Man assures me he only hunts the Ugly ones.  *Winks*   I know that will freak some of you out... but we do eat a lot of Wild Game in Season... it's much healthier than domestic animals raised for food... and very likely more humanely harvested.  So... unless you're Vegetarian or Vegan, don't judge.  *Smiles*
And the Yuccas were in full Bloom and Gorgeous!
Most Desert Blooms are quite Magnificent and many are also quite Fragrant!  Because they have to attract attention quickly in a harsh environment and brief window of opportunity!
The Gift Shop has several Cactus Blossom Fragrances... this one is my Favorite.  Though I wear Nag Champa Essential Oil almost exclusively as a Fragrance, I do like this Desert Queen Body Lotion as a Moisturizer.  The Perfume is Divine too but doesn't tend to last long on my body chemistry.  But we do have some of these Cacti in our Garden and I can tell you the Night Blooming Cacti are among the most Fragrant and Strong Heady Aromas you could ever Imagine!  And their Flowers are Huge and stand out brightly at Night because they need to attract Bats for pollination!
Loved this hanging Air Garden of Bromeliads in their tiny glass suspended bubbles...
And you might recognize some of the non-native Garden flowers... Hollyhocks are some of my Favs.
But I am Partial to Cactus Blossoms because they are distinctive to the Desert and always look so bold, vividly bright, waxy and Surreal.
Along with Butterflies I could Photograph Flowers all day...
I'd Love to have all of the Potted Plants in our Garden planted in Bright Talavera Pots like this.
And put in a little Koi Pond like this... though the Bohemian Cat Boys would likely have a Field Day Hunting Koi... so maybe this isn't such a good idea?!?
Are you Enjoying our little stroll through the Gardens on this Beautiful Arizona Mother's Day?
I prefer it when Pots have been worn by the Elements and Time like this.
I have Enjoyed taking you along this Mother's Day... and I do Hope you'll come back for the next few Posts of our Mother's Day Weekend Junquing Adventures as well?
So... I'll see you down the Path... as we continue our Journey...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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