Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Inventory...

Okay, so the Conversation went something like this Yesterday Morning as I'm driving The Son to Work and dropping off the Mother's Day Inventory at my Showroom.  That I Hope the Other Mothers might Desire in my Wicked Quest to earn sufficient Moolah towards my 'Vicious Sabrina' Accessory of Curiosities Necklace I'm Jonesin' for this Mother's Day...

"So... how much do you Love me and when do you get Paid My Son?"  *Winks*  Yeah, he instantly realizes he just walked into a Mother's Day Ambush and he's totally Set Up and my Hostage now that he's in the Truck.  *LOL*  I told you I could be Devious!

So... Pray for me... I'm still a Work In Progress... *Smiles*
And since my Children know me and My Style well nothing I'm Jonesin' for, wear or Decorate the House with will Shock them.  So when I explain that what I REALLY want for Mother's Day this Year is an expensive Mad Laboratorie Style Bug Necklace from Japan he isn't phased or looking at me as if that's an abnormal request... coming from Mom... because that's how his Mom rolls full time... always has... always will.  *Smiles*
"Okay Mom, so I'm "in" for a portion of whatever it Costs {he doesn't ask}... I'll have your Mother's Day Money for you Tomorrow...", he casually says.   Okay, so now he's my Favorite... *LOL*  I had given him the Heads Up that it wasn't Cheap so I wasn't expecting him to float the entire amount... but at least now I have One on board for my Japanese Bug Necklace Quest... Booyah!!!  Mwahhh My Son.
And if Sales keep up at this brisk pace during the Mother's Day Weekend and they're totally diggin' my Newly Sourced Inventory... then I could be placing my Order sooner than expected... I'm totally Jazzed!   I really liked these large Praying Hands.
And this Cool Retro Stand that kinda has an Asian Flair to it and yet the Mid-Century Modern Crowd might also want to Decorate with?
I'm actually getting more adept at detaching from items I Source on a 'Pick' and just Love.  Not too long ago something like this I would have wanted to keep at least for a while before I flipped it.  So I'm definitely making Progress at having the Thrill of the Hunt be more about Business than Personal Acquisition... along with Editing and Purging from my Personal Collections and Cache of Found Treasures at Bohemian Valhalla.
Though I Confess that the Carnival Prize Kitsch Hula Girl from Honolulu, Hawaii with the missing fingers that was a recent Curbside Find will remain at Bohemian Valhalla in my Carnival Kitsch Collection... you see, I had recently been Admiring a very expensive similar one on E-Bay that I would never Pop on and my Freebie is so similar that I was considering her a definite Law Of Attraction Admiration Replacement 'Score'.  *Winks*
Source: E-Bay
See... here's the very expensive Carnival Kitsch Hula Girl from E-Bay I was Admiring that would never be a Carnival Kitsch Budget I'd even remotely consider even though she's Lovely!
Source: E-Bay

So I just downloaded the Images of her for Inspiration... because I've found that when I do that... it sets the Laws Of Attraction Specifically in Motion and miraculously Manifests quite often into a Law Of Attraction Admiration Replacement 'Score' that either is affordable on my budget... or better yet, FREE... like my Hula Girl was!!!  And usually quite Quickly too... since my Hula Girl was found Curbside on Bulk Garbage Day less than 48 Hours after Admiring expensive Hula Girl on E-Bay!

Source: E-Bay
And I'll be Honest with you... I actually like my Free Hula Girl better!  *Smiles*  And mine is Signed underneath by the Artist in Honolulu who Created her!!!
Except for her finger amputations, which look as though they happened years ago... she's in remarkable shape for a Vintage fragile item that had been roughly tossed curbside with loads of much heavier items tossed on top of her from an Old House that was being cleared out after an Elderly Owner had passed away.  The Heirs evidently had no use for Vintage and Antique Treasures and sadly many had not survived the rough treatment of ending up discarded and broken in a huge Rubbish Heap curbside.  *Le Sigh*  Being Old and Fragile... and discarded... she still looks Good... and definitely has those Shakira Hips!  *Winks*

And Rescuing Old Treasures from a Landfill Fate makes me feel good and I'm a Joyful Scavenger and have Fun doing it! *Winks*  Whether I keep, Donate or Sell them, at least they're going to more Appreciative Homes and aren't Lost Forever.  I don't know if anyone else feels that way or not?  I'm discerning about what I Rescue... but I've always been drawn to and have the Urge to Rescue the Good Stuff others discard and don't see Value in.
But there were also some great Goodwill Hunting Inventory 'Scores' this week as wellThe Thrill of the Hunt this week was very Productive in fact!
Remember Trolls?  I Collected them as a Kid... and my Kids did... and some of my G-Kids have Collected them over the years as well... so it was a Rush to find a Bulk Lot of them for a few bucks to add to the Vintage Toy Inventory in my Loft Spaces. 
Most of ours had been Donated over the years to younger Cousins... and so Sourcing Vintage Toys I have heavy doses of Nostalgia over and can make a buck at re-selling now that I have some Retail Space is Fun. 
 These are priced from One to Five Bucks each.  I do very well with gently used Vintage Toys so I always try to keep them in Stock.  They're something the not-so-serious Toy Collectors or those wanting to re-live Childhood Nostalgia enjoy buying to actually play with without the Guilt of buying Collectible Quality Mint Vintage Packaged Toys and then giving them to their Children to open and play with.  I was never a big fan of buying Toys to just look at and not play with for our Family, though I totally 'get' the Serious Toy Collector dedication to being the Keepers and Curators of Pristine Vintage Toys. 
And since I was down to my last Globe in the Showroom I was Jazzed to find another Vintage Globe in a very nice White Background.  Globes and Maps are still Selling very well in my neck of the woods and I have some Globe Collectors that have become Regular Customers after being told I almost always have some in Stock.
And though the next couple of Items belong to my Friend Antonio and can be found in his Showroom, I wanted to Share them as he just brought them in and showed them to me before they went into Inventory and I think they're Killer pieces!   This Vintage Kodak Accordian Camera still has original Leather Case and Instruction Manual!
I Love this Style of Old Camera for Creating a Vignette and rarely are they in this good of condition with no missing parts or accessories that came with them.  Antonio has Amazing Inventory of the Genre I Adore!
Like this Vintage Universal Commercial Grade Adding Machine with an unused Old Stock Box of Ribbon...
Some of what I have been up to all week... 'Pickin'... Sourcing... Editing... Purging... Pricing... Stocking... Styling...
So now back to my Showroom #114 at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.  Since I'm now on a Mission to procure my Japanese Bug Necklace... I was not only Sourcing Inventory on 'Picks' but I was relentless at Editing and Purging Treasures from Home as well to go towards the Bug Necklace Fund.  *Winks*  So my Obsession can be your Gain my Friends!  *LOL*
Whether you're looking for Vintage Spiritual and Religious Art and Collectibles...
Or an Eclectic Mix of Bohemian Treasures... I'm packin' it into the Showroom for this Mother's Day Weekend for all the Other Mothers!
From Vintage Sari Sets from India to Native American Indian Southwestern Style Pueblo Ladders... I gotcha covered!  *Winks*   And yes, I'm FINALLY also parting with some Vintage Fabrics and Needlepoints from my enormous Cache of them that must be Culled!  *LOL*  Vintage Fabrics had been my last bastion of items that were harder for me to detach from... being a Fabric Artist I kept Imagining the Creations I'd eventually make with many of them you see!  But I realized I'd have to Live several Lifetimes to use it all... so off to the Showroom it's starting to go... *Smiles* 
And I don't know about you, but I've always been Attracted to things Created from Beautiful Woods!  So when I saw this Fabulous Wooden Pitcher which the body of Appeared to be carved out of a single piece of Wood... I was Jazzed to be able to add it to the Inventory!!!
It really has stunning Woodgrain and Patina... and that's just glare from my flash, not a wear mark...
Another thing I've been doing is Gardening all week and I Love to Save the Seed Packets for Display... the Colors are always so Vibrant and I Love Seed Packet Graphics whether they be from Modern Seed Packets or Vintage ones.  This is some of what has recently been planted in our Gardens, some of which is already in Bloom.
And what is it about Old Luggage...
And Old Tins that always draws me in like a Moth to a Flame... if the Price is right I've gotta scoop it up for Inventory... always Sells and Displays well... bringing me ever closer to Bug Necklace Victory! *Winks*  Maybe I'll buy one with a Moth in it???!!???!  *Smiles*

Even Modern Tins if the Graphics are Gorgeous I'll be all over... Loved these Bold Fun Bohemian Print Brighton Tins.
Princess T and I always utilize Fun Eyecatching Tins and Velvet Boxes to store our Tiniest Found Treasures and bits and bobs in.  She was Tempted more than I this time to keep at least one of the Heart Shaped Boheme' Tins... but when I allow her to Style the Showroom, she can more easily fall out of Love with a piece that is going into Inventory.  *Smiles*  Vignette Creating is in her Blood!
And some things barely make it into the Showroom before they Sell... this Gypsy Quilt for example... **SOLD** the Moment it went into Inventory!

Not surprised... Gypsy Quilts and Gypsy Afghans always Sell really well too.  This one was particularly Cheerful in the range of Fabric Scraps sewn into it.
And tho' the Gramma Carving had an amputated hand mishap, I still thought this Quaint Canadian Signed Folk Art Lamp by T. Picard was worth Rescuing... even the Lampshade is hand-made and everything is Beautifully Carved.
And Attention Shabby Gals... I 'Scored' a Quartet of Shadowbox Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic Floral Plates!!!
Each Plate has a different and yet Cohesive Floral Design and matching Shadowbox Frame and is mounted on Pale Pink Satin.  With the exception of one, each Shadowbox has a Stand and a Wall Hangar so it can be displayed either way.
And I have some Haeger and Hobnail Milkglass Vases in Whites and Pastels... for the Romantic Moms to put their Fresh Floral Mother's Day Bouquets in.   I Love Fresh Flowers and am sure to get some for Mother's Day... but my Collection of Vases had to be Culled too.  *Winks*  So... how about presenting Mom with a Bouquet IN a Vintage Vase... you'll earn Brownie Points!!!  *Smiles*
And I got some new Books in to the Showroom and Loft Space Library Inventory as well since Books are a big Seller!  And no wonder... have you seen the price of even Magazines in the Bookstores now?!?!  *Gulp!*  You used to be able to buy a Coffee Table Hardback for that Price!  I Love Books... but there are some Prices I'm not willing to pay the current Retail on.
And since Vintage Lamps always Sell well too I'm always on the Lookout to replace Inventory that has Sold Out.  I got some Lovely Romantic Style Vintage Lamps in for Mother's Day.
I Loved the Colors, Delicate Porcelain and Alabaster Stand on this Sweet Old Lamp.
It would look so Cute in a Little Girl's Room.
And those Moms that want a Nostalgic Fragrance in a Cute Vintage Container... I've got some Vintage AVON Perfumes... Priced for the Kiddos to be able to afford and Surprise you with on their own.  Nothing beats picking out your own Gift for Mom when you're a little Kid... remember all the Cheesy Gifts you gave Mom?  I do... and my Mom always Pretended to Gush at and Adore them... even tho' she had the Good Stuff, she'd Proudly display our Crap ... ummm, I mean Priceless Sentimental Treasures right beside her best Treasures... til we were old enough to distinguish the difference and beg her to take ours down 'cause the Good Stuff Revealed it for what it was.  *LOL*
But it Taught us to have a Good Eye at an Early Age by the Exposure of the Good Stuff as compared to the rest... you Learn fast to Discern and know the difference.   And that's something we passed down to our Future Generations and they've already Developed a Keen Eye for True Treasures.  Remember, it was Princess T, who at the tender age of a First Grader, spied that $35,000 Persian Carpet Curbside on Bulk Garbage Day under a pile of rubbish for our Rescue of it!  So it's never too early to Teach them... or too late!  Develope your own Keen Eye!
And let us not forget to mention The Sons... who quite often as Little Boys would buy Mom something THEY liked but definitely had that Testosterone Touch and Vibe to it more suitable to a Man Cave, Father's Day or Little Boy's Bedroom.  *LOL*   So I Intentionally chose some Little Boy Style Vintage Gifts that might catch their Eye but not be so horrible that Mom will cringe... at least I Hope not?!?  *LOL*
After all, Vintage Trays are Useful and who doesn't Love Fur Babies?!?  Well... this is just a Sampling of some of what I've foofed the Showroom with recently...
And last but certainly not least... this E-Card says it all IMO... and I want you to send some of 'those' Gals right on over... 'cause I could certainly use the Help!!!  *Winks*
Blessings and Happy Mother's Day from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Nice photos! ;) I need to turn my "pickin'" radar back on...LOVE your latest scores! You're finding treasures everywhere ~ VINTAGE dress forms in parking lots, hula gals curbside, and LOADS of army dudes at GW ~ LOL!

    I'm having to purge and de-clutter for our upcoming house move. Boo!

  2. Humnnnn... does that mean you'll have a huge rubbish pile out front of your old house I wonder... of Treasures awaiting Rescue and Discovery?! LOL

    Your Friend Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. That's a beautiful camera that you found! And what wonderful luggage!
    You had some good finds :)


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