Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Vintage Carnival Kitsch... I Can't Help Myself!

I really have this 'Thing' for Vintage Kitsch... especially Vintage Carnival Kitsch... I can't help myself, when I find any, especially at a Bargain, it's like Winning that Coveted Prize at the Carnival... and who doesn't Enjoy THAT?!?  *Winks*  I Love that they're so Kitschy... and I Love even the hasty bad paint jobs that looks like some Crazed Carny with a spray can went Wild and then went over the top of the Tacky-O-Meter with some Glitter and glue ta-boot!  *LOL*  I can Imagine some Carnival Goers of Yesteryear spending some outrageous amounts to try to Win one of these Coveted Carnival Treasures from a rigged Carny Game that makes it damn near impossible... much like we do at Carnivals and State Fairs of Today... to win those oversized stuffed Animals none of us have room or a Sane use for and couldda bought at any Thrift Shop for less than a Dollar!  *Smiles*
I rarely do Online Auctions anymore... I'd rather go Junquing and Discover something Cool while Enjoying the Thrill Of The Hunt than getting into Bidding Wars with some other Anonymous Incurable Mad Collector of Junque and then pay for Shipping too and the concern that the Post Office might not Deliver it Safely!?  *Smiles*   But every so often I make an exception when something exceptional shows up at an unbelievable Opening Bid and then nobody else seems to have noticed it!  *What???!?  Booyah!*
I always expect that at the last second the Bid will just blow up and I got my Hopes up for nothin' and it was a total waste of time... but every so often the E-Bay Fairy Godmother shows up and Bam... you Win the Auction at the unbelievable Opening Bid... plus Postage... but by now that's a moot point 'cause the item was practically Free anyway!   Such was the case with this Delightful Vintage Carnival Kitsch Shirley Temple-esque Sailor Doll Prize.  I Adore everything about her... even her wonky casted Eyes that make me feel like I was drinking Wine outta da box and seeing double! *Smiles*  Believe me... with this Crew here I very likely could be soon thinking about buying Wine by the Box... and I'm not even a Drinker!  But I digress...

Here's my New 'Old' Sailor Gal joining her Carnival Kitsch Family here at Bohemian Valhalla.  Perhaps I Love these Kitschy little Treasures so much because every time I look at them I can't help but Smile and get the Warm Fuzzies... and that my Friends is Priceless isn't it?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Don't feel like the lone stranger girl. I love these glitter-sprinkled treasures too. I have managed to keep my obsession to just the dogs otherwise I'd have no room for my other obsessions!


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