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Memorial Day Sale ~ Brass Armadillo West

This Weekend at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST we're having a Memorial Day Sale and to pay Homage to the Service Men and Women who made the Ultimate Sacrifice for the Freedoms and Ideals we hold so Dear in our Country, a Beautiful Militaria Memorabilia Vignette has been Created by my Talented Friend and Co-Worker Kim.   If you are an Avid Collector of Militaria you will be Wowed by the Selection and Eras it encompasses of the Branches of our Military.
All Weekend we will be Serving up Fifty Cent Hotdogs and Dollar Hamburgers from 11:00 am until they're gone... and on Monday we'll be having a NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SALE!!!  That's right... for those of you who Enjoy Haggling and the Art Of The Deal as much as I do you will be able to Barter and Negotiate your best Deal with the Dealers!!!
It was so much Fun Assisting Kim as she 'Picked' her way through the Mall this week to find a Great Selection of Military Memorabilia for the Vignette displayed at the Entrance... and as always she did a Fab Job of Styling it.   A few pieces from my Showroom #114 made it up there... slowly but surely I'm convincing The Man to let go of some of his Military Items that he has a Cache of at Home Collected over the 39 Years he Served his Country.
Had to Honor My Man for his many years of Service by including one of my Favorite Images of him in Uniform in front of one of the  F-16's at Luke AFB during his Career in the Air Force as an Electronics Tech on the Fighter Planes.  Prior to that he also Served many years as a Marine Sniper, Special Weapons Tester and CAT Team Commander in Special Ops... and as a Medic for the Army... and worked for the DOD Training National Guard Members. 
And also Honoring the Memory of my Dear Dad for his 27 years of Military Service in the Air Force.  This is my Dad in the Earlier Years of his Service, when he was Stationed in my Mom's Home Country of North Wales when they had Military Bases there, where they met and eventually Married.
And this is my Dad at Home on the Reservation in Oklahoma, visiting Family after having returned from his Service in Vietnam and before we were Stationed Overseas again.  A Man in Uniform always looked so Handsome to me... perhaps because I looked up so much to my Dad and was so very Proud of his Service to God and Country and the Personal Sacrifices it entails to Ensure the Personal Freedom and way of Life we should Defend, Cherish and never, ever take for Granted... because it did not come Free... it came at a Great Cost to many and they Paid for it with their Blood and sometimes their Lives.   I'm Proud that many Generations of our Extended Families have Served in the Military, putting their own Comforts aside to Defend Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness.

My Friend Hugh at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST has a most Amazing Selection of Vintage Militaria from Eisenhower's Era forward, many of his Items are in the Vignette as well.
I Loved seeing all the Old Wool Uniforms, some dating from WWII...

All the way up to the more Modern Military Fatigues and Uniforms that I remember so well during the years my Dad and The Man Served.  They have changed quite a bit even in the past thirty years or so and you can find some from each Era for your Collection.
And finds like an Aviator Headset and Military Storage Containers of every size, shape and description.   I Love Military Store Containers because they are so Sturdy.  I still have my Dad's Old Military Footlockers.
And we even have some Garden Art in Red, White and Blue for that Patriotic Theme you might want to Create in your Outdoor Living Areas as well.
If you're looking for Patriotic Ephemera... you'll find a Wealth of it.
As well as my Personal Favorites... Old Photos taken of the Troops during their Active Duty Service around the World.   I really Cherish those of my Dad and The Man during their numerous Deployments.   But even if you 'Adopt' some Relatives for  your Patriotic Vignettes by Purchasing some Old Militaria Photos it really Touches the Heart and Soul, bringing forth strong Emotion.  I saw Kim get teary eyed just beholding the Vignette as it was being Created by her... for what it Represents... and who it Honors... I felt exactly the same strong Emotion.
I Hope that this Memorial Day we not only Remember and Honor those that have Died in Service and the Great Loss their Families Suffered, but also keep those that are presently Serving and their Families in our Prayers... that they return Safely from each Deployment.
For those of us who have Lost Friends and/or Family during Wartime Service, Memorial Day is especially Poignant and Meaningful because it is so very Personal to us.
And we're particularly Thankful for all of the Friends and Family that returned Safely from Serving in any War or Conflict.  The Man has Served in Five different Wars/Conflicts and my Dad also went to War... so I remember the anxieties and fears the Famlies Feel and the Prayers that went up and were Answered when they eventually returned Home. 
Sometimes not so Safely... since not all Sacrifice is Death... many also came Home Wounded and Disabled from their Service and that is also something each Family must bear the effects of for the rest of their Lives.  As the Wife of a 100% Disabled Highly Decorated Veteran and War Hero, I fully understand the Impact that is felt by the Family from Wartime related Injuries and Disabilities.  Most of these Heros are very Humble about their Sacrifice and Heroics, but I know how much it Touches them and how Meaningful it is when someone Sincerely Appreciates their Sacrifices and properly Honors them and shows the Respect they've Earned.
So if you know a Veteran... or the extended Family of one... either Living or Memorialized... be sure to Thank them Openly and Sincerely this Memorial Day.
Or pay a Visit to the VA Hospital and Old Soldier's Home in your area and see how you can Serve them in some small way.
We can never really Thank them enough... but Remembering and Appreciating them is also very Important... so that they don't feel their Sacrifices were in vain or that they feel disrespected or forsaken by those they Fought on behalf of.  I don't have to tell you the History of some of the War Veterans that sadly came Home to much less than an Appreciative Homecoming by the General Public if what they were sent to do by our Government was not popular.  It left many more Scars, not all of them visible.
Each leaves a Legacy behind of their Honorable Service to Country... some more well known than others... but each Important in their own right and Worthy of being Honored and Remembered.
I was Delighted to Discover this Storybook written by John McCain's Daughter Meghan Honoring her Dad... it is offered in my Showroom.
And I've been Working on the Showroom, bringing in New Inventory, Styling and Installing a couple of Awesome Large Humidors that I'm using as Showcases that I Purchased from my Friend Hugh.  If you also Love that Museum, Living History Curated Look to your Styling and Showcasing of Found Treasures, well, Hugh has more Humidors in various sizes that would be Perfect for your Displays at Home or your Retail Spaces!  The Climate Control of a Humidor is Perfect for Preserving your Collectibles and Antiques.
And as I always say, everything looks more Important under Glass!  I Loved that these Large Humidors had three sides of Windows that Showcase the Inventory and Vignettes Beautifully from all sides!   They also Lock... but I'm leaving these unlocked in my Showroom for easy Customer Access.  But if you needed an added level of Security to your Inventory or Collections, this makes the Locking Humidor even more Desirable for Showcasing your Treasures and Retail Inventory. 
And just look at how Beautiful and Rich that Wood is!!!   I'll be hanging Old Tea Stained Lace at the back after I sort thru my Antique Lace Stash for just the right pieces to Enhance the Displays.
But with current time constraints I'm still Pleased with how it has turned out... even if it isn't quite Complete and to my Satisfaction, Vision and Specs just yet.  *Winks*
I'll be still adding Found Treasures daily until the end of the Sale...
Love that I have three levels of Display on these new Showcases!

And I found a Cute Tiered Garden Display Table that is also Offered for Sale.
This would look Good Inside or Out.
I'm getting less and less Tempted to keep Nice Pieces for myself so I'm making Progress my Friends!  *LOL*   The Man and my Family are very Proud of how many Found Treasures make their way to the Showroom and Loft Spaces now and I'm able to Let Go of!
Even such things as my Sweet Pink Vintage Bundt Pan... since I cannot remember the last time... or the first time for that matter... that I ever actually made a Bundt Cake!?!??  *LOL*  So it was high Time for it to go to a New Home that might not only Display it for how Cute it is ... but use it for the Purpose it was Intended!  *Smiles*
In fact numerous items from my Private Personal Collections are making their way Showroom Bound as the Great Edit and Purge Continues and goes further into overdrive...
Good Books continue to be Great Sellers so I brought even more in for the Sale!!!
I have a larger Selection of Good Books than most Major Bookstores I tell ya, especially in the Realm of Decorating and the Arts!  *Winks*
And slowly but surely some of My Style of Fashion and Accessories are making their way into the Showroom... I shall want to Expand that area of Inventory in the Future to include some of my Wearable Art and Bohemian Treasures Accessories when I finally have the Time to get back into my Studio and Create!
And since it's still late Spring and Summer coming upon us soon... I'm keeping some of the Romantic Touches and Pastel Hues in the Showroom as well as my Gypsy Style Boheme' Vivid Hues and Sepia Tones... so you Shabby Gals will have some Inventory to drool over as well as the Gypsy Chics!
Here's a Close-Up of that Sweet Little Retro Vanity Make-Up Holder and Mirror.
And an Adorable Vintage Hull Pink Kitty Planter...
But I haven't forgotten the Francophiles among us either... and there's some Old World Charm making it's way into the Showroom as well.
And a Sweet Pair of Vintage Siamese Cats made in Japan.  I Love the Vintage Japanese Figurines and am slowly Letting Go of some of my Collection of them.   These remind me of my Fur Baby Yul so it was tough to part with them.
And if you're Styling your Retro Kitchen in predominantly Classic Red and White... I've got ya covered!  *Winks*
You are so Fortunate that my Retro Kitchen is predominantly Classic Buttercup Yellow, Jadeite Green and White because those Vintage Nesting Pyrex Mixing Bowls with the Cherries and Checkerboard Pattern were a Killer 'Score' that was Tempting to wanna keep!  *Winks*
So Rare to find a complete Nesting Set without damage or loss over the years!   People tend to hang onto them and pass them down.... or you just find Orphaned pieces and take years to build a Set. 
I've got the Vintage Stainless Breadbox and Cake Holder too!
And some Cool Vintage Industrial pieces...
Like the Old Paymaster Check Writer, which the G-Kid Force Enjoyed Playing with until it headed to the Showroom.   And for the Rustic Lovers I Sourced some Inventory as well... like this Sweet Rustic Cutlery Organizer.
And you Fairie Lovers probably noticed that piece of Original Fairie Art in a previous pix?  So here's a Close-Up... beside a Black Industrial Light, which I Love for Studio Lighting because they can be hung anywhere and moved often to Create by or to Highlight something Special.
And since they always Sell well I also brought in some more Gypsy Afghan Quilts for the Sale.  We use them all over our Home and I'm finally letting go of just a few from my Personal Collection.
Editing and Purging Favorite Collections is always the hardest for me but I am moving forward with the Process and it helps that many of my Favorite Collections are in high demand in the Showroom and so I feel Good knowing they're Appreciated as much as I have Loved and Cherished them and the Time Artists spent Creating them.
But don't you worry... I've kept a Stash for myself at Home too... in fact, during the Process of this Great Edit and Purge it has caused me to look through all my Storage and Re-Discover Beloved Pieces that needed to come out and be Displayed and Used again after spending too long packed away and almost Forgotten!!!
And I've always also been one to Upgrade Collections constantly... as I acquire similar items that I Love more or have more Value... then it's easier to Let Go of the previous ones and Improve your Collections in your own Eyes or for Investment Purposes... and the Quality of your Collected Inventory then steadily Improves and becomes Curated and more carefully Edited.
When you've spent Years Collecting Favorite Things and moving often you can neglect to unpack everything before Storing it away and then Forgetting you even have it until you Re-Discover it during a Culling of the Personal Possessions!
I Challenge you to do this frequently and it is therapuetic in the Letting Go Process and Minimizing the Maximalist Tendancies.  *Winks*
And I've been Proud of The Man too... as I Source Mantiques he's not as Inclined anymore to go 'Pickin' thru my Inventory and then Squirreling away part of it in his Work Cottage now!  *LOL*  I still let him have first dibs on some Awesome Vintage Mantique 'Scores' we come across... since I too am Guilty of keeping just a smattering of Sourced Inventory every now and again.  We can always Flip it later when we rotate and Cull the Collections in the Future... making room for New Finds... and holding fast to our "one thing in... five things out" Rule!
I do Hope you'll find Time to come by this Memorial Day Weekend and join in the Fun and Festivities with us and Negotiate your Best Deal? 
I've had a lot of Fun Sourcing the Inventory for you to Enjoy... and Hopefully take Home with you. *Winks*
So that I can go out and Source some MORE!!!  *Winks*  'Cause you KNOW I Live for the Thrill Of The Hunt!
And what the next Junquing Adventure might turn up?  Don't these look like Old Monopoly Game Pieces?!?  *Smiles*  I'm using them as Faux Votive Tealight Luminarias but I have no Idea what they really are?!?  What do you think?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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