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Melrose Lucky Girl Vintage Flea Market Cont...

We're back at MELROSE LUCKY GIRL VINTAGE FLEA MARKET so that you can see even more of the Vendors and their Inventory.  This Booth's Architectural Salvage was Amazing and of coarse I fell in Love with their Old Doors!  *Winks*   So come on in to the Booth of Pamela Weber of STUDIO ANTICA!
The Inventory had such European Old World Charm and the Patinas were Fabulous!!!

Along with authentic Time Worn Patinas on the Architectural Salvage pieces... they also Create their own Delightful Patinas like this one. 
And they had several different Patina Styles they Create, so you would be bound to find one that spoke to you!  I could just Imagine some of my Walls having a Patina like this!!!
And there was a wealth of Accessories, Jewelry and Decor as well.  These Burlap Clutches with Vintage Bohemian Bling Clasps and Lace Accents were Sweet!
Yes, I definitely spent some time browsing this Booth... so much Eye Candy and Beautiful Creative Elements!
And the Doors... *Swooning*
This Mirrored Door was one of my Favs...
I could definitely Imagine this propped up in a corner of my Boudoir!  It had a decidedly Old World French Charm to it... and the Mirror insert made it Functional and Practical as well as having Salvage Style Beauty that we Love!

Another shot of a Panoramic View of part of their Booth.

And now on to the Booth of my Friends Roman and Giesel Moreno of FOR THE LOVE OF OLD.
Roman and Giesel always Source some Fab Treasures...
Everything looked much better than my Images... it was such a glaringly Bright day that everything was reflecting the Sun's Rays so intensely... and so most of my pixs didn't turn out that I took outside even though it was still quite early in the Morning!  *Sob!*  I know, dontcha just Hate when that happens!?!
My Friend Tricia's Handsome Son Anthony minding the VINTAGE BLISS Booth for his Mom...
Artistic Talent definitely runs in this Family!!!
Not only will you discover Found Treasures here, but also OOAK Creations in Decor, Jewelry, Fashion and Accessories.
Loved the Upcycled Lampshades...
And Naturally the Old Doors!  *Winks*
And since we got there early it was Fun to see every Booth being Transformed and Styled from scratch before the Event began... even Raw everything looked Lovely to my Eyes...
So much Work goes into these Shows... and I'm sorry that I can't give Credit to each Vendor present... I didn't get to meet all of them and collect Business Cards from some... so if you know whose Booths the "Unknown" Images are from let me know so I can properly Credit their Space and Work!
This was one such Booth of Amazing Creations that I Adored... but didn't find a Business Card for...  The Cross Creations from Salvage Architectural Elements were my Favorites.  And the Old Doors they had... Divine Patinas... I wanted them ALL!!!   *Winks*
I couldn't have picked out a single Favorite Cross because each was as Interesting and Beautiful as the next... with an assortment of Old Victorian Ceiling Tin, Vintage Door Hardware and Doorknobs making each an Individual Work Of Art!  I definitely want to get one of these so I Hope I see this Vendor again at a Show?!
Architectural Salvage with a Spiritual Flair... LOVE IT!!!
And the Booth was Styled impeccibly!
I was trying to see if I could zoom in on some of the tags of the Images I took to see if the Vendor's Name was visible on them... but nothing had enough clarity... sorry!
And look at what my Friend Pamela fell in Love with and 'Scored'... a Vintage Tea Cart with original Pink Enamel finish!!!   You usually find these little Trolleys repainted Pink, but very rarely find them in that original Hue... so High Five GF on that 'Score'!!!
Here it is as we Found it... and yes, that's Pamela's hand clutching it tightly so that it didn't get away as I was Photographing it!  *LOL*  You can see how Beautifully Pink it is in this shot... without the glare of the Sun washing it out.
Yeah, she wasn't letting go of this for nothin'!  *Winks*  Guarding it like a Mother Guards her Child she was!  *LOL*
It was while Shopping in this particular Booth that we ran into our Friend Deborah in fact... she's definitely a Romantic Style Gal as well, so she and Pamela were in their Element in this Beautiful Booth! 
 Alas, the Vendor was out of Business Cards and though she had written the Info down for me, for the Life of me I cannot find that scrap of paper now!  Darn!!!   Ever have so many random scribbled Notes in your Purse that making sense of them after the fact would take a Cryptologist to decipher it all?!?  *LOL*
I Loved the Selection of Art Pottery Planters she had in the Booth.
But this Vintage Sewing Chair was my Favorite piece... it had a Storage Basket under the Seat build in to Store Fabrics and Supplies!!!   And it was in a Lucious original Shade of Rose Hued Wicker and Damask.
And several of the Vintage Headboards had been Transformed and Upcycled into Large Chalkboard Marquis... Love that Idea... I liked the Top and Middle ones best.
And this Vintage Velvet Runner... in hindsight I probably should have bought that one.
Loving this Velvet Armchair and Floor Planter.
In fact, for you Pastel Romantics and Shabby Chic Gals there was a wealth of Springtime Fresh Pastel Hues and Chippy Shabby Inventory to choose from!
And thoughtfully provided Ice Water in a Cast Iron Vintage Tub to keep us all Cool on a Hot Spring Desert Day!   Yes... it's April so now our Temps have hit the triple digits!
But, since you never have to shovel Sunshine I'm not complainin' one bit!  Family and Friends in other parts of the Country or World are still having fiercely Cold Weather and Storms.  And though it was Hot, it still was a perfect Morning for a Flea Market!  Be sure to come back Tomorrow as we take you inside MELROSE VINTAGE. 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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