Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Tribute To My Mom...

As I've been going through Boxes of Memorabilia, some of which I Inherited from my Parents and had never laid Eyes upon the contents of until just now... when I was finally ready to go through their Possessions and Curate it all without being really Emotional... I'm coming across Precious Images.  And on this Mother's Day it is particularly poignant to Discover Images of my Mom that I have never beheld... her Beautiful Exotic Face looking back at me from all those years ago... before I was even born. 

In my Parent's and Grandparent's Day Photographs were a Luxury and so few were taken in their respective Cultures anyway.  So I really Cherish those few that Preserved their Essence and Youthful Images, especially getting to look back at the Faces of Precious Loved Ones taken before my Time... to see them as I've never seen them... before they were Mothers and Fathers.
And in many ways seeing some of ourselves in those features looking back at us.  No... I didn't Inherit my Mom's coarse Raven Blue-Black Curly Hair... but I did Inherit her Pale Gray-Blue Eyes.  And looking in your Mother's Eyes is like looking into a part of your own Soul... a Special part of the Soul Reserved for a Mother and her Love.
I Confess that I was most definitely always a 'Daddy's Girl' and my Brother and my Mom Shared a Closer Special Bond and Relationship with each other that still exists to this day.  But hanging out with Mom, especially as we grew Older, was always an Adventure and such Fun.  Mom is always the Life of the Party, the one you'd want to hang out with and be Friends with, extremely Popular and always Funny.  You know you will Laugh in her Company and have a Good Time.  She retained Lifelong Friendships, many of them.  Mom has Lived her Life Fully, Passionately and Fambouyantly... whereas Dad was more Reserved and Stoic.  Dad a Great Listener and Deep Thinker... Mom a Great Talker and Socializer, with the Gift of Hospitality... Yin and Yang. 
It was Mom that taught me most about the Good Stuff of Life... she LOVES the Good Stuff of Life!  And the Good Times... and so she Created Good Times and Special Moments often and filled the Home with Beauty, Style, Pizzazz and a lot of Class.  Even during the tough times you wouldn't recognize economic struggle judging by how Mom looked and how she Styled the Home.  Mom could always make the Ordinary seem Extraordinary with her Personal Touch and Distinctive Style.  She was not like most of the other Moms of her Era though... she stood out.  When the other Moms looked like a Harriet Nelson or June Cleaver... Mom was more inclined to Evoke the Flambouyance and Exotic Sultriness of a Carmen Miranda, Eva Gardner or Lena Horne.
Mom definitely Taught me that it was better to be looked over than overlooked!  *Winks*  And that Age was Subjective... in her 80's now she still has the Spirit of her Youth intact.  She still likes to flirt with the Handsome Studmuffins... can't tell you how many times Mom got Free Desserts when we went out to eat because she'd Charm and Entertain the Waiters and they Adored her Attention, Humor and Personality!  *LOL*
And I really, really Miss having her close by so that we could spend Time together... though I know she's Happy and Content where she's at and that my Brother and Family will be spending Mother's Day with her at the Nursing Home.  I'm sure she's the Life of the Party there... and that everybody Loves her... I know I do... Mwahhh Mom... you still totally ROCK!
Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sounds a lot like my own story and relationship with my mom! Enjoyed reading about yours.

  2. You definitely DID inherit her beautiful eyes, Dawn.
    Happy Mother's Day to you and God bless you 'SPECIALLY as you "mother" an extra generation :)

  3. A beautiful tribute to your mam......
    Funny that the love for beautiful things is in her and your genes.

    Fine day

  4. She is a beautiful woman, and I love the pictures you shared. Hope you had a wonderful day yourself today on Mother's Day (you are so deserving). Have a great week ♥

  5. Dawn what an amazing weekend. Loved reading your story and thank you for sharing with us. Rita


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