Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beating The Skinny Ladies To The Buffet...

Yes, I have been known to do that... beat the Skinny Ladies to the Buffet!  *LOL*   I Love Good Food what can I say?  And I'm not a big Fan of Junk Food, Fast Food or Fried Foods, so mostly I eat what is considered the Good Foods that promote Good Health.  And frankly, my eating habits haven't really changed much for most of my Life... but my weight sure has! 

 I used to be Skinny... really Skinny in fact... Naturally Skinny without trying to be, clear through to the tail end of my Forties when Menopause hit hard after a Hysterectomy.  So with a Lifetime of never having to worry about what I ate because I must have had some kind of revved up Metabolism that handled it differently until my Senior Years started rolling around, I've really struggled with what to do about it now and how best to deal with it? Limiting Portions to miniscule amounts just left me feeling Hungry, but it does take the weight off if you don't mind a Lifetime of eating as though you had an eating disorder!  That isn't how I want to Live... being preoccupied with Food one extreme way or the other!   Food is just fuel, I eat to Live not Live to eat... and yet finding that Ideal Fuel that keeps one at an Ideal Weight has been Elusive to me in my Senior Years!  
 I've always been Active... really Active in fact... if my Activity Level alone were a Measure of Weight I should STILL be Skinny!  *LOL*  But Activity seems to not make a dent in this problem after this Menopause thing, I can go to the Gym five days a week and Workout for 2-5 hours and see practically no results... I'm Serious!  And that's too much devotion to Exercise to see no results... I can't Justify spending that much time at the Gym if it's showing no improvement, the Gym bores me... I'd rather take a Hike or an extremely long Walk.  But even without the Gym, I'm very Active, so that should be burning Calories... and I'm not a glutton, don't do seconds and often don't finish what's on my plate... so what gives?!??!??!  Is it just the Aging Process and perhaps a combination of Aging and Stress?  Stress... which I can't do as much about as Diet because the Stress in my Life involves other People I'm the Primary Caregiver of!  *Le Sigh*  And I just cannot Justify the Expense of those pre-packaged Dietary Programs, they work only so long as you're eating their Food and not REAL Food... integrating Real Food back into the equation even with their Maintenance Program was a complete Failure!  As you can see by the 'Before' and 'After' and then 'Much After' Images! *Le Sigh*

I don't like being overweight or seeing my 'Fat' Pictures which puts the Issue right in my Face so Shamefully and Glaringly... and not just because of the Health reasons... there are Vanity reasons as well... I'm keeping it totally Real here.   Having Linebacker Arms and looking like a Samoan Wrestler is just NOT the 'Look' I'm going for, so the Visual disturbs me... and I don't even hafta look at myself all day like the rest of you do!  *Smiles*   The "Me" in the Mirror doesn't always look as big to me as the "Me" in Images does... which is kinda a Weird Visual Anomaly that defies explanation.  Plus... I Love Fashion and yet, for Big Women, it's as if the Fashion Industry doesn't even think we exist or that we'd wear Fashionable Clothing and Accessories or want to look Good, I dunno which it is?  Surely the Industry must look around and clearly see that the Average Woman in America today is not a Size 6?  And for those of us in the larger double digits the pickins' are mightly slim everywhere and nothing fits right or comfortably!  Most of the Gals I know that are over the Age of... say 15, who are Skinny or have at least kept a Girlish Figure, really WORK at it... HARD! 
  I've done the Work for extended periods of time too and tried a multitude of Weight Loss Regimens and followed them Religiously... even losing the Weight.  Then doing the suggested Maintenance Programs in Vain... only to gain the weight back again... and then some!   Nothing tasted as good as being thinner felt, and yet one MUST eat to Live... but eat WHAT to make this Weight come off and more importantly stay off ?!??!??   I have Wondered if this Senior Body of mine has Regulated itself to be this particular Size for some strange reason that I just cannot fathom?  Right now I'm trying something less drastic dietary wise that is Simple and claims to be effective... summed up in just Seven Words: Eat Food, not too much, mostly Plants.   Okay... I can do that... and I got the Books by the Authors so that I can go more in depth with this Method and what it entails... we'll see if that works?!?  And I'll probably still be beating the Skinny Ladies to the Salad Bar... because I Love Good Food... and the Fresh and Healthy Foods are the Tastiest anyway... I've just got to figure out which Food Combinations work best to get my Girlish Figure back?!?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why I Love Facebook


I'm so glad that our Grandchildren encouraged us to set up Facebook Accounts... The Man and I over the years had lost touch with many Family and Friends... Distance and Time can do that.  And I find that as we grow Older, our Desire to find and reconnect with extended Family and Long Time Lost Friends grows stronger.   Those that share our Blood and our History... our Past... well, it is Meaningful.  And through Facebook we have been so Fortunate to locate long Lost Friends from the Past and reconnect with some Family we haven't seen or kept in contact with over the years.  We may not find them all... but isn't it Sweet when you find some and get to catch up via their FB Pages and Shared Images?!  To see Familiar Faces once again, now Older to be sure... and with Families that have expanded with each Generation born into them!   To see the Children, Grandchildren and perhaps even Great-Grandchildren of our extended Families and Friends... sometimes for the first time, well, its really Special.   Today I Located yet another Relative, my Cousin DA from Oklahoma... and gazing back at me from his Profile Image was more than just a Familiar Face of a Cousin I hadn't seen in Years... but a Reflection of his Father, my Uncle... and my own Father... the strong resemblance to them both in their Senior years was uncanny... and it touched my Heart deeply and brought tears to my eyes.  I miss my Uncle... and my Dad... yet, when we look into the Faces of various Family Members, we can still see a Reflection of them in ourselves and each other can't we?  And their Legacy Lives on through us and successive Generations.   The last time I saw my Cousin in person he was a Marine, with short hair!!!   *LOL*  If you knew my Cousin you'd understand how different and odd a Military haircut was from his Norm... as a Proud Handsome Native American Man the longer hair suits him so much better... and I was glad to see he still wears Traditional Hairstyle and Represents the Tribe Proudly.  


I wasn't certain if he had some copies of the Childhood pixs that I had of him, his Sisters, Wewokajanna and DeAnna, and my Uncle... and so I Shared via Facebook... another reason why I Love it... we can all Share and Swap Images that not all of us have in our own Family Albums.   This is DA when he was sporting a Mohawk Hairstyle in the Sixties... he was always Fearless when it came to being Fiercely Proud of his Heritage and Native Style, even back when there was much more discrimination and pressure to Conform to a Non-Tribal look and dismiss Cultural Lifestyles and Traditions.  I remember thinking my Cousin was very Handsome... just like my Uncle and my Dad... and I looked up to them all, especially since each Served our Country Honorably during their Military Service... and each looked so good in Uniform!    

I Hope to find even more Relatives and Long Lost Friends to reconnect to, it always warms my Heart to see them once again... and find out what they've been up to and what they've Shared Virtually.  We may never all get to be in the same place at once again on this side of Time and Eternity, but via the Beauty of Cyberspace, we can have the next best thing Virtually.  
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Own Crime Scene ~ The Accountability Post

After Enjoying a Beautifully Humorous and Brave Post of Transparency at one of my Favorite Blogs THE ADVENTURES OF ELIZABETH about her Crime of Passion... definitely worth Reading if you haven't yet gone over there and need some Levity to your Day... I Wondered if perhaps I should 'Come Clean' too and Reveal my own Crime Scene and do this Accountability Post?  Perhaps it would be Therapeutic I mused... and 'Coming Clean' about SOMETHING, even the not-so-Beautiful Mess here at Bohemian Valhalla would at least mean I have something Clean... if not the house... at least my Conscience?!?  *Winks*  Besides, I like to Keep It Real around here in my slice of Blogovia and perhaps my not-so-Secret Shame is something some of you can relate to also... and there's a measure of Comforting in Cameraderie isn't there?  Yes, BEHOLD... one of the many Piles, Boxes and Milk Crates full of Found Treasures and Works In Progress or Projects here at Bohemian Valhalla!!!  *Cringing*  But I've been Transparent about a lot of other Personal Issues and Stuff... so why not this?  So here we go... a peek into my Nightmare...
Yes, this is what the Crew here have to Live with and navigate around during the Great Edit and Purges in what seems like perpetual process lately... as I'm wading through possessions to either keep, Donate or Purge and preparing Inventory that will be Showroom Bound and flipped.  Culling the Hoard of Lovelies has been an often exhausting Process because Holy Mother of God how did so much amass and accumulate over the years?  Well... really we KNOW HOW... the Thrill Of The Hunt is much more Thrilling than trying to find a place for it all or Store it until it's Sold isn't it?  *Winks*
If you're Truly an Incurable Collector and Scavenger to your Core it's not as if you're gonna give up your Primal Pleasure just because you ran out of space either.   Heaven Forbid... the Urge is too strong and though I have been able to reign myself in by sticking to a 'Pickin' Budget that focuses on Profit, the great Stuff the G-Kid Force and I are finding still needs to be Processed... and Doing The Work takes Time... a LOT of Time!!!   No, I might not be one of those Hoarders of actual Trash that isn't bothered by the mess one iota and can't let go of any of it, but I am most definitely a Human Magpie... a Bowerbird whose Nest often gets Cluttered with what she drags Home.  One that probably won't keep the majority of it once she gets tired of looking at or being overwhelmed by the untidiness and disorganization it Creates in her Creative Process... her Projects... her Pursuits to generate Income from her Passions.  But 'til it goes out the door it's here... in my face... and the Organized Chaos disturbs me, because I'm a Control Freak and OCD so I don't like a messy Home.  See how I've now become 'her'... as if 'she' is a separate person?  *LOL*  
This is the "Haunted Guest Room" where nobody in the Familia wants to go anyway, well... except me, I'm fine with the Room, the Spirits are probably afraid if they piss me off even more Crap will end up stashed there and they won't even have any room to maneuver, I dunno?  *LOL*  So, yes, this room and the Formal Diningroom, where we rarely Formally Dine, are the two least used rooms of the house and therefore end up with most of the Cache of stuff 'In Process'.  This is a Bed... THE Bed and THE Guest Room that my Sis coming from Texas is supposed to be able to occupy when she moves in soon!  *Gasp!*  I've already forwarned her of the carnage in there... she knows me so well it wasn't a surprise Revelation... we'll work on it... and the rest of the Works in Process together... which is Wonderful... she's way cheaper than Therapy!  *Winks*  Plus, she helps me make decisions faster... she's not attached to anything I've squirreled away and she recognizes the Value of it all, so she's gentle yet firm about what Speed we need to move at to get er' done and keep on top of it all!
And so that she won't have to be walking on top of it all!  *LMAO*  Yes, this is the floor of her tiny Guest Room.  Or what used to be the floor 'til I cluttered it up with relatively recent 'Scores' that will soon take the place of the Treasures that will be moving out as soon as I get them Culled, Edited, Purged and Curate what I want to Keep more thoroughly... I've got a long way to go... obviously.
And this barricaded door is the Closet she won't be able to get into to put her Stuff in until I declutter the entrance to it... to undress and flip 'Old Yashyme' as soon as there's room for her in the Showroom.  I actually want to utilize Old Yashyme to display and Model Vintage Clothing and Gypsy Accessories I'm Selling in the Showroom, so I can't wait to make room for her in there.   She doesn't know she's being Sold Off yet... Shhhhhhhh.  *Winks*   You're probably Wondering whats presently IN the Closet aren't you?  I know you are... well, I forgot... but probably at least some Found Treasures that have been Stored long enough now that they'll be Sold Off too... if I haven't seen it in a Minute or it's not exceptionally Sentimental or a Family Heirloom, then I probably don't need to hang onto it... so Closet and Storage Clear-Outs are much easier for me, I'm Relentless with discarding what they hold some kinda way... so long as it's AWAY!  *Winks*  If anything is outta Sight its outta Mind and my Detachment to it is not so bad a Process.
And some of the Projects that have Languished far too long... like Creating from my Stash of Old License Plates... well, that will make Letting Go of some of that Cache easier too... sometimes I just need the Objective Opinion of a Professional Organizer and Clean Freak like my Sis... those are her Strengths and obviously NOT mine!  *LOL*  We're Yin and Yang... I probably won't recognize the place after she's Lived here a mere week... and that's a good thing... she's Excited about the Prospect of going thru my Hoard... she knows I have Good Stuff... just too much of it... so it's Discovery and Dollar Signs, which can be Great Fun if you're not Tackling it Alone.  If you've ever seen how Overjoyed Frank and Mike get on 'American Pickers' when they're Teaming up to 'Pick' thru a Good Honeypot of a Hoard, well, the Sis and I will be the Estro equivalents... 'cause a lot of this Good Stuff actually came with the House or I Inherited, so it hasn't even been 'Picked' yet, it's practically Virgin Territory and I'm not even sure what we'll find?!!
But yes, some of it IS mine and can be Found in the Strangest of Places... Places it obviously doesn't Belong and shouldn't be but had no other Place to be and so it's there... in the way... an eyesore... a source of Shame and Guilt because I really should get to it... but there's not enough hours in the day while you're also Working and Caregiving Full Time.  My Juggling Act can't be perfected much more without more Partipants joining the Act.  So... I can't wait 'til Kathie arrives... I just Pray something doesn't come up between now and then to nix the Plan she and I have put in place?!?     
And yes, there will be some things she may have to Coax me out of... to Help me to Let Go because I don't wanna... yep, there are those things... like this now dismantled Italian Tole Rose Gilded Table, that I WANT to keep because I Love it... but I doubt there will ever be a place for it now that more People keep Moving In.  Gotta make room for the ever expanding Bohemian Valhalla Clan... God first, then People, then Money, then Things... that's my Personal Mantra.  The Priorities cannot shift or things would be out of Order in a very big way.  Though looking at this Image I can't help but think about how out of Order they already are when I've got a Vintage Milk Bottle and Hull Teapot hiding behind the Caged Skirts of a Vintage Dress Form in a Formal Diningroom!!!!   Alongside what is that?  A Victorian Tin Corbel, Tapestries and Vintage Suitcases and Mason Jars?  Absurd, yes, you've definitely fallen down the Rabbit Hole deeply haven't you?!?  *Le Sigh*
I recognize that I have Coped with some Extreme Stress, years of exhausting Caregiving and Personal Loss in some unconventional ways... but I also recognize that I had to do my own form of Intervention about Maintaining Order and Organization more effectively to do all of the things I need and want to do without it becoming backlogged like this...
Or losing Function like this... that is a Diningroom Chair... whose Function is for Seating... not holding a pile of the most recent 'Project' that came out of a Storage Edit and Purge.  Do I even know what is wrapped up so carefully?  No... no I don't... it's now a Mystery... but probably something Good... maybe even Awesome.  I like Chairs to be for sitting, not for holding piles of Work sidelined because there have been too many distractions that I never got around to it yet!
Now... if I lived Alone, getting immersed in a Major Project whose undertaking is ominous and Time consuming wouldn't phase me one bit because I can get a lot of Work done if not Interrupted and left alone to devote all of my Energies, Time and Attention to the Task at hand.  But I don't live Alone and that is so NOT the case... so every Major Project undertaken will have numerous Interruptions, other Obligations and the needs of others thrown in there for good measure.  Therefore, many MAJOR Projects get delayed until I feel that I won't be right in the thick of them before I'm pulled away in a million other directions... leaving even more of a Mess and unfinished business behind in my wake!  *Arghhh!!!*  I have to Consider this before even beginning a necessary Project... especially a large one.
And I have found that like Cats, Children and Men developing Dementia are Intrigued by and feel the need to get into anything you're in the midst of Doing!!!  *Oh no!!!*  They may have completely ignored and been oblivious to your little Piles of Mess patiently awaiting your Attention UNTIL you begin to give 'it' that Attention and bring their Attention to 'it', as if they're seeing it for the first time... and to you being busy with 'it'... and now... there's Competition for that Attention in the form of either them desperately Needing you and your focus all of a sudden... or they're spying stuff that they must now mess with!  The Drama often can and will begin and even escalate as you're preoccupied with your Mission of clearing the Crime Scene.  Trust me, you wont' be proccupied for long... you can't be... they'll make sure of that until you give up on the Task at hand... YET AGAIN!  Yes, I've made the necessary Speeches and Ultimatums about not bugging me whilst I'm busy doing ____________ {whatever... you fill in the blank} and if I do it at 3:00 in the Morning or some other ridiculous hour I might actually get some or most of it done since I'll be the only one awake... well, sometimes. *Le Sigh*
It's kinda like sitting down to Blog or talk on the Phone... the moment you decide it's the right Time... and you have some Precious Free Time to do it... things will come up... usually attached to the People that bring the things that will come up.  *LOL*  It's a vicious cycle actually... and I suppose I could use it as a legit Excuse for why my Home is my own Crime Scene and has looked like somebody came in and ransacked it, looking for something elusive they probably never actually found and finally gave up on and left... but for me the handy Excuses just don't cut it.  Because it BOTHERS ME IMMENSELY that I can't seem to get things done that I need and want to and which bring me torment because they really do bug me.  But which I often fail to have the Energy for after I've done everything else that I need to do or sometimes want to do because there is a more brief window of opportunity attached to THOSE things.
And so... 'til the Reinforcements arrive and I manage to curb my Urges to Discover Great Stuff and Escape in the Thrill Of The Hunt... there will be times when you'll have to wait a Moment while I shift a pile of Beautiful Mess from the Chair you need to sit in... and just put it in another pile for now.  *Winks*  And if we're really Good Friends perhaps my Obsessions and lack of Order and sufficient Organization won't disturb you too much because you'll recognize all the other Issues have to take precedence and be more of a priority than The Stuff and where it needs to go or be for our Home to look like I Envision it one day.  It's a Grandoise Vision... and I'm still Working on it... but I'm still a long ways off... obviously!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

More Vintage Carnival Kitsch... I Can't Help Myself!

I really have this 'Thing' for Vintage Kitsch... especially Vintage Carnival Kitsch... I can't help myself, when I find any, especially at a Bargain, it's like Winning that Coveted Prize at the Carnival... and who doesn't Enjoy THAT?!?  *Winks*  I Love that they're so Kitschy... and I Love even the hasty bad paint jobs that looks like some Crazed Carny with a spray can went Wild and then went over the top of the Tacky-O-Meter with some Glitter and glue ta-boot!  *LOL*  I can Imagine some Carnival Goers of Yesteryear spending some outrageous amounts to try to Win one of these Coveted Carnival Treasures from a rigged Carny Game that makes it damn near impossible... much like we do at Carnivals and State Fairs of Today... to win those oversized stuffed Animals none of us have room or a Sane use for and couldda bought at any Thrift Shop for less than a Dollar!  *Smiles*
I rarely do Online Auctions anymore... I'd rather go Junquing and Discover something Cool while Enjoying the Thrill Of The Hunt than getting into Bidding Wars with some other Anonymous Incurable Mad Collector of Junque and then pay for Shipping too and the concern that the Post Office might not Deliver it Safely!?  *Smiles*   But every so often I make an exception when something exceptional shows up at an unbelievable Opening Bid and then nobody else seems to have noticed it!  *What???!?  Booyah!*
I always expect that at the last second the Bid will just blow up and I got my Hopes up for nothin' and it was a total waste of time... but every so often the E-Bay Fairy Godmother shows up and Bam... you Win the Auction at the unbelievable Opening Bid... plus Postage... but by now that's a moot point 'cause the item was practically Free anyway!   Such was the case with this Delightful Vintage Carnival Kitsch Shirley Temple-esque Sailor Doll Prize.  I Adore everything about her... even her wonky casted Eyes that make me feel like I was drinking Wine outta da box and seeing double! *Smiles*  Believe me... with this Crew here I very likely could be soon thinking about buying Wine by the Box... and I'm not even a Drinker!  But I digress...

Here's my New 'Old' Sailor Gal joining her Carnival Kitsch Family here at Bohemian Valhalla.  Perhaps I Love these Kitschy little Treasures so much because every time I look at them I can't help but Smile and get the Warm Fuzzies... and that my Friends is Priceless isn't it?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Name Your Own Price Sale ~ Brass Armadillo West

So... get ready, get ready, get ready!!!  After the Dealer Breakfast in the Morning we will be hanging out at our Booths, Cases, Galleries and Showrooms for the Memorial Day "Name Your Own Price Sale" at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST!!!  And since my last Post focused mostly on the Front Entrance Vignette paying Homage to our Military... and my own Showroom Inventory... today I'll focus on some Inventory that caught my Eye from some of the other Dealers within the 55,000 square feet on two levels of Shopping Pleasure you'll Enjoy at our Antique Mall Location! 
Of coarse I fell in Love with this Vintage Gypsy Doll... isn't she Adorable?
And this Vintage Marilyn Monroe Calendar had some Images of her I'd never seen before.

Loved the Metallic Tassle Trim on this Vintage Chair.

And some more Dress Forms had made their way into the Mall for the Big Sale!  This one is in my Friend Antonio's Showroom.

I would have liked to have been able to get this great Retro School Desk in original Crayola Red paint for Princess T to do her Homework and Artwork on... I remember sitting at desks like this at Grade School.

But it Sold shortly after Photographing it... I guess some folks weren't willing to risk waiting for the Sale to 'Score' their Favorite Found Treasures... and I don't blame them.   This was already priced to Sell quickly, as you'll find many things are... some things really need no Negotiating to know it's already a Great Deal and why wait to Haggle!   As much as I Enjoy Haggling and the Art of the Deal... when I know something is already priced to Sell quickly, I don't bother to wait either, knowing it will be scooped up at the asking price!

My Friend Romeo got some really Sweet Americana Antiques in for the Sale and his Showroom is full of them.
This Clock has the original Graphics painted on it and I Loved that it says 'We owe allegiance to no Crown.'   That's definitely Founding Fathers Pilgrim Pride right there!  *LOL*
The Selection of Great Antique Chairs Romeo got in were just Gorgeous!  This one was my Favorite.
And if any of you are Styling and have a Passion for Early American Furnishings you'll definitely have to check out Romeo's Inventory!
I can only Imagine how many Generations of Little Ones have been Rocked to Sleep in this Old Rocking Chair!?!
Okay, so I threw in a couple of Images from my Showroom too... *Winks*  If you're going for the Global Styling look I've got some Inventory that will definitely Work.   I kept finding Treasures that just reminded me of Africa and Safari Style... including some Original Artwork.
This Vintage BINGO Game Set was complete and in Mint Condition.   I Love Discovering Vintage Games that look almost like they did when they were Brand New don't you?  It just Transports you back in Time and you can Imagine what a Child of that Era might have felt like when they Received it as a Gift and it was the "Newest Thing" every Kid Desired and had on their 'Wish List'.

Even though I've never Danced Professionally, my Mom did... and I Recall all her Stories of Ballet and Ballroom Dancing... Ballet being her Favorite form of Dance.  So Old Ballet Slippers hold a Special Meaning and place in my Heart and Memories of the Stories Mom used to Share with me of her Years as a Dancer.   I got to talk to her Yesterday Afternoon... and it made me Miss her all the more and the Time we used to be able to spend together when she lived locally.

Do you ever see Nostalgic Items and have it bring back a flood of Memories, Stories, Events and fond Recollections?   Perhaps that is why every Generation looks at Vintage Items from their particular Life Eras rather fondly... even if they don't Decorate with or Collect them.  I often see folks wandering the Mall just Fondly Recalling, getting Excited when they see something they Remember Having or that their Parents or Grandparents had... and talking about and Sharing their Memories with each other or with the Staff.  "Hey, Remember those!?!" is an oft repeated Phrase!

Who from my Generation doesn't remember these Iconic Posters of Jim Morrison and Farrah Fawsett?   I definitely had some of Jim's Images and I know my Brother had some of Farrah's!  *Winks*   And was there any Young Gal that didn't want that Wild tossled mane of Hair and Beautiful perfect ultrabright Smile!?  What other Iconic Heart-throbs and their Hairstyles or Fashion Statements and sense of Style made an Impact on your particular Generation?

And since Taxidermy is really On Trend right now it's been Selling Out quickly... so several of the Dealers have brought in some more Taxidermy... even some Full Mounts like this Coyote.
I Admit that I prefer to see Coyotes Alive and in the Wild since they are Natives of our Southwest Desert and I highly Respect them as a Species even though many consider them Vermin and don't Appreciate their Intelligence and Beauty as much as I do.   I have been up close to Coyotes and their Resilience and Adaptation to Human Encroachment is a Testimony of their Fortitude.  I have a Funny, yet Bittersweet Coyote Story of an Elderly Dog Breeder years ago that we knew who bred Collies on the outskirts of Town from her Ranch.  My Parents bred Collies at the time too and we became good Friend with this Dear Lady who had a big Heart for all Animals... and used to try to find permanent Homes for displaced Strays that wandered onto her Ranch too.  She would take them in for a time until she could find a suitable Home for them, but in her Old Age her Eyesight was getting pretty bad.  Well... one day Dad came to visit and she was Lamenting that she was finding it very difficult to part with this Supremely Intelligent and Loving Stray Dog that wandered onto her Land recently, because it was much Smarter than any Dog she'd ever known, owned or seen and was so Devoted to her that she hated to have to let him go... and she'd known, owned and seen a lot of Dogs.  Well... you guessed it... Dad had to inform her that it wasn't a Dog at all... it was a Young Male Coyote!!!   She ended up donating the Animal to a Wildlife Preserve since he had become too accustomed and unafraid by then of Humans to Safely return to the Wild and not be considered a Nuisance.  But at least the Story had a Happy Ending for the Beautiful and Wily Wild Animal that had Tricked her into caring for him!  *LOL* 
I Love a Good Story as you can tell... and quite often when I see Antiques and Vintage Items I like to make up Stories that might have gone with them and I like to Style with a made-up 'Story' in Mind.
This Re-Purposed Old Door really caught my Eye...
It has been made into a Shelf and Room Divider...
And the Details on it are Lovely!!!
The same Dealer also has this Awesome Old White Chippy Shabby Kitchen Cupboard... would LOVE to have this in our Main Kitchen if we had room for it!!!
But one thing I spied that I didn't wait for the Sale to pick up for myself was one of these Old Gramophone Music Box Records...
The Graphics on it are Beautiful and it's Huge...
And I left one just for you if you find them to be as Lovely as I did?!?  *Winks*  They are priced to Sell quickly though... so I don't know how long the other one will last?

I'm Glad I didn't wait, I didn't want to risk not being able to procure at least one!
I've put a fair amount of Mantiques in my Showroom for this Sale since I've had a lot of Guys Patronizing my Retail Spaces... who knew?!?  I'm actually Surprised how many Men enter my Showroom and end up buying... I just thought my Vibe would mostly Appeal to the Gals... but I'm Glad it's transcended Gender Barriers and the Guys are diggin' it too.
Loved this Old Cash Register's Keys.
And I Hope whoever purchases it isn't just after the sum of it's Parts, but might actually just Display it 'As Is' or Restore it to Working Order?
And hows this for a Cool Idea to Upcycle some of your Old Shoe Forms?  I think I'm going to turn a couple of mine into Bookends for the Library now!
And if you're looking for a Magnificent Antique Mantle... check out this one in Showroom #108!
Yeah, OMG is what I said too... I can only Imagine what the Mansion looked like that this Old Beauty came out of?!?
Showroom #108 always has some Awesome Antique Furnishings.
Loved the Table with the Mismatched Chairs as well... I like blending pieces that just look Beautiful but weren't necessarily made to go together, it adds Interest and Personality to Styling... I'm just not a big Fan of Matchy-Matchy... too Mundane and Predictable.
Loved this piece in Room #108 too and it goes nicely with that Table and Mantle.
It's all in the Details and Fabulous Patina and Woodgrains for me!  Well... Hope you saw something you might want to Strike a Deal upon?  Hope to see you there...
And we'll still be Serving up One Dollar Hamburgers, Twenty Five Cent Chips and Fifty Cent Hotdogs, so stay for Lunch too!   My Friend Dealer Dan is Grillmaster...  
And this is my Friend Hugh with his likeness in Doll Form... isn't that Hilarious?!?  Princess T Adores Mr. Hugh... now she'll probably want one of her own Mr. Hugh Dolls?  *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl