Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trading With The Scrapman And A Sweet 16 Birthday

Aluminum Cans are a Dollar or more a Pound and so the G-Kid Force and I Save and Scavenge them to take to the Scrapman about once a Month.  The Scrapman likes Aluminum Cans, it's Money in the Bank for him... I like that you never know what else the Scrapman has in the way of Salvage Scrap that I can work a Trade on for some of my Cans!

And if any of you think that Scrap is merely Crap with an 'S' in front {Winks}... reconsider... because sometimes the Scrapman's Inventory will turn up Found Treasures that have been Traded in for Pennies on the Pound if it's not Aluminum!  So a good Gypsy Trade can transpire to Salvage these Treasures before they're melted down if you happen to spy them and strike a Deal.  Why am I Sharing this Wisdom with fellow Scavengers?  Because I shudder to think of Awesome Antique and Vintage Metallics being melted down rather than Rescued... and lets face it... I can't Save them all.  I need your help to ensure more Rescues take place with consistency, Saving bits of History one piece at a time. *Smiles* 
Today I was Trading and striking a Deal with the Scrapman for something I spied and my Heart leapt almost out of my chest!  Exchanging a bag of Cans, worth about five bucks, for this Awesome Old Ornate Loving Cup!   With plenty of Can Money left to appease the G-Kid Force's Lust for Pizza or a trip to the Vietnamese Restaurant for their Fav Soup!  *LOL*

Neither the Scrapman or the G-Kid Force are particularly interested in Rescue Missions of Found Treasures... and so as long as the Scrapman and the G-Kid Force have some Cash out of the transaction, they're as Happy with the Deal as Yours Truly is.  And you can Believe I'm Happy, because not only do these Deals cost me nothing since the Cans were Scavenged and Saved from discards... but I often come away with unexpected Treasures AND Cash... so no downside to that Trade!
So this Morning I was able to add a Gorgeous Old Rescued Treasure to my Beloved Loving Cup Collection... Color me completely Happy!


And a Sweet 16 Birthday Shoutout from Gramma Dawn going to our Beautiful Grand-Daughter Princess N... Wow... you Kids grow up so fast!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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