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Antique Home And Garden Show ~ And Parking Lot Sale

I Hope you'll be able to attend the Antique Home and Garden Show April 12th, 13th and 14th at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST... and the Parking Lot Sale that will also be held Saturday the 13th from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

  Dealer Prizes will be given to the top three Spaces and you the Customers will be Judging and Voting for your Favorite to determine the Winner!!!  Vote for the Dealer that has the best Garden Display in their Showroom, Booth or Case.  If the Showroom, Booth or Case wins, the winning entry tickets will then go into another pool and a lucky Customer will have a chance to win a $50.00 Gift Card from the Brass Armadillo!!!
{BTW: The Display in Showroom 114 is Yours Truly... just sayin'... Winks.}

 Be sure to also sign up for the Beautiful Patio Set to be given away!!!

You can see yourself sitting at this Set on YOUR Patio sipping Iced Tea this Summer can't you? *Winks*
And being Inspired by Spring Garden and Summertime Vignettes set up throughout the Mall.
I know I've had a lot of Fun Dreaming up, Sourcing and Creating Inventory for the Show.
Home and Garden Shows are among my Favorite Events.
Styling with the Essence of Spring and the Cheerful and Organic Hues that Evoke Garden Style and blur the distinctions between Inside and Outside have always been an Aesthetic near and dear to my Soul.
And Sourcing Bright, Cheerful Inventory has really been a Pleasure.
From Discovering some Lovely Hand-Made Sweet Heart Shaped Crocheted Pouch Necklaces with Ribbon Florals...  I've stuffed some at Home with Home-Made Lavender Potpourri and hung them on hangars in the Closets or on the pull knobs of furniture to Scent a Room with Heavenly Favorite Aromas.
I also Sourced some large Fabric lined Wicker Baskets...
And a Lovely Framed piece of French Inspired Fabric...
After all... Paris in the Springtime is pretty Special, Oui?!
But we want to make The Valley Of The Sun pretty Special in the Springtime as well... so I've Sourced some Interesting and Vintage Hats...
And Created an array of Garden Style Florals and Nature Based Elements to Decorate with and Inspire you to bring a little of the Inside Out and the Outside In...
And don't worry if you don't possess a Green Thumb or have time to Nurture Living Arrangements... I've mixed it all up with a selection of Faux and Living Plant Creations... so choose whichever suits your Lifestyle, preference and needs.
I tried to utilize Living Plants that were Beautiful and yet not difficult to Nurture and Care for or would thrive Indoors under artificial light.   Princess T is really Jonesin' for this Sweet Miniature Shopping Cart that I turned into a Planter.  
She won't be too broken up if Gramma doesn't Sell it since she could envision it with her faux Groceries and Barbie's rather than the Spring Plants! *LOL*
And I must say I was rather Tempted myself to keep this Trio of Asian Lovelies!
That's precisely why I always Source Inventory that I Love, feel a Connection to and would Style with in our own Home... if I wouldn't put it in my Home I wouldn't expect you to buy it for yours. 
And that goes for Art too... I gotta Love it and have it Appeal to me... because then I suspect that my Kindred Spirit Customers will Appreciate it too.  I must say I've done very well with Art in my Retail Spaces... and since I ADORE Art... it's been Fun to Source it for Re-Sale. 
Because I'm all outta wall space at Bohemian Valhalla and yet I keep Discovering Beautiful Art that draws me in and now I can 'Score' and bring into the Showroom and Art Gallery Loft Spaces for YOU my Friends!  I would totally visit this Beautiful Mexican Village and Mission in the Painting... with mature Bougainvillia cascading over the walls and rooftops!
I Adore Bougainvillia and it's in full Bloom this time of year in the Desert... one of those Show-Out Plants that thrives and flowers best with neglect and drought!

I also have some Springtime Hanging Lamps and Lampshades...
And I 'Scored' some more Mannequin Heads to Sell and Display the Hats on...
And Bud Vases for those small Bouquets or single Florals to tuck into each room of your Home.  I liked this Heavy little Art Glass Bud Vase... the Image doesn't do it Justice since there are many Colors incorporated into the Art Glass Design.
In fact I'll be busy planting Living Plants into Interesting Containers all Weekend to keep a steady Fresh Rotation coming into the Showroom...
I Loved the Shape and Beautiful Graphics on this European Tea Tin and it makes a Sweet Planter... and you can use the lid as a Coaster.
Going to the Nurseries to Source the Plants was as much Fun as the Thrill of the Hunt to Source what I'd plant them all in!
And I always come across little Surprises like this Orphaned Japanese Wooden Shaker with Sweet Vintage Kitty Decal.
And Vintage Traveling Alarm Clocks... which look really great in a Vignette Grouping, functional or not.
And would it seem like Spring and be complete without Picnics?  Especially Picnics in the Park... so I've Sourced a variety of Picnic Baskets and potential Contents as well.
And I don't know if I'm the only Adult that totally digs faux Food like a Big Kid?!? *LOL*  But I LOVE Decorating with lifelike faux Foods!
I've had more than a few pieces at Home end up with teethmarks in them from unsuspecting nibblers that thought they were the Real Deal and got quite a Surprise that it was just a mouthwatering Illusion!  *Smiles*
And I Love pressed Tin Frames...
And Mirrors because they lend themselves well to Garden Style Decorating.
As do empty Ornate Frames...
I think I'm gonna put a Plant in there Today... *Winks*...

Yes, I've still got a lot of Work to do after we meet our Dear Friend Bess for Breakfast this Morning... she and I Retired only weeks apart from the DA's Office and she's getting a kick out of the fact I couldn't stay Retired... AGAIN...  *LOL*   I'm Surprised actually that she hasn't popped out of Retirement again too, we're two peas in a pod that way.  We always Enjoyed whatever various Career paths we chose as well as beginning and experiencing something new in the making of a Living when we got tired of being Retired.  *Winks*
Because it is said that if you do what you Love then you'll never really Work a day in your Life... and I do Love doing this... and it seemed to be the right Season to fulfill a long held Desire to do it and so I'm having a really good time and it isn't like Work at all... but pure Bliss!!!
Seriously... spending time visiting Flea Markets, Auctions, Tag Sales and Junquing in the Thrill of the Hunt for Inventory... picking out Florals in Nurseries to Style with...
BTW: I could spend forever and a day Sourcing Living Plants and Cut Flowers for Styling Projects!!!
And the Hydrangeas this Season are so Amazing that I'm trying to think of a good reason not to fill my Showroom with them because I'd want to buy one of every color!  *Smiles*
And you know how I am... the Queen of Excess and all... I'd have the Showroom so full of Hydrangeas that you'd literally need a Machete to move through it!  *LOL*
And this is precisely why I rarely Source Inventory or Styling Props alone...
And bring Good Junquing Partners with me to keep me Accountable so I don't go Wheels Off... and I in turn return the favor...
But Seriously... does this LOOK like WORK to you?  Exactly... which is why I'm Enjoying it so much and we have such a Big Time doing it all...
And stay tuned for Future Posts where I'll Share some of the New Shops we Discovered and Old Favorites we Visited on the East Side of Town this Week during our most recent 'Pick'... you're gonna LOVE IT!!!  Hope to see you at the Antique Home and Garden Show my Friends... and I'll leave you with this Subliminal Message:
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It's still SO cold up here that it was a pleasure coming to view Spring through your camera lens!

    My favorite (odd as it might seem) was that framed Parisian fabric. How sweet!

    The hydrangeas were/are beautiful. I'm going to have to wait till we return from our 2 week vacation to think about plants - especially blooms, but you got me in the mood!

  2. Springtime in Paris (2 weeks ago) was really cold and snowy!


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