Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Design Lab ~ Another Fab Shop In Mesa

Okay, so we didn't even have to leave that Fabulous Old Converted Industrial Warehouse to find yet another Fab Shop there in Mesa... it is filled with Great Indie Shops and Artist Studios!  So our next stop in the same Amazing Building was DESIGN LAB.  I knew I was in Love with the place from the moment we walked through the doors!!!  There was rows of Design, Decorating and Styling Books... many that I haven't even seen carried in the Bookstores and don't yet have in my Personal Library!  {NOTE: That's Rare... I have just about every Design, Decorating and Styling Book known to Man! Winks}
The Shop has a great Vintage Salvage Industrial Vibe to it and set against the Old Warehouse 'Bones' of the Building, it's a Perfect Match!!!   The Styling of the Shop is superb and I liked their Shop Motto: "Because Life is an Experiment"... yes, yes it is!
Even the Powder Room's Decor was Delightful... check out the minitature Chairs framed and added to the Wallpaper!!!  
WHERE do you get mini Chairs like that I Wonder?!?  And yes, if a Shop is Amazing I ALWAYS check out the Powder Room too because it is typically equally Impressive and Impeccibly Styled!  Yes, I AM that Crazy Customer that sequesters herself in the Powder Room for a Moment to do a Photo Shoot of how it's Styled!  Aren't you???!?!??!   Come on... you KNOW you HAVE too!??!??!  Your Secrets Safe with us, we're equally and similarly afflicted.  *LOL* 
The Laboratorie Style was also evident and I was totally diggin' that... I have a penchant for Old Pharmacy and Laboratory Collectibles... I must have been a Mad Scientist in a previous Life?!?  *Winks*
It just all looks so Cool grouped together, doesn't it?
I wanted to stand there and read every Label!  *Smiles*
I Wish some of the Display Props had been for Sale... I was drooling over the entire Collection!  *LOL*
I'm a big Fan of Inspiration Boards to get the Creative Juices flowing...
And how can you NOT get Inspired when surrounded by such Inspirational Styling and Inventory?
I felt like Inventing something in fact... surrounded by all the Vintage Laboratorie Style Furnishings!
And of coarse I was diggin' this Wall of Industrial Letters.  The one thing I'm sorta regretting having Sold in my Showroom are some of my Vintage Industrial Neon Letters... shouldda held onto them all and just had a Letter Wall of my own at Home huh?  Ah well... that gives me a handy Excuse to Source some more, right?  *Winks*
There were bins and jars filled with Interesting Inventory...
I 'Heart' bins and jars filled with Creative Supplies!!!
And there were even jars filled with Vintage Trims... VELVET and LACE such Lucious Hues... Oh my!!!
Not that I have a Weakness for such things mind you!  *Bwahaha!!!*
Do you have any Idea how difficult it was for me to walk out of there WITHOUT any of said Trims?!?  Torturous I tell ya... my eyes were fairly tearing up making things seem slightly out of focus thru the eye of the lens!   But maybe next time... *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. oh, i love the letters, esp! thanks for sharing, dawn!

  2. Gollies you were out in my side of the Valley, what fun!!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. HI Dawn!! Love the new look on the blog!! Love all those pictures too...I am especially partial to those bottles with the labels!! Hope all is well in the desert, Sistah Bohemain...XO


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