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Brass Armadillo ~ Sale!

I'm temporarily interrupting my Adventures during Girl's Day Out to bring you a Post about our 15% Off EVERYTHING Customer Appreciation Sale at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST!!!
Yep, it's that time again to make your Pilgrimage over here to the Far West Valley in search of Awesome Found Treasures that will ALL be ON SALE!!!   I know that four letter Word Excites you as much as it does me, now doesn't it?  *Winks*
Especially when you know there will be over 55,000 square feet of Shopping Pleasure on two levels brought to you by around 900 different Dealers that scour the Countryside Pickin' and have a Passion for Antiques, Collectibles, Art, Vintage and Retro Items... and Rescuing, Repurposing or Upcycling Found Treasures just like you and I!!!
We have Dealer Roundtables every week to discuss and brainstorm how to make the Mall, the Events and our Inventory even better.  And I know I've had my Eye on a few things I'm considering... and No, I'm not gonna show you, lest you get to them first before I finish this Blog Post!?!  *Winks*   But really it's a crying shame that I'm at saturation point on Old Chairs because this Addams Family Style Old Chair with the original Black Upholstery is to die for and Priced to Sell!!!  *Insert a Huge Swoon and a tear in my Eye!  Le Sigh*
Alas, the Fabric, being Original, is too delicate for the Bohemian Valhalla Crew and I'd probably have a Fit if they wrecked said Chair... and so I'll have to just let it go to some other Lucky Treasure Hunter and fellow Hoarder of Awesome Old Chairs!  *LOL*  And those Antique Boots... Lord Have Mercy... if they were my size I'd WEAR those babies!!!  Adore them... aren't they so 'Wizard Of Oz' Wonderful?!?   I'd feel Magical in Boots like this... Good Witch Magical that is... Okay, who am I foolin', perhaps Wicked Witch Magical on those Menopausal Days, I ain't lyin', I'll keep it Real!   *Winks*
Source: BRASS ARMADILLO WEST Facebook Page
And I want to give Props to my Friend Kim for Styling this Awesome Vignette which Greets you as you walk in the doors... I Love so many Elements of it that it stopped me dead in my tracks for a Photo Op too!
Loving this Old School Desk... that would look great in Prince R's Room for the G-Kid Force to do Homework and their Art upon!!!
This is the back side of it, so actually if you pulled up another little Table and Chair two Kiddos could get busy with whatever they're working on!  This even pre-dates my Schoolhouse Days... Yes, Young People, there really was School prior to my Generation.  *Smiles*
And I've been noticing loads of Rustic and Garden Elements coming into Inventory all week.
As well as many going out the door so don't malinger!  Though New Inventory comes in Daily so each Day there will be Fresh Pickins' and something New to behold and buy!
All Items in the Vignette are for Sale, so don't be timid, grab yours and I'm sure Kim will scour the Mall to re-foof it and keeping it looking Awesome and Fresh during our four day Sale.  I Love that Antique Child Image in the Metal Oval Frame that my Friend Rick Sourced... it too is very Addams-Family-ish don't you think?   And yet Sweet and just Perfect for those of us who Enjoy Derelict Decorating and Cabinet Of Curiosities Styling.
And yes, I have been quite busy myself and with the help of Friend Pamela, been getting my Showroom ready for the Sale... scouring the Valley and Sourcing New Inventory and Styling the Showroom to give it a Fresh Energy and Vibe.   Don't you notice that Sales always pick up considerably when you Re-Do a Retail Space?  I do... I don't want any stagnant Styling and so I prefer to have an Ever Evolving Space
Loved these Metal Tole Baskets in graduating sizes so much that it was a bit difficult to part with them... but I'm to the point now in my Great Edit and Purge of 2013 that I'm deciding to part with some of the things I'm more Attached to, just to make room and move towards Simplifying Life and see just how Minimalist I can become?!  *LOL*  Okay... so that's a Lofty Goal and Dream... but I am moving TOWARDS it slowly and consistently and that's the point even if I never quite Arrive.
This 1978 Metal Plaque is pretty Cool... anything in Black is Appealing to me right now can't you tell?  *Smiles*  Must be entering my Senior Goth Phase and Season of Life huh?  *Winks*
And though I've kept some of my Terra Cotta Canisters from Portugal... I decided to let some go too.  I Love good Terra Cotta, so Earthy and Organic, these all have Glaze on the interiors so you can utilize them various ways without absorbtion problems that Terra Cotta often presents if not Glazed.

Loved these Milk Glass Pasha Coffee Mugs... for when you want an Exotic Flair to your Coffee Breaks or Tea Parties.  *Winks*

Don't you just Love that Exotic Font!?!

This could easily get me started Collecting Oil Cans!  *Smiles*
And I Love these types of Vintage Industrial Stools.
I still have just a few Old European Botanical Prints left... I'm down to the last of my Stash though.  Note to Self: Must Source more Botanicals...
And though I've Sold my Wicker Floor Planters, there are still several left in the Mall that would be great Garden Style Accents.
Had to show you even more of those Mini Oil Cans... so Cute...
And in a Grouping they look Awesome... and these are priced so that you could easily buy an Instant Collection if you wanted to.
Like Old Trophies... this one is Retro Cool...
And though I've never smoked or allowed smoking in our Home... I did have a Stash of Old Las Vegas Ashtrays... just because I liked them to throw spare change and stuff in... but now... off to the Showroom they all went...
Haven't been to Vegas in a few Years now... but we used to go Annually and I picked up a lot of Souvenirs in the 70's and 80's of Old Vegas that I'm just not that into anymore... but if you still Love Vegas, perhaps you'll find a place for in your Sin City Collection?  *Winks*
Story behind the Retro Diner Table covered by the Vintage Tablecloth... originally purchased it to flip... but then the Family fell in Love with it and actually it was a lot more practical and Desirable than what we currently have in the Front Kitchen {French Iron Garden Furniture} so I'm gonna leave it in the Showroom to put Inventory on 'til I can 'Score' some Retro 'Lucy' Diner Chairs to go with it for our Home.  Yes, go ahead, you can peek under the Tablecloth if you must see what it looks like... but I don't wanna Tease you here in the Land of Blog since it's not for Sale.
But I have put some Pre-Sale Prices on many Items so with the additional 15% off for this Sale, you can really get a Great Deal on some of my Inventory.  Did that just for you my peeps!  'Cause I know how Excited I get to 'Score' a Great Deal!
And I still have a few Garden Style Living Plants in Vintage Planters left and many are still Blooming profusely so they must like the Showroom Artificial Lighting and should do well Indoors.
My Friend Pamela's nod to Boho Style in her Showroom... I think it could be a 'hook' and she's luring me in with these Scrabble Tiles spelling out "My" Words?!?  *Winks*
And yes, I did Source some Mantiques for the Showroom as well since a lot of Guys have been visiting my Spaces and have been some of my best Customers.  Who knew?!?!??!
If you're a Gal that likes the Rusty, the Crusty, Industrial and Agricultural Salvage Items though you do Connect to some of the Mantique Crew and those who are out Pickin' for their Man Caves.

Have to show you this even though I bought it... a Dustpan made out of an Old License Plate... LOVE it!  Want to get The Man busy Creating Inventory like this, he's so Creative and I know that getting back in his Workshop Cottage and doing Carpentry will be good Healing Energy for him.
Does anyone besides me remember Teem?  Do any of you even remember drinking Teem?  Introduced in 1964 by the Pepsi Company as their answer to 7-Up and Sprite by their Competitors... you just never see much Teem Advertisement Memorabilia and so I think this Vintage Signage is pretty Special and I even like the Condition Issues since Rusty is my 'Thing' for Preferred Patina, I think it gives things Character and a sense of History and Age.
And since Teem was discontinued in 1984 here in the U.S. you aren't likely to see many more of these either.  Just a bit of Teem Trivia for ya, Gratis.  *Winks*  A couple of Generations now never even got to Experience and Taste Teem... and when you think about that it's kinda Weird huh when it was a part of your own Commercial Product History?
This Unique Retro Stove/Oven Combo that my Friend Antonio has in his Showroom is the Coolest!!!

I have never seen one like this and Wonder if it was a Custom Piece back in da day?!?  I can see so many Possibilities for a piece like this even if you don't want to Utilize it for the Purpose Intended!
How about a Dress Form on it's own Lil Table?  This one is actually very lightweight so is Perfect for the Seamstress or Designer that needs to move their Form around without putting their back out.
And 'Four Sister's' Booths are still Rockin' the Architectural Salvage and keeping Old Doors in stock for us Old Door Lovers.  They Sell fast so get in there quickly to 'Score' your Old Door... I'm Lovin' this Unusual Mustard Colored one.
It Appears to be the Original Paint and Patina Aged to Perfection... I just Love that someone was bold enough to Paint it a Unique Color like Mustard, which probably wasn't such a Trendy Hue back in the day and Era this Door came from?  Yes, I see a hint of the Seafoam Green of the 1930's peeking through too... which only gives it an added depth of Character and Desirability to me!
And how about a Lucious Raspberry Velvet Vintage Chair?
You're all fortunate that I don't have room for every Old Chair and Old Door that 'Calls' to me!  You have no Idea how difficult it is to see and not want it ALL!!!!!!  *LOL*
And I have to admit, if I could install this above my Showroom Entrance... I would... Love the Funky Color Combination and the 60's Style Font!
And here's a Display Case that I'd LOVE to have in my Showroom if it didn't take up so much space... but those of you with more Retail Real Estate, I just think this would look Awesome for your Smalls!  And it's priced at only a couple hundred bucks, which is a Steal.
And if you need an entire matching Vintage Luggage Set... we got it at The Brass!
My Friend and Showroom Neighbor Shelly in Showroom #113 has this Awesome matching pair of Floor Baskets.
Love this Sweet Little Milk Glass Planter my Friend Stephanie has made from a Vintage Tumbler.  By the way, Stephanie Won the Antique Home and Garden Show Prize, the Customers Voted her First Place and Truly she did a spectacular job... she had my Vote and her Vignettes were Inspiring, Creative and Springtime Fresh! 
My Friends Myko and Brett's Showroom and Booth are always Inspiring and Beautiful too... with an Essence of Spring this Season.    And those oversized Seed Packet Postcards can be found in my Friend Pamela's Showroom Inventory... Love it all!
I'm SERIOUSLY in Lust with this Paul de Longpre Yardlong Rose Print in a Salvage Wood Frame!  *Swooning Heavily!*
I've always Loved de Longpre's Work and Showcased in a Salvage Shabbylicious Frame... what can I say but sheer Perfection!!!
And OMG just look at this Vintage Country Kitchen Cabinet!!!  I WANT IT... alas, nowhere to put it... darn!!!
I Seriously need at least one more House to put everything in that I'd Love to Style and Live with... really... I'm not kidding!  *LOL*   This is the type of Furniture I Adore and this piece has all the buzzers and bells for me... but I'd have to get rid of something to make room for it... so its not an Option right now.  *Sob*
But, hey, guess who else is having a Sale for the next couple of days... that's right... and I'm heading right over there for some Nutty Coconut Ice-Cream to soothe my Cravings for Vintage Farm Furniture I can't have!  *LOL*   The Man will be relieved and wiping his brow that this will only cost him three bucks... *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. OMG! I want some ice cream now...LOL!

    -pamela ;)

  2. I was able to get down BA west yesterday on my day off (last minute decision to drive there), and as always, kept my eye out for you, Pamela or Myko! No one was around, but I did find this awesome street sign "DECKER DR" which I had to have. It is a family name, and I did not even know the 15% off sale was going on, so it was a double treat! I love all your blog pictures, and just wandering around this place is enough to keep this girl happy and inspired for awhile! Have a great, profitable weekend Dawn!


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