Friday, April 19, 2013

Boho Nouveau ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part I

***Blogger Issues caused a delay in getting this Post up and running!  I was literally going thru Blogger Withdrawal and loading Images to FB instead!  LOL***
I had been really anticipating this Month's SWEET SALVAGE Event since the Theme was finally going to be My Style!!!  *Happy Dance!*   Yes, this Month all the Bohemians and Gypsy Souls rejoiced that the Theme was 'Boho Nouveau'!!!   And yes, the first thing I scooped up as I walked thru those doors were all these Vintage Colorful Blocks spelling out 'Boho Gypsy'!  *LOL*   It's often the little things and Personal Touches that Delight and Interest me the most.
And I must say the Sweet Team nailed it yet again and so many of the Vignettes made me feel right at Home!!!  The Joy of Color and Free Spirited Style was everywhere!!!  The Image on the SWEET SALVAGE FB site  of this Vignette had me Hoping I could locate and snag those Blocks before someone else did... I was Seriously Jonesin' for 'em!  Luckily they were right inside the Front Door and I didn't have to delay... I had Instant Gratification! *Whew*
 And my Treasures I 'Scored' at the Event obviously fit right in with my particular Aesthetic!   As you knew they would!!!  *Winks*  I could definitely have done more damage to my wallet if I hadn't exercised AMAZING Restraint for this Event!  *Whew!*

Due to the current Popularity of Neutrals and Colorless Palettes in Decorating there is always a saturation of Styling in that particular genre... but for those of us who Adore Color in our World, not so much of a selection.  And so when we get these Golden Opportunies it would be easy to go berserk and break the Bank on a buying frenzy!  *LOL*

I'd had to make a Pact with myself before walking thru those doors not to go too wheels off with my Purchases!  *LOL*  Temptations abounded to the left and right and judging by the enormous Crowd, there were more Free Spirited Gypsy Boho Souls in the Valley than I realized!!!

And though I can Admire and Appreciate the various forms of Neutral and Colorless Decor and Styling... since it's just not 'Me', my Home is never going to look like that.  And all the other 'Colorful Girls' say, "Amen!" 

And I Believe it's Wonderful that we all don't like exactly the same things, the same Color Palettes, the identical Styles and Decor because that would be banal.  *Yawn*  Our various Personalities, Tastes, Culture and Character wouldn't be expressed very effectively.

And so I Applaud The Sweet Team for sometimes going Bold and Original by offering different Themes that sometimes aren't the Predominant Decor and Styling of the masses or the moment.  Regardless of Popularity of a particular Genre of Styling and Decor they have been Trend Setters in offering a wide Variety of Styles and Inventory to suit various Tastes to satisfy all of their Customers.  And to Expose us all to a variety of Styling and not just what is currently On-Trend, though certainly they keep abreast of the Trending of Inventory the majority is currently desiring.

It certainly is a Risk to Boldly go where others have not gone... to offer something Different, Quirky or Extraordinary than what is being offered everywhere else or is the current Fad.  But Personally I find it Refreshing to see and Experience different things... and not just what I like or what is currently Trending.  Who knows what the cutting edge of Fashion and Decor will be next... so why not be one of the first to Explore the Possibilities I say!
And even if you might think you're a Minority in the Styling and Decor you Love, you probably aren't really.   I've Connected with so many 'Colorful' Souls that march to a beat of a different Drummer or like and Celebrate doing what they do and are Kindred Spirits to what also Moves my Soul.   So it's nice when our Fav Shops may offer a selection of Inventory or a Themed Event of the Styling that we Adore too.
Yes, I was definitely in My Element to attend an Event with Boho Styling and Inventory.  And to see each Stylist's Interpretation of the blend of Bohemian and Hippie Influences of Style that is Boho Style.   There's really no right or wrong way to do this particular Style because it is Open to Personal Interpretation perhaps moreso than most other Styles... there are no Rules and anything goes... it's Freedom of Styling at it's best and Celebrates Eclectic Tastes, that is why it's a Style that I am particularly drawn to I suppose.  
BTW: Yep, that Madonna came Home with Yours Truly!!!  Isn't She Lovely and with such Serenity in Her expression?
And the Beautiful Cascade of hair down Her back makes her just as Lovely on the reverse side.
Can you see a few other things that caught my Eye immediately and I Envision in a Future Bohemian Treasures Project?
Yep, there was a Quartet of Vintage Embroidered Strips in the most Divine Hues.  They've obviously been waiting Decades or longer for just the right Project.  As a Fabric Artist I Live for 'Scores' like this... unfinished Projects from Unknown Master Crafters and Artists of the Past!
I often Wonder why they put so much Work and Love into a piece only to leave it unfinished and incomplete?   But then, I recall all of the Projects that I began that somehow languished or became misplaced or displaced for various reasons... *LOL*
And this is who I am at my very Core... a Free Spirit and I prefer Creative Decorating and Art... the Unusual and the Extraordinary.  I'm not likely to Conform or just accept or embrace whatever Trends, unless I really dig it.  And even then I'm going to put my own Spin on it so that it doesn't look like every Magazine Spread of the Moment or someone else's House.  And I do 'Me' better than I do anyone else anyway, don't you?  *LOL*  So Celebrate your Identity and Unique Style and Spin on things.
I do Enjoy looking at Spreads in various Publications that are On-Trend and often think they are Divine, Beautiful, Fresh, Inspirational, Interesting or Exciting... but I think I'd probably Lose Myself if I just replicated what I saw and didn't just go with my own Heart, Instincts and Personal Preferences regardless of Popular Opinion and what is 'Hot' right now.
Yes, I have Experimented with other Styles and Palettes... but I do find that I quickly come back Full Circle to what speaks to my Soul in a Mysterious way.   And over Time it too has Evolved... I don't think Style should be stagnant and Evolution of Style and Preferences is a Natural Process as we move through Seasons of Life and are Exposed to more that we might consider a Lovely Addition to our Lives and Homes.
And though I Loved this Chair I had Promised myself NO MORE CHAIRS to add to the Chair Hoard going on at Home!  *Winks*  But nestled in said Awesome Chair were a couple of Awesome Pillows... and though I also have a Hoard of Pillows at Home too... there was one I just couldn't leave behind... can you guess which one it is?
I know, that was a Tricky one huh?  Since BOTH Pillows were totally My Style and it would have been Tempting to buy them both... but Budget dictated picking just one... darn Budget!  *LOL*  See how well it fits in with Bohemian Valhalla Style?  *Smiles*
Of coarse certain Sweet Friends were trying to contribute to my Delinquency... yeah Myko... I'm talking about YOU GF...  you know how irresistable Old Chairs are for me... the Funkier the better!!!  *LOL*  Not that a lot of prompting needed to be done mind you... not during a Boho Event anyway!  *Smiles*  The Sweet Team always manage to Smile and have Fun during the insanity of the Shopping Frenzy going on around them.
And had I bought something too heavy to tote out of there, Myko's Sweetie, my Friend Brett, would have provided the Muscle to get it into the Truck... so no sweat.  I have Worked alongside Brett on numerous Shifts and Events and I don't think I've ever seen him without a Big Cheerful Smile, a Great Attitude and willingness to Help schlepp some impossibly big or heavy Treasure we've 'Scored' and are either buying or bringing into our Showrooms.  
What?  You say you wanna see the other side of that Gypsy Lumbar Pillow?  Okay then... here 'tis.
 And here's my Fun-Luvin' Friend Sweet Jackie, she always makes me Smile.  And she Sources the most Awesome Selection of Vintage and Exotic Fabrics and Eclectic Treasures.
This is a peek into Jackie's Vignette at The Sweet... awash in a Sea of Vintage Velvet and Exotic Fabrics... *Insert Contented Sigh*

And you know how I Love Vintage Carnival Kitsch Prizes?  Well... they literally abounded and it was difficult to choose a Fav to bring Home... but I wasn't coming Home without at least one... so...
Say Hello to my Lil Friend...  {I just said that with my best Tony Montana 'Scarface' Impersonation in case you were wondering... LOL}   Isn't he Cute?  I got so excited when I saw him that I failed to even take a pix of him on site lest some other frenzied Carnival Kitsch Lovin' Shopper reached over my shoulder!  *Smiles*  Hey, you have no Idea how Intense it can get in there!  I wanted to buy up every Vintage Carnival Prize there... but that darn Budget Thang... ya know... *Le Sigh*  So yes, I left some for you to 'Score'... unless I totally cave and go back again this Weekend... *Winks*

Had Budget permit in fact I think this Quirky Key Chandie would have come Home with me...  Loved it... will have to find a Chandie Skeleton now and dig out that Collection of Old Keys I've got stashed all over Bohemian Valhalla... yeah, I know, like I need yet ANOTHER Project!  *LOL*
But it really is an Inspiring Creative Idea and a good use for all those Old Keys us Key Hoarders have accumulated over Time!  *Winks*  Because Seriously, how much Key Jewelry can I possibly wear without looking like the Crazy Key Lady?  *LOL*
And here's the craziest pix of all... my Friend Pamela was supposed to be taking a pix of me and one of our Dear Blog Friends, Sue from Chicago, who we were meeting in person for the first time and had come all the way out from the East Coast to attend the Event!!!  Yes, that's just my arm in the pix, you can only tell by all my Gypsy Bangles huh? *Smiles*... I swear we weren't drinking before the Events
... Well, I'm sure I wasn't anyway... what did you have in that water bottle Pamela??!!  *I say suspiciously, now scrutinizing alleged 'water' bottle tucked under her arm... LOL... just kiddin', if there had been anything but water in there I'm sure she'd Share with her Friend Dawn?!  Winks*   Well, in all fairness we were trying to take the pix of Sue and I as the line was moving and pressing forward as the doors were opening, and you get carried along in the throng like a crowded New York Sidewalk at Rush Hour ... so what can you do?  *Smiles*  This was Sue's first visit to The Sweet after hearing about it from us here in the Land of Blog and it was a Delight to meet yet another Blog Friend in the flesh and get to know each other better.  Sue's Blog is ALL MY MUSINGS so be sure to pop over and give her a holla!  We had such a good time visiting with Sue and we Hope she gets out to Phoenix again soon?
Okay, so ya know I took a bazillion Images at this Event... so this will be a Series of Posts... and then I've got a ton of other Events to Cover... which will keep me busy Bloggin' for DAYS... perhaps WEEKS I tell ya!  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Had a great time reading this post. As one of the color girls, I would fit right in at this event. Where, when, and how often? I am retiring very soon so i can do these things then.

  2. Loved all of the color. It is a breath of fresh air.


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