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Wanderlust Flea Market And 7th Ave Street Fair

This Saturday the G-Kid Force and I attended the WANDERLUST FLEA MARKET AND 7TH AVENUE STREET FAIR in Downtown Phoenix.  It was a gloriously Sunny day, perfect for an Outdoor Event of Fabulous Shopping, Art, Live Music, Food, Fun and a Vintage Car Show.  We got there early so that I could get some pristine Photo Shoots for you my Friends and visit with my Friends who were doing the Show as they were setting up for the Event.  Of coarse my Fav Section was the Wanderlust Gypsy Style Flea Market right by RUST AND ROSES and SIRENS AND SAINTS.
We popped in to the Shops first and said Hi to our Friend Angela... and to see what Fabulous New Creations she's been Designing...
I fell in Love with her Newest Gypsy Belt Creations!!! *Swoon*  Hand-Dyed Velvet, Stones and Bohemian Bling combined into Gypsy Fabulousness!!!  Note to Self: Gotta get one of these... put it on The List!!! *Winks*
First Stop was my Friend Tricia's VINTAGE BLISS LOUNGE.  It was obviously my Friend Pauline's First Stop too... I swear we must have been Twins Separated at Birth... we're always moving in a parallel Universe! *LOL*  So I had the Gals strike a Pose before things got Crazy Busy!
Of coarse The G-Force HAD to check out THE BLISS LOUNGE ... for Princess T all of Tricia's Pink Bliss and Fabulous Bling draws her like a Moth to a Flame!  *Smiles* 
She's definitely gonna be your next Generation of Clients Tricia!  *Winks*  The G-Force even noticed the Mannequin peekin' out the back Window!   They don't miss a thing!

I can't blame Princess T for being Mezmerized and Enchanted, Tricia's Creations, Vignettes and Sourced Vintage Treasures are always Amazing and Speak to the Princess in us all!
And the VINTAGE BLISS LOUNGE will Inspire you if you've ever wanted to Pimp your own Pull!?
Next we stopped by one of my Favorite Local Jewelry Designer Team's Booth... DOS FANNIES.  When it comes to Spiritually Inspired Bling these Gals totally Rock it!!! 

It had been a while since I'd seen Anne and Kim though they've obviously been busy Creating Fabulousness!
Lots and lots of it in fact!!!
And of coarse my problem is that I'd want it ALL!  *Winks*  Especially these Religious Medal Earrings...
And a Cuff Bracelet would be nice...
Well... if only I could decide upon a Favorite that is!  *LOL*
Yeah... you can Feel me on my dilemma can't you?  There was no single Fav... but a multitude of them... and Budget being what it is, that made the decision for me to have to walk away Blingless not exactly easy, but necessary this day!
Yes... anytime I'm unduly Tempted, having the G-Kid Force in tow is a reminder of all the things they desperately Need {and they will constantly remind you, Smiles} ... like new Shoes and School Uniforms to replace those they've utterly destroyed or outgrown since August... who knew that getting an Education was so hard on Wardrobe... and this exponential Growth thing must Stop, or at least slow down to a reasonable level!  *LOL* 
What's a Gramma to do when she has to pass up the likes of this... in lieu of yet another pair of Shoes and School Uniforms that won't last more than a couple of Months at best before the G-Kid Force are lookin' like Refugees again?!?  *Le Sigh*
But hey, they're awfully Cute aren't they?  And whilst Gramma went Blingless, Princess T didn't... in fact, she 'Scored' some FREE Bling from one of the Vendors... darn, maybe I shouldn't have outgrown my endearable Cuteness!!!  *LOL*
And speaking of Endearable Cuteness, my Friends Chris and Danyelle from VAGABOND X-CHANGE were there too... and they really Spoiled The G-Kid Force... you're their New Best Friends now you know!!!  *Winks*  And they're totally Adoring and Showing Off their Vintage Hot Wheels and PEZ Dispensers!   
And along with Cool Vintage Toys and having an Amazing Booth at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST too, VAGABOND X-CHANGE Sources and Creates the most Amazing Treasures that they offer at the Booth and the Shows... specializing in Vintage Industrial and Urban Chic Upcycling.
Prince R Loved this Union Jack Coffee Table at the Show that they had Created.
And I Loved the Vintage Luggage and Vintage Industrial Furniture...
And another Adorable Couple were right next to them, Giesel and Roman of FOR THE LOVE OF OLD.  And if you have a Love of Old like me, then you're gonna Love their Inventory and Vibe too!
Just look at this Sweet little Preggy Mannequin Form atop a Divinely Distressed Cupboard!
And I Loved this Sweet Oval Chippy Green Side Table.
Prince R couldn't get over that Giesel and I had both spelled out the Word ART with our oversized Industrial Letters!   What can I say but that two Great Minds think alike?!  *Winks*  Only Giesel has the fortitude to Let Go of her Artful Letters, it was hard enough for me to part with my Turquoise Neon Letters that spelled INK and I don't even own a Tattoo Studio!  *LOL*
Roman and Giesel have an Amazing Shop too in Downtown Phoenix... FOR THE LOVE OF OLD and if you want to see even more of their Inventory and Beautiful Vignettes, you'll definitely want to stop by the Shop!
You're sure to come away with loads of Inspiration and more than a few Found Treasures that Testify to your Love of Old! 
The Fun thing about a Street Fair is that you will get to see all kinds of Artists and Vendors... Prince R was Enchanted by the Steam Punk Jewelry Creations here at MYSTIC PIECES by Artist Shelly Brooks.
I have a fondness for Steam Punk too... it's always so Imaginative and ultra Creative.  I particularly liked Shelly's Necklace Creations.
In fact, there were some Steam Punk Inspired modes of Transportation Cruising up and down 7th Avenue during the Event that we liked as well... like these Cool Trikes!
Another Favorite of ours were these Sweet Re-Fashioned handcrafted Blue Jean and Leather Bags by Designer Diane Pichini-Loehr of JEANS VERDE'.
And you just know an Old Hippie like me is gonna hang out for a while at the Booth that Creates Wonderful Tie-Dyed Wardrobe!  *Winks*
And for you Vintage Car Enthusiasts... you MUST come back for Tomorrow's Post which will give you Visual Overload on the Car Show that was at the Event!!!   Yep, I could see me tooling 'round Town in this Baby...
Or perhaps this one... Gypsy Gangsta' Style!  *Winks*  Hey... if they have a Show on called 'Amish Mafia', you know that there has to be Gypsy Gangsta' Style too, right... and I'm pretty sure I could still be a Mobsta Moll?!?  *Bwahahaha!!!*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. It looks like you had a fun day. Your granddaughter is adorable and I really liked that jewelry


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