Sunday, March 17, 2013

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

As many of you know I've been having a lot of trouble with my feet in recent Months and the Docs really haven't been conclusive about exactly what is wrong?  They said perhaps a stress fracture that they couldn't actually see or find.  X-Rays came back in the 'Normal' range and yet I've been having Abnormal pain and the 'boot' they gave me wasn't working out at all and causing more harm than good so I ditched it.  *LOL*   This meant I've been having to reconsider and experiment with what footwear I can wear in comfort and get thru the day in... so far Boots have been the answer, providing the most comfort and support for these ailing old feet!  I Love all of my Boots but I've owned most for a very long time and needed to expand my Boot Wardrobe, but on a Budget.  Darn Budgets, they really cramp my Style!  *Winks*  So... Imagine my utter Delight when the Laws Of Attraction brought these my way... and for only Five Dollars and in exactly MY SIZE!!!  *Gasp!!!*
Yep, a Gorgeous pair of Dingo Chestnut Addie Boots with Gypsy Style Bling that would cost about $105 Retail... so my Serendipity 'Score' Saved me a Hundred Bucks!!!  And that wasn't my only 'Score' whilst Sourcing for my Showroom I hit the Motherlode of Found Treasures... here's just a Sampling of some of the Goodies I 'Scored':
Fabulous Black Velvet Vintage Sequined Hat with Veil... so Sassy and would be Great for the Goth Gals that want to go with Vintage Accessories...
This one was Bolero Style and actually had a Velvet Chin Strap, but that was a bit tight on my Manne Model and the Hat was Old and in Pristine Condition so I didn't want to force it.  So I just tucked it under.
This one Sold within an Hour of putting it on the Showroom Mannequin's Head!  Not really surprised as it was Tempting to wanna keep this one for myself.  *Winks*  And we are having that Big First Anniversary Sale, everything is 15% Off and the Mall has been Crazy Busy!   I did Note however that my Showroom Glass Manne's Heads from Spain are bigger than my Manne Head Collection at Home... I liked all the Hats better Modeled on MY Girls!  *LOL*  But I don't like to put too many NFS Display Only Items in my Retail Spaces to Torment Customers with and I definitely don't want to part with my Beloved Vintage Garment District Gals.
Then there was this Sweet Pale Tan, or is it Taupe, Velvet Vintage Hat with Veil...
This one is very Classic and Understated Chic.  I remember my Mom wearing Hats like these.  Mom can really Rock a Hat!
I'm thinking that this Collection of Vintage Hats was from the same person's Wardrobe because they're all the same size and very tiny... this person must have been quite diminutive in size.  And I won't even tell you the Bargain I 'Scored' them at because it was obscenely low!  But this meant I could then price them at a Bargain to pass along to my Customers too, so they won't last long once the Vintage Style Gals spy them.
The last one is very Vintage Easter Chic and was Princess T's Fav... it's a Pale Yellow Elaborate Weave with Veil...

I always think of Classic Old Hollywood Glam when I see these Styles of Hats...
They just Exude Elegance, Refinement, Style and Class...
Source: Bing Images
How could you not feel like Channeling Audrey Hepburn while wearing a Vintage Cap...
Source: Bing Images
Or Seductive Veil?
And I 'Scored' this matching Trio of lidded Vintage Fabric Vanity Boxes in a Romantic Rosebud Satin Fabric... one Square and two Rectangle shaped boxes.
If like me you are a Collector slash Hoarder of tiny Found Treasures, bits and bobs, then you can never have too many Beautiful ways to Store them!
And finding Matching Vintage Sets is not so Common, especially in good condition.
This Sweet Whimsical Vintage Elf Head was once a Cookie Jar whose lid Hat must have met with an unfortunate accident or been lost... but I thought he'd still make an Adorably Kitsch Candy Bowl and he was such a deep Bargain with the missing part that I couldn't leave him behind.  Doesn't he just make you Smile?
And I have to Show Off a 'Keeper' that I can't bring myself to part with... my Seventeen Dollar Gilded Antique French Chair!!!  *Swoon Worthy!*  Good Lord I heard the Heaven's Parting and Angelic Chorus when I saw it and fully expected it to be over a Hundred Dollars...
Ornately Carved Gilded Wood and Cane backing...
Horsehair stuffed Seat with Original Divine Fabric... and when I saw the unbelievable Price... my Heart nearly stood still!!!  Yes, this one will remain at Bohemian Valhalla... I am admittedly an incurable Francophile Bohemian.  *Winks*
And two more Vintage Retro 'Scores' that will not make their way to the Showroom... this Awesome Retro Cool heavy duty Juice-O-Mat that I 'Scored' for a mere Four Bucks!!!
And the Retro Vintage 'Labeled' Tablecloth under it 'Scored' for only a Dollar and Twenty-Five Cents!!!  I'm a self professed Vintage Tablecloth Hoarder and this one has Delightful Springtime Florals and is in Pristine Condition and still has Vivid Colors.
Can't wait to start squeezing our Morning Juices in this Baby... the G-Kid Force think it's so Cool and it's Commercial Grade so practically indestructable, which is Handy in this Household of heavy-handed folks whose Names I shall not mention!  *Winks*  There was much more to my 'Score' but I'll Save that for yet another Post since I've gotta don my St. Patrick's Day Green and go to work soon since I traded Shifts with a Co-Worker Friend that needed the day off.  (Normally don't Work on the Sabbath.)  HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY my Friends and may the Luck of the Irish be with you on your Junquing Forrays Today!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I like EVERYthing about that juicer - and the boots are very Kool! Hope they give your feet the support they need! The chair is gorgeous, too. My, Lady! I'm happy for you. Your budget sounds very generous (compared to mine - but that's not sayin' much)!

  2. Great finds as usual Dawn - LOVE the boots!

  3. Nice finds!!! Lovin' that GORGEOUS chair ~ what an AMAZING price!!! That's almost FREE! LOL! ♥



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