Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Anniversary Gift

The Man wasn't well enough for us to go out for our Anniversary on the 18th, but he'd sent me off with a wad of Cash to pick out any Anniversary Gift I wanted and to go out for a nice Meal without a G-Kid Force Entourage, and that works for me.  *Winks*  I brought him Home Take-Out from the Restaurant and picked out my Gift of one of the Belt Creations my Friend Angela had made and are available at SIRENS AND SAINTS in Phoenix.  My Mannequin Yvonne is Modeling it around her neck since she has a more slender waistline than Yours Truly and so it Photographs better this way.  *Winks*
Angela had been busy Creating these Wonderful Gypsy Style Belts Upcycled from Vintage Cowboy Belts, Stones, Bling and Hand-Dyed Velvet... so there were plenty to choose from.  The Selection might have been overwhelming and I might have been more indecisive had I not immediately fallen in Love with a particular one...

This one with the Velvet Rosettes under the Bohemian Bling and on top of the Stone Florals.  The back of the Old Belt says Richard in tooled Leather, but The Man is okay with that... he said we'll just find this Richard and make him Pony Up for the Belt for me and reimburse him!!! *LOL*  Yeah, my Man's Hysterical like that with his dry sense of humor that sometimes folks take dead seriously!  So all Richards Beware... you could be buying a Fab Belt with your Name on it for some Random Bohemian Gal's Anniversary! *Winks*   At least The Man's Name starts with an 'R' too... so it was close enough, right? *Smiles*

And if Mama's Happy then Everybody's Happy in the Bohemian Valhalla Household so the Name on the Belt was a non-issue for any of us... I'm J'Adoring said Belt and that makes for the Perfect Anniversary Gift that he didn't even have to Shop for, so he's glad I got exactly what I wanted.

Because I Love to Shop for those Wardrobe Anchor Pieces and Accessories that you'll keep Forever and always Love... they're always worth the Investment in.  I'm the Type of Gal that prefers a smaller Wardrobe of the right stuff opposed to a vast Wardrobe of stuff that doesn't really Move me one way or the other and will be constantly rotated and discarded.

I'm the same way about my Bohemian Bling... as my Mom always Taught me, buy the best that you can afford right off the bat and don't settle when it comes to Jewelry.  If you buy what you truly Love you will wear it for years and years and feel a Connection to it... Mom's Advice was Wise.  There was an abundance of Great Bohemian Bling Creations at SIRENS AND SAINTS too, so I Admired it all, even though I wasn't making a Jewelry Purchase this day.
I think I might have been much more indecisive had I been picking out a Necklace rather than a Belt anyway...
There were so many that I Loved... especially these Created from Vintage Hardware and Bohemian Bling.
Could you have picked out a Single Favorite?  I would have been hard pressed to actually.
So it's a good thing that I'd made my mind up in advance that I would splurge for a Belt instead for my Anniversary Gift from The Man.
And maybe next Year we will eventually make it to Bora Bora for our Anniversary...  it's still at the very Top of my 'Bucket List'. *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Belated Happy Anniversary! What a unique way to celebrate :)

  2. A very Happy Anniversary to you and hubby Dawn. Sad that he couldn't go out with you but hey you definitely thought of him bringing home takeaway and buying his present for you, haha...LOVE the belt you chose it's such a statement piece and a girl can never have too many of those can we...l got a big old chuckle out of your Richard story:-))


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