Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Means... Long Walks, Butterflies And Blooms!!!

Once Spring Fever takes a hold it means long walks Outdoors to Enjoy Spring Blooms and Butterfly Watching.

Our Family would live Outdoors if we could... we prefer to be Outside as many hours as possible... which is why living in the Arizona Desert has been one of the best places year-round we could be.

Yes, our Summer temps can be scorchingly Hot, but we have more Glorious Months of the Year than any other place I've ever lived... and we've lived in a lot of States and other Countries for comparisons sake.

It's no wonder our State has vast amounts of Winter and Fall Visitors, where our Winters and Fall are like a Spring Day compared to most other Climates around the World.

And when a Desert Spring comes, everything springs to Life quickly, because the Window between Fall and Summer is brief actually.  It will heat up rather quickly and our Monsoon Rains will have to sustain the Wildlife and Flowers for when the Dry Season sets in.

And so everything Shows Out fiercely and boldly for that brief period of time they will have to propegate and ensure Future Generations of their kind.

Princess T was excited to begin our long walks of Spring so that we could go Butterfly Watching and Photograph as many kinds as we could Discover...

And which Flowers and Plants each species seemed to Enjoy most and gravitate to...

So that at Home we could consider what Spring Plants to add to our Butterfly Garden this Season to attract them?
Or which Special Treats we could leave out for them to have a Butterfly Buffet Feast upon?!?  *Smiles*
And the Man-Made Ponds and Lakes around the City are now attracting the Wild Ducks and Geese which will soon be heading back to the Colder Climates they Migrated from to Escape harsh Winters.  Its Amazing to us how many of them are quite Comfortable with some Humans and will allow you to get quite close!  Mama Duck was taking a little Nap when we Happened upon her.
And her Man was right beside her... they woke up and allowed us to have Lunch on a Bench just a few feet away from them, curious but not afraid.  It was a privilege for Wild Things to allow us to be so close and Princess T marveled that in the Animal Kingdom it is the Males that have to be Show Stoppers to Attract the Females.  Whereas with us Humans it's the Females that Primp and Preen to be Pretty and attract their Guys... *LOL*... funny how at Seven she already recognized that difference and fact! 

She said it's no wonder Mama Duck found Papa Duck so Attractive, his Bright Plumage was catching the Sun and making him quite Handsome!!!   He seemed to know it too and struck a Confident Pose for us. *Winks*

And at the end of our Long Walk we had a Wee Wild Beggar that had Tailed us Lusting after Princess T's Cheetos and finally she relented and tossed him a piece... but only one... since we don't want him straying from his much Healthier Natural Diet like us Humans tend to do once we get a hankering for such Junk Foods!  *LOL*
May you have some Delightful Springs Walks, Butterfly Sightings and Abundant Blooms too my Friends... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Love, love, love your pictures, Dawn! The last one of your little beggar friend with the cheeto made me laugh right out loud! So cute! Hugs, Janice

  2. It's been lovely to share in yours and Princess T's Spring stroll around the city and your pics are wonderful, can't believe how many different butterfly species you found and the amazing closeups you shot of them.


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