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Finale ~ Backroads And Blooms ~ Sweet Salvage

Sit down... get comfy... cause I had loads of Beautiful Images left for the Finale Post of the Backroads And Blooms Event... and I had so much Fun Photographing it all... so I Hope you Enjoy the Images and Styling as much as I Enjoyed capturing it thru the Eye of the Lens.
The Great thing about a Good Event is that there is so much to take in that you can't really do it in a hurry... you must either take your time or want to go back and see it again... and bring your Friends.
And I feel that the Sweet Team really accomplished that... I did want to go back again and take more time to soak it in and tell my Friends about it.
I knew that if any of them could make it down there, they would come away Inspired and Hopefully with a new Found Treasure(s).
All of us who Enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt like to go places where the Hunting will not be in vain.  You want somewhat of a challenge to Discover something Fabulous, but not come away empty handed.  I never think I will come away empty handed at The Sweet's Events.

I know the Challenge for me will more likely be to have to leave something behind that I would have liked to have brought Home too.  This Great Harvest Table for example, even though I have a couple, they are hard to find in these parts and I applaud The Sweet Team for scouring the Backroads to bring such Country Goodness to the City!

I also know that I will always be duly Inspired by how everything is Presented and Styled.  Who wouldn't Adore a suspended swing Bed on the Porch draped with gossamer Vintage fabrics?

There are always Great Industrial Style pieces as well, which are also very difficult to Source Locally even though we are a large City.  There's just so few Old Industrial Areas that were spared or properly Salvaged when Industry expanded in Modern times, so much was just Lost to Landfills.

But I am Glad that The Sweet manages to scour the Backroads to bring us those Vintage and Antique Treasures from previous Industrial and Agricultural Eras.

And when you visit The Sweet, I do Hope you will take some Time to browse the Area devoted to Fashion, OOAK Jewelry Creations and Accessories because there are many Amazing Treasures and Creations to be found there too!!!

Being that I can never have enough Bohemian Bling I am always drawn to that Area like a Moth to a Flame.

And the wealth of Turquoise and Aqua Vintage Items always blows me away... since it's another Fav Color to Style and Decorate with for me.   Turquoise and Aqua are so Bold, Joyful and Cheerful... I ADORED this Rustic Turquoise Farm Table... this would be a piece added to my Wish List.

And if you like to Decorate with Bird Cages, check this one out!  A Birdie Mansion!  Or if you don't want live Birds, you could always illuminate it with Candles or Tea Lights or a pair of matching Antique Lamps. 
The Spiritual Art and Ornate Gesso Frames really caught my Eye too.

And of coarse the Antique Caged Dress Form... I could envision her joining my Dress Form Collection of Gals at Bohemian Valhalla.

And though I haven't yet Decorated with it... I do so Love the Country French Colors of Dove Grey when mixed with Old Burlap and Palest Steel Blue Velvets and Brocades.  This trio of Table, Footstool and Sofa were Divine!!!
And Dropcloth Fabrics Upcycled into Furniture Covers are a smart Idea for Family Living, sturdy and washable, yet Stylish.

And covering Pillows with Burlap and Interesting Crochet Applique is just Beautiful too.

I can never procure enough of the Vintage French Bistro Chairs, they are the most comfortable outdoor seating and so easy to move around or tuck away when not in use.  Thankfully they are becoming more easy to find than they used to be, so props to all of the Vendors that Source them.

And I'm having a Love Affair with the Vintage Olive Buckets... for Utilitarian Storage and Interesting Lighting Fixtures.

Art is a definite Weakness of mine... I no longer have the wall space to hang any more... but I have it propped just about everywhere else too.   LOVED several of the Antique Floral Artworks that were at The Sweet this Month... starting with this one.  The others will also be Revealed in this lengthy Post.

The G-Kid Force would Love some Vintage Lockers in their room... and if Space would permit I would gladly oblige... a great way to store things out of the way and out of sight in a Child's Room and yet easily accessible for play.
But I'm always thinking about what would work for them and then for me when they've outgrown it... and so I liked this Rustic Farm piece with cubbies that would serve a similar Purpose and yet be Ideal for Displaying numerous Collections or organizing Art Supplies, keeping them Visual and within easy reach.

Old Doors and Old Door Hardware... what can I say that I haven't already in previous Posts about THAT?!?  *Winks*  My Friend Nancy of 'Steam Punk' and one of The Sweet's Stylists always Sources Fab Architectural Salvage pieces.

A Styling-By-Dawn Personal Opinion for what it's worth... there is not nearly enough Decorating and Styling done with Black! *Winks*
You don't have to go completely to the Dark Side, but just Elements of Black in Styling I think make everything else stand out, its a very complimentary Accent Color because everything and anything goes with it.

There is not nearly enough Appreciation for Vintage Black Furniture either... I Love Vintage and Antique Black Furniture... and if a Makeover piece is really jacked up, Black hides a multitude of sins too!

Black is actually one of my Favorite Colors to Decorate and Style with and has been for many years.
Maybe I was a Goth Girl before that Label was a description of those of us who gravitated to the Dark side of Decor... back in the day we were just considered Strange and Odd.  *LOL* 
  And my Mom was Truly an Original Goth Girl, her Boudoir for as long as I can remember was Ebony Furniture with Oppulent Red Velvet Draperies puddled to the floor and Red with Black Vintage Bedspreads, Persian Carpets with Black and Red as their main background Hues, Gorgeous European Religious Antiques and loads of Jewel Tone Accents.  I might be a minority that uses some Black for Spring Decorating, but I use Black year-round. 

I like that The Sweet shows ways to Display your Jewelry openly when not being worn, rather than hiding it away in Jewelry Boxes.
And Creative ways to make Accessories out of the most Unusual Items, like this Vintage Boot Bag, which almost had an Old Corset like appearance to it.
Loved this Leather Trunk.
And could definitely see Princess T in this Vintage Child's Easter Dress... isn't that Fabric absolutely Divine?!?!??!
And here's another one of those Floral Art pieces that I would Love to Own!!!
And just in time for Easter there were so many Sweet Vintage Religious Art pieces to choose from.

That Aqua Step Stool caught my Eye... Adoring the Hue and Patina of it.

And the Leather Cuff Bracelets with Vintage Bling were nice too... I liked that Black one with the Petit Point Brooch attached to it.
Even the Items behind the Checkout Counter are Beautifully Styled.
And there was plenty of Rusty and Crusty Treasures for those of us who Love that too.
And Colorful Vintage Seed Packets.
I have a 'Thing' for Vintage Seed Packets, I think the Graphics are so much better than those on Modern Seed Packets.  Vintage Packaging just really Appeals to me and I'm Glad that some folks Saved their Vintage Packaging on Ordinary Items.

There were plenty of Potting Shed and Garden Furnishings still left on the last day.

I'm still Lusting after that Aqua Farm Cupboard, it was beyond Amazing!!!
Though there was also a wealth of smaller Chippy Rustic Farm pieces as well.

And don't forget to look underneath everything for even more hidden Treasures layered in the Vignettes.
I Discovered this Awesome OOAK Pillow made from Vintage Hankies and Old Lacy Crochet hidden below a Vignette and tucked discreetly just waiting to be Found.

Vintage Ephemera... LOVE IT!!!

And this Floor Scale was large and Vintage Industrial Lovely.
Another Great Turquoise Rustic piece of Furniture... I'd like this in my Potting Shed!!!

And this Chalkware Wall Hanging was so Colorful and Vibrant for it's Age... this piece came very close to coming Home with me.
I was going to get rid of Prince R's Telescope until I saw this Vignette... now maybe I won't... I Love the way it looks surrounded by Greenery and Metal Commercial Furnishings.  And maybe it would Inspire us to do more Star Gazing?
And The Man would certainly say that nothing evokes a sense of Spring for Guys like Baseball... this Old Wool Jersey was Sponsored by a Garage that had an appropriate name 'Bat'telini's.  *LOL*
The Man is a bit concerned that I'm totally digging the Vintage Industrial Look because now all of his Sacred Stash of Mantiques in his Work Cottage might be up for grabs and end up in Wifey's Vignettes?!?  *Winks*
Alongside such Prissy items as Romantic Art and Vintage Special Occassion Clothing!!!  *Ha ha ha! Which is almost sacrilege to a Guy!*
Loving this piece of Vintage Art though... it's yet another that caught my Eye.
And I can only Fantasize about what Awesome Old Manse this Fireplace Mantle came out of?!?  It was enormous and so Ornate.   Alas, I also Suspect that if this ended up in Salvage, then the rest of the Old Manse probably wasn't so Lucky and was very likely razed and that makes me sad?!?  *Sob*
But Thankfully this was Salvaged and Saved, because Truly it is a Work of Art!!!  You're not gonna find a Modern Fireplace in a Tract Home made with this Quality, Superb Workmanship and Attention to Detail!
But we can add Details like these to our Homes, whether we live in an Old Home or a New One and that's the Beauty of being able to Style and Decorate with the Vintage and Antique or Salvaged Items.
Happy First Week of Spring and Happy Hunting my Friends...
And don't forget our Special Pre-Easter Event which will be going on at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST on Saturday...
There will be Ham's given away every Hour on the Hour all day Saturday!!!  And we'll be Open Easter Sunday, so after Easter Service and your Easter Meal... come on down and Discover some Awesome Found Treasures!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh I'm so sad I missed this one.....I love garden related goodies. Thanks for sharing all the images, now I can say I've been and didn't even have to spend a dime......LOL

    Have a Blessed Easter,


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