Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coming Soon ~ The Paper Collage


Hi my Friends, Today I'm giving you an Exclusive Sneak Preview behind the Scenes of my Friend Pamela's New Shop which will be Opening soon, THE PAPER COLLAGE!!! 
It has been Exciting to see the Vision come to Life and be there from the beginning to see the Blank Canvas of a Studio and Shop begin it's Metamorphosis and emerge like a Beautiful Butterfly, Pamela has done Wonders in a short amount of time and worked her Styling Magic there!  I was fortunate to be a small part of the prepping of the Shop for the Soft Opening which will be Good Friday.
You see, I Work for a Haunted Antique Gown and Vintage Seam Binding {Long Funny Back End Story}!!!   Suffice to say it's Good to have a Wednesday Addams Type of Friend if you've got any Found Treasures that Creep you out!!!  *LOL*   This is me with the Alleged Haunted Gown... with the Mysterious missing arm and some questionable Rusty looking spots... I'm Thinking GREAT HALLOWEEN PROP!  *Winks*   Pamela knew it would be Appreciated and eagerly Received in Bohemian Valhalla... because we're definitely Addams Family Type Folks and very little Creeps us out!  *Smiles*   Well, except for Ordinary Boring things, like that faux Victorian Lamp that Creeped Princess T out and was dubbed The Scary Lamp... probably because it was too Normal so it had to go!!!  *LOL*  I'm Pleased to say The Scary Lamp Sold right away so we're rid of it... but I digress... back to the Shop...
You will be able to place Orders Online, attend Workshops, and visit the Retail Section which will be open on Fridays.   Of coarse my Fav Section was filled with the Artful Curiosities... naturally!!!  *Winks*
Each Section of the Retail Space of this Sweet Little Shop has eye catching Vignettes in various Styles... you're going to be sure to find your Fav Style here to purchase your own Artistic Supplies for your Future Creations.
I will most definitely be loading up my Artistic Supplies from this section, which definitely had my Aesthetic and Vibe to the Papers, Stamps, Artful Curiosities and Found Treasures.
Francophiles will Discover a Section with Products evoking a sense of Old World European Charm with a Fresh Modern Edge to it...
And Pamela carries Special Lines of Products and her own Brand that will be Unique to the Shop.   And she has been an avid Collector of Fabulous Vintage Ephemera, some of which she will now offer for Sale!
And I can't wait for the Workshops that will be offered, where we can cozy up to the Retro Dining Table and take a seat on the Pastel Vintage Chairs, getting busy with Creative Dreams and Projects and Learning something New to add to our Artistic repertoire.
I know we already spent some Idyllic Hours here prepping Inventory for the Shop and listening to Delightful Music via Pandora.  The Ambiance in the Shop will make you want to linger, it has a very Welcoming and Comfortable Creative Vibe and Energy to it.
And I recall the Fun we had Sourcing some of the Shop Props like this Awesome Vintage Gesso Wooden Framed Shadowbox.
And Suitcases, of coarse... Pamela has as much of a Passion for Old Luggage as I do... and it Sells well and can nestle Vignettes of Product in Retail Spaces so Beautifully, so we can Justify Sourcing as much Vintage Luggage as we can Discover on our Junquing Adventures!
Pamela has been busily filling the Shop with Inventory for the past few weeks, it has truly been a Labor of Love and it shows, I'm so very Happy for her and I know it will be well and eagerly Received here in the Far West Valley by Artists, Crafters and Lovers of Ephemera.
You'll be sure to come away with loads of Inspiration as well as your purchases.  Whether your Taste and Aesthetic is Retro...
Or Romantically Shabby Chic.
And since you will be able to Visit and Shop in the Online Store you won't even have to leave the House if time and circumstances don't permit an actual Visit.
But I do Hope you will be able to come by and Celebrate the Opening with us on Good Friday my Friends?
There is even a Shop Mascot to Greet you!  *Winks* 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your friends new shop looks really great Dawn, wishing her all the best and have a wonderful open Day xoxo

  2. Dawn - LOVE the post! Love the photos! I might have to "borrow" some of your photos!!! I'll post a link onto FB tomorrow! Thanks for the FAB shout-out! If I find anymore "haunted apparel", I'll give you a call...LOL! ♥

    -PaMeLa ;)


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