Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Peek Into The Future?

It's Tempting sometime to want a peek into the Future to have Peace of Mind and certainty that everything is going to be Swell... especially if the entire Family has been plagued with Health Issues... but personally I think it's probably best to just take it one day at a time and Trust God for the Outcome.  If only because who knows what the peek might actually Reveal, Good News or more Bad... some things ya might not wanna know in advance!?  Now, that's not to say that it isn't easier said than done to remain up by Faith and have it hold.  Especially when the Issues are prolonged and everyone in the Family has them simultaneously, including now Yul the Cat who has a mysteriously injured leg and is gimping around like me, just when there's no budget for a trip to the Vet or time between People Appointments stacking up!!!  *Le Sigh* So, this Fortune Teller Gumball Machine tickled me and had we possessed any discretionary Budget beyond Medical Expenses, I would have liked to own it, just for the daily Humor and Levity a piece of Carnival Like Kitsch would bring.  And hey, the Income from a Twenty-Five Cent Reading from a mere Gumball would be a nice Passive Income Flow too huh?  *Winks* 

I'd just stack the odds in our favor and  fill it all with White Gumballs to ensure endless Perfect Days Ahead!!!  *Winks*  Well, maybe a few Green Gumballs for Luck and then buy a Winning Lottery Ticket.  But no Orange, Pink, Red or Black Gumballs for me Thank You!  *Smiles*
You see, the 'Boot' had to come off... it was causing a total imbalance in my gait and I certainly didn't need the added Bonus of throwing my back out and constant hip and leg pain from wearing it.  After two days I not only still had intense pain in my bad foot... but now my back, calves and hips were hurting too... and the X-Rays had come back in 'Normal' range, whatever that means?  Don't know how 'Normal' so much pain in an extremity can actually be, but that's what it showed anyway!?  So we really never had any conclusive evidence of why it hurts so much and I'm gimping around?  Wasn't willing to risk back, leg and hip Issues to wear a contraption for something 'Unknown' that it 'might' promote a Healing of?!?  So, let's just chalk that one up to growing Older too and move on until I can get a referral to a Podiatrist who might have more conclusive answers to these Great Mysteries...
And though we're still Quagmired in the 'System' for Prince R's considerably mounting Issues and try to patiently await receiving increased Services for him that are taking forever and a day to line up, The Man and Princess T's follow-up Appointments are stacking up like cordwood before a long Winter!  
So Today we have an Appointment Marathon for both of them... with Prince R in tow under protest, since this isn't what he wants to be doing on his Spring Break, spending time in Hospitals and Doctor's Offices for other people, and the Paternal Side lasted less than Forty-Eight Hours with him this time before throwing in the towel and bringing him back early.  *Le Sigh*  A little bit of the Young Prince goes a long way... at least they tried.
But I did say in sickness and in Health... for better or for worse... and I guess the G-Kid Force was just that unexpected added Bonus to see how ride or die I'd actually be?  *Winks*   So, this Morning after the rest of them wake up I'll be fighting Rush Hour Traffic to get down to the VA Hospital and unceremoniously dump The Man off for his Appointment and then rush over to St. Joe's for Princess T's follow-up with her Pulmonologist, which is scheduled a mere 15 Minutes after Grandpa's Appointment... because of coarse that's the only openings both Docs had unless you can wait until Spring is over or something along those ridiculous lines or just rely on endless Urgent Care Visits?!?  Don't even get me started on the condition of our Health Care Systems in spite of alleged Trillions of Dollars thrown at it, just Hope you stay Healthy, never get Chronically Ill or are independantly Wealthy so that you have more options and don't end up on the 'Hurry Up And Die Plan' that seems to currently be in place.  But I digress... I am feeling quite jaded at this moment... so then the Plan is to come back and pick The Man up whenever we're finally done with her Appointment... Mi Vida Loca, never a dull moment!  Can you only tell I'm not really looking forward to a day which will start like this?!?  Well... it can only get better I would have to think?!?  *LOL* 
 I'm only Hoping we have better News from the Pulmonologist about the Princess than the last visit, which was grim and quite frightening?!  She's been a very sick little Girl and her Smiles and tenacity bely the fact that she's been battling very Serious Health Issues and on an exhausting Med Regimen and Breathing Treatment Series around the clock this time around.  We'll do a Post later about her new Hello Kitty and her Wonderful Build-A-Bear Experience that our Oldest Daughter and Family funded for Christmas and she patiently waited over two Months to do on account of all the Health Crisis that played out around the Holidays.  Suffice to say that Hello Kitty had a Diva Fashion Princess picking out extensive pricy Wardrobe... wow, you can't get outta that joint cheap!  I'm definitely in the wrong business, you could dress a Kid for less!!!  *LOL*
Apparently Kitty NEEDED all this above and beyond what the Gift Certificate covered!  *Smiles* Gramma naively thought the very Generous Gift Certificate would actually cover building any stuffed animal and their outfit in the joint... boy am I outta touch with today's Reality!!!  *LOL*  But I must say the Experience was really Special for Princess T and that is TRULY Priceless.  And it was the catalyst for our recent Girl's Day Out... before Prince R outwore his Welcome with the Paternal Aunts and Paternal Gramma and wore them all out sufficiently that he'd be back Home.  Which I accurately Predicted would be Early, he can wear entire Large Doting Families out in record time... see, I don't even need a Fortune Telling Gumball Machine to Predict SOME THINGS!!!!!!   *Smiles* 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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