Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wanna Reclaim Some More Style? ~ Sweet Salvage

We're back at SWEET SALVAGE because The Man says to me early Saturday Morning, "Honey, you need some more time to yourself... why don't you go back down to your Favorite Shops and pick up that Chair you wanted!"   I had been telling him about THE CHAIR... you know, the one my Talented Friend Julie had Created out of Old Ties and Burlap, the oh so Boheme' Gypsy Chair I reluctantly left behind on Thursday... and our Anniversary is coming up next Month, so that's his Anniversary Gift to me!  *Happy Dance!*
Not that there weren't oodles of Eye Candy still left on Saturday... because the re-stocking continues throughout the four day Event and so you can count on discovering something to Die For!  How about this Fabulously Aged Robin's Egg Blue Cabinet with Light Blue Glass Knobs that I gave you a Close-Up of in Image #1... Divinely Shabby and Delightfully Spring Chic!
The Crowds had thinned enough to Leisurely Shop and get some better Images for you too...
And it's always so good to see Friends at The Sweet each Month... this day it was a Visit with Ron, Ted and Chickie.  Ron and his Wife Cynthia are on the SWEET SALVAGE Team and their Fab Vignette is where I 'Scored' my coveted Black Replougle Globe.  Friends Ted and Chickie are the nicest Couple and I met them during a SWEET SALVAGE Event over a Year ago.  Kindred Spirits just Connect so easily don't we!?

Myko and Brett were busily Re-Styling and Re-Stocking their Vignettes while I was there...

I'm so glad Myko brought in some of her Fabulous Sweet Pom-Pom Animal Creations and her New Book that was just Published and will Teach you how to Create some of your own!!!  Wouldn't these be Awesome tucked inside Easter Baskets!?!

This Pair of Old European Gilded Spelter Saints were Beautiful... but since I'd just 'Scored' my Chair I Resisted picking them up for my Spiritual Collection.  I have a Collection of Old European Religious Spelter Statuaries and Altar Sets at Home and I've Loved them for Decades to Style with.  Aqua Ball Jars are always a nice Springtime Touch as well.

And this Tall Green Chippy Stained Glass Door was Awesome!!!
As was this Victorian Crazy Quilt with Floral Starburst Design and loads of Hand-Stitching.
Loving the Garden Style Elements now that Spring is just around the Corner... this Faded Blue Wicker Porch Chair and the Teal Farmhouse Table it was sitting atop of were Awesome pieces for that Garden Style Setting you might be considering Creating either Inside or Out.
And this Deconstructed Style Fainting Couch was Beautiful and Comfy looking.
So I had to take a Close-Up as well...
You know how much I J'Adore Deconstructed Style Furnishings!  As I was Photographing this Deconstructed Chair I struck up a conversation with a Lady that was obviously Adoring it and said she really wanted it, but didn't know what she'd do with yet another Chair or where she'd put it!?  *LOL*  I can relate to that and how it can make you Waffle on a Purchase.  I Encouraged her to get it, she'd find a place for it if she really Loves it, you always do.   I Hope she didn't leave without it and have regrets later that it was left behind?  I felt that way about the Gypsy Chair and told her I'd had similar conflicting Feelings and had come back to get it, desperately Hoping it wasn't too late and was still there?!?

Thursday it had been so Crowded that I hadn't had the opportunity to do much 'Looking Up' at the Fabulous Vignettes that weren't at Eye Level... but Today I got to Soak those in as well... Loved this one above the New Section that holds Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories.
It was nice to be able to take my time lining up a Shot... I think the Results were a lot better this day... I had so many blurry ones on Thursday because I was hurrying and didn't want to hold up the flow of eager Shoppers.  It's always a bit disappointed to take Images that just don't turn out and you don't realize the Quality is so Poor until you download them to do a Blog Post.  I always want to draw Future Inspiration too from the Images I Captured through the Eye of my Lens so that  you don't just Experience them In The Moment, but long afterwards as well.  I don't know about you but I often forget about even the most Gorgeous Vignettes and Creative Ideas unless I can look back upon the Images... just too many for my Old Data Banks to Store to Memory I guess?!  *Winks* 
This was a Simple and yet Lovely and Stylish Springtime Vignette set in a Stone Bird Bath.  Sometimes Simplicity can be so Charming and easy on the Eye that it makes me want to Simplify all the more!
Okay, so this Industrial Style Tiered Table really Captivated me... I could Envision this in a Potting Shed or better yet, my Art Studio Cottage that I'm working on!  *LOL*  I know, I'm Insatiable aren't I?  But I could just see this Showcasing piles of Vintage Fabrics waiting to be used in Creations so well and keeps them Visual and at a Glance, which makes the Flow of Creative Process a lot less interrupted if you aren't searching for what you want or need.  And it Inspires more when your Stashes of Supplies are Visual rather than Stored away out of sight.  I tend to forget where I put things otherwise or they remain out of sight and therefore out of Mind, forgetting I even have them. 
Now you'll have to take my Word for this Unique Piece of Architectural Salvage, it was a very Unusual Shaped Window with a Pattern and Design in the Glass similar to Stained Glass, which unfortunately didn't Photograph well at all but was quite Lovely.  I don't know what this Unique Type of Glass would be called, but it was very Interesting!?
And who doesn't Love an Old Accordion, they're always so Ornate and a Musical Work of Art.
This Gypsy Gal Image in Jackie's Vignette was Beautiful... and the Fresh Living Ivy trailing throughout the Vignette and hanging Ferns made it look like an overgrown Secret Garden... I Love that look!!  It gives an Inside-Out Illusion to Interior Vignettes.
And makes you want to Discover things hidden in the Styling... and there was much to Discover!

This piece was instantly Sold but worthy of Preserving in an Image before being carted off to it's New Home.   Love all the Drawer Storage, as an Artist you can NEVER have enough Storage, NEVER!  And if your Storage is Beautiful as well as Functional, all the better!

And speaking of Artists... I wanna know which of the Sweet Team Created this Amazing Chalkboard Drawing for the Event?  I would be loathe to erase it... it's such a great piece 'As Is' that I'd have to Preserve it with some Laquer or something and just Style with it like a piece of Gallery Art.  Often Temporary Signage is as Beautiful as Permanent Works of Art, don't you think?

I noticed during my Visits that the New Section with the Wardrobe, Accessories and Jewelry was always buzzing with Customers, so it was difficult to get in there and Photograph any of it... but just for you my Friends I persevered and got some Shots eventually!  *Winks*
 I wanted to Soak in every Creation since Da Bling ALWAYS Speaks to my Gypsy Soul!  *Smiles*  And it was all Arranged so Creatively... this is the sort of thing I do at Home with my Jewelry and Accessories, I keep it out and just Style with it... makes it easy to find and wear more often... and it's too Lovely to just Store away out of Sight anyway.
You say you needed a Close-Up... well Okay then...
 Come in a little Closer with me...
This Event really has given me a dose of Spring Fever... and next Month's Event will be called "Backroads And Blooms"  and will bring us a Spring Inspired laid back easy Farmhouse Living Style so I can hardly wait!  AND... they will be Hosting a Preview Party for it March 20th from 6-8 pm with Catering by 'Postinos' and Music by 'The Willy Nilly Band'!!!   Only 100 Tickets will be Available and you can Purchase yours beginning March 4th for $25 starting 8:00 am at .  I am Hopeful that everyone at Home will be and stay Well enough that I can pre-order my Tickets in Advance and not risk not being able to use them?!?  *Fingers Crossed!*  We'll see... I might have to risk waiting until almost the Date and Hoping some Tickets might still be left... just to be sure everyone in the Household is Vertical at that time and can do without me?!  *LOL*

Loved this Reclaimed Ice-Cream Parlour Chair that has now been given a Romantic Boudoir Look and Style with the Gorgeous Hand-Made Floral Seat Cover and a Gilding!

Maybe next Visit I can pick up a piece of OOAK Bling?!  *Winks*  Such a Fab Variety and Selection to choose from!!!

But this Day my Mission Statement had been to Procure that Gypsy Chair that Julie had Created... and Thanks Julie for reminding me of the elusive Word I was seeking and couldn't remember... WELTING... I knew it wasn't Piping... anyways, she used the Vintage Ties for the Welting Fabric too as well as the Back Seat Cushion!   And I laughed when she told me that she had me or my Friend Pauline in mind when she Created it and Hoped one of us would be the New Owner... she knows us so well!  *LOL*  And let me tell you a little Secret... shhhhhhhhhh... Julie normally does NOT do Bohemian Gypsy Hippie Styling... but she was compelled to this time and she did it BEAUTIFULLY and hers was the Vignette that was my absolute Fav during this Event, Showcased in my previous Post!   Hummm, Channeling your Inner Bohemian really worked out well Julie... maybe you should do it more often?!  *Wink-Wink*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I do believe that it would take at least a week to go through your enticing store to see everything . . . maybe more time than that. I wish that I was close enough to give it a go :)
    Great post!!!
    Your loyal follower, Connie :)

  2. Very nice! ALmost like a different month with different treasures, even though it was only a few days...LOL! What a difference!

    -PaMeLa ;)

  3. Oh my goodness, I would love to shop in your store! What sweet eye candy all over the place.

  4. Dear Connie and Susan... I wish I could take Credit for this being my Amazing Store but it belongs to Friends Kim and Katie... there are 12 Individual Stylists that have areas that they Style and Source the Inventory of so it really is quite an Amazing Experience and I Hope one day both of you get to attend an Event if you're in the Metro Phoenix area?!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. oh my, what great shopping ... lots of inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Love the chair using neckties ... what a clever idea.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  6. I'm so happy that you were able to get your chair...I was holding my breath.
    What a fun venue, I could stay for a week and never see all the wonderful creations!
    The fainting couch...swoon!


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