Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To Pierce Or Not To Pierce... That Is The Question?


Princess T is Jonesin' to have her ears re-pierced and bugging me about it incessantly... "Please Gramma, P-L-E-A-S-E!!! "  Every Fashionista Loves as many Accessories as possible, so I totally 'Get It'... and I Love pierced ears on little Girls.  I've had pierced ears most of my Life, multiple piercings in fact.   The Man even had a pierced ear in the 60's before he joined the Marine Corps. and a Drill Sargeant yanked it out. *LOL* 
All of my Grand-Daughters have pierced ears as is our Custom... and Princess T had pierced ears since Infancy.  Until several Pre-School Aged mishaps and incidents caused us to have to allow the holes to heal and forget about Earrings for a while.  A 'while' that has been too long for her liking... and I must say I do miss how Cute she looked with her little Diamond, Precious Gemstone or Gold earring studs glistening in her wee earlobes.
I'm not opposed to her having pierced ears whatsoever you see, she never messed with her ears or earrings since she'd always had them and thus ignored them, she looked so Cute sporting her Bling.  No earrings ever accidentally fell out and got 'Lost' that way in our presence, not for the first Four years in fact.  My concern is that she would have to Promise me not to allow someone else to mess with her ears or earrings again this time, not even another Adult?!  As a Kid that's a pretty tough Call.  

 You see, we always buy good Quality Earrings for the Children... small Diamonds, Gemstones and Gold... and so did her Daddy... so when they suddenly began to turn up missing out of her ears more than once and obviously someone else was messing with her ears and earrings... it was a Huge Issue for me.  I would never mess with someone else's Child's ears or earrings so I didn't expect that anyone would think it was okay or not teach their own Children that its not okay!  And I don't like being distrustful of people in general... especially if they're going to be around any Child of mine!  I only want responsible honest people to be around Children... ANY Children and especially MINE!  Sadly, in this day and age I have seen too much irresponsibility and shady behavior to not be jaded and perhaps even a tad bit overprotective when it comes to our Kids. 
 Kids aren't around you and within sight twenty-four-seven... they go to Pre-School, Day Care, School, a Babysitter, Friend's Homes, play with Friends... lots of chances for Ear and Earring mishaps, accidental or otherwise... I just don't know that I want to go through all that again?  Yes, you can Believe I had more than one 'Quit messing with my Grand-Daughter's Ears' and Earring Loss Confrontations and Interrogations!  It was beyond frustrating... excuses and stories abounded and I became very suspicious and upset, to the point we decided to take the earrings out permanently and avoid any future confrontations and strained relationships over it.  I don't want to re-live any of that Drama over jewelry a Child wears and doesn't take off.

The Young Prince chose to have his own ears pierced when he was Seven, his Aunt had it done and bought him his Diamond Studs which he still wears to this day with absolutely no earring mishaps in over six years... so its hard to say No to her since she's now Seven and wants to have Earrings again.  I'm just feeling a bit conflicted... perhaps now she's old enough to ensure that someone doesn't try to mess with her ears or earrings and she can communicate better to us if they do about what exactly happened?  But for now, she's trying to be Content with being an earring-less Princess until Gramma has a Peace about the prospect of a re-piercing... and when it would be less of a potential hassle?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Now that IS a big decision when you put it that way. The thought of someone stealing earrings off a child's ear never entered my naive little mind!

  2. My girls and granddaughters all had their ears pierced at age 7. It was a rite of passage.

  3. Oh no......more holes in the head....LOL She's most likely able to keep people away from her ears now, the other option is NOT to buy nice stuff until she's much older and can appreciate it properly. I'm sure the right decision will be made. Boy am I opinionated or what?



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