Saturday, February 23, 2013

Reclaiming Style ~ Sweet Salvage

Alas, since my initial visit to SWEET SALVAGE on Opening Day had to be so brief I didn't get many Photographs taken of the Vignettes in nearly Pristine condition before they were picked over... or even get around most of the Shop to see the various Themes by different Stylists.  *Le Sigh*  But I did come back later the same Evening to see some of the areas I missed completely, with having to dash to pick up The Man from Hospital.  I can only Imagine what it all must have looked like initially... the remnants were still quite Lovely.  This Month's Event was enormously popular so there were lines outside for Hours after the 10:00 am Opening!  My Fav Vignette was naturally a Hippie Theme!  *Winks*  Very well done and so Delightfully Boheme'... just My Style!   
My Favorite Piece that I had to leave behind this Month... a Chair! (Of coarse! LOL)  I'm such a Chair Hoarder that I simply couldn't Justify purchasing yet another one so soon after my last Chair 'Score'!  *Winks*  But this one REALLY spoke to me... it had the best of both Worlds I Adore... Deconstructed Style AND Gypsy Chic combined!
What a Fabulous Make-Over with the Gypsy Patchwork Fabric Backrest and the Deconstructed Burlap Seat... on a heavily Ornate Antique Carved Chair Frame... and a 60's Style Embroidered Floral Pillow with Suede Fringe Accents!!!
Even the Piping was Delightfully Gypsified!  I really would have Loved to of been able to bring this one Home to Bohemian Valhalla!  Hard to leave a Perfectly YOU OOAK Creation behind isn't it?  But, since I'd just gotten The Man Home from Hospital after another Heart Attack I didn't want him to have an immediate Relapse seeing his Chair Obsessed Wife dragging yet another one Home to add to the Old Chair Hoard!  *LOL*  Sure... I've been Selling off some Chairs... but they tend to 'breed' at my House it seems since the actualy Numbers don't go down that much.  *Winks*
I often hear, "Where did that Chair come from, I don't remember seeing that one before?!"  *LOL*  So I just took loads of Images of it for Inspiration!  Yes, I know... I don't NEED another Cool Old Chair... but I SERIOUSLY WANTED it, I ain't gonna lie!  *Smiles*  Imagine if I had lots of Company all at once... like if you all came over... you'd all need a place to sit, right?  So Chairs are USEFUL and somewhat more easily Justified as an Obsession!   I'm just thinking of YOU my Friends, if you happened to come by and need somewhere to sit!  *LOL*
And the oversized Peace Signs dangling from the Ceiling were AWESOME!!!  Some were plain and others wrapped with Colorful Fabrics... so you could switch the look of them as often as you wanted with various Fabric wraps... too bad we have such low ceilings or I would think I NEED some of these too!  *LOL*  And what a Cool Old British Commercial Sign that was in the back!

There were lots of Cool Vintage Games too, it great Old Cases or Packaging...


And Galvanized Accents Galore... I really liked that pops of Turquoise and Teal were evident in the Color Palette of this Month's Event.

And lots of Fresh Greenery and Overhead Lighting... you wouldn't be at a loss if you were looking for Stylish ways to Illuminate your place.
Not that I NEED anymore Overhead  Lighting at Bohemian Valhalla either mind you *LOL*... but, just sayin', that its still Fun to Imagine Styling Rooms in various ways with different Light Fixtures Illuminating them!  This Trio were snapped up right away and I'd Love to see the Room they end up in, wouldn't you?  'Cause they're Awesome!
As was this Chandie that had a Antebellum Vibe to it... I could Imagine this hanging in the Foyer of an Old Plantation Mansion.
And check out this Killer piece of Victorian Gingerbread Architectural Salvage!!!  *Swooning*
In fact, if Money were no object there were several pieces of Architectural Salvage at this Month's Event that I would have Loved to Own... such as this Awesome Large Stained Glass Window in my Friend 'Steam Punk' Nancy's Space!!!  She was putting a 'Sold' Sign on it as I was Photographing it... which was almost a Huge Relief since that would be Seriously difficult to leave behind... I have a Collection of European Stained Glass Salvaged Windows and this would have been a great addition to it.  The Design is quite Ornate and it has several Colors and Textures of Stained Glass making it very desireable.
And along with Obsessions with Stained Glass Architectural Salvage... well, you know how I am about Old Doors too!!!  *LOL*  Yes, I am also an Old Salvaged Door Hoarder of epic proportions.  So this double set with Wrought Iron on the Windows and the most Gorgeous shade of Turquoise Blue was Fabulous!

And as if I didn't have enough Temptation sitting on my shoulder whispering Devilish Desires in my ear... Princess T had joined Pamela and I in our return visit that Evening while Prince R stayed Home to fetch anything Grandpa might want as he settled back into his Routine at Home.  And she kept reminding me of all the things I 'Like' and 'Collect'... such as the Metal Flower Frogs... which she was busily Artfully re-arranging and asking me if I was going to get 'Another One'... for your Collection Gramma?  *LOL... no... I actually Resisted!*   Though that wee one on the far Left was a Bargain so it's not as if I wasn't thinking about adding 'one more'... *Smiles*
Okay... we'll have to continue with our Tour in Tomorrow's Post... and remember... the Event will continue through Sunday... so if you haven't yet made it down there... there's still time my Friends!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Chair hoarder that I am, it's probably a good thing that I live so far away! That one IS GORGEOUS!

    Glad to hear your husband is home. Trust he can make a good recovery.

  2. Dear Bohemian, I'd so love to be in that store, but I have trouble with too much stimuli and so can visit only a small area at a time and then must leave--as you did--and come back. My favorite of all you showed us was simply the galvanized blue bucket with the fern in it that sat under the chandelier. That photograph took away my breath. Thanks so much for sharing all this with us today and in the past days. You've exposed us to a treasure trove of beauty. Peace.

  3. So happy that your husband is home!!! Maybe you can grab up some great chairs and hide them until a later time when he is well enough to handle it ♥ There was surely LOTS of beautiful things there. I was able to make it to Sweet Salvage on Friday. Lots of amazing eye catching goodies as always! Have a great weekend, Dawn!


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