Sunday, February 17, 2013

Parking Lot Sale = The Art Of The Deal

I got rolled out of bed REAL EARLY for a Saturday by the G-Kid Force... and for Good Reason... this was to be THE DAY... and they were quivering with anticipation and had already gotten dressed and eaten Breakfast even before rolling me out!  *LOL*  They wanted first Junquing 'Picks' at the Event being held before mass crowds descended upon it... you see...

Saturday Morning was the first Parking Lot Sale at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST and the Weather couldn't have been more Glorious for it... high 70's to low 80's, Sunny and dry... just the way we like it!  The Crowds gathered early and it was a huge Success from the very start as folks were already swarming the Parking Lot Tents by the time we arrived just as it began!

I turned the G-Kid Force loose to Negotiate their own Deals with the Pocket Money they'd Earned and Princess T's Tooth Fairy Money from the loss of her first tooth!  With my Friend Kathy generously adding a Buck to her Monetary Stash the Princess had Four Bucks to spend and the Prince had Two Bucks to spend.  Don't let their pint size fool ya, they are already Seasoned Negotiators that have perfected their own Style of the Art of the Deal! 
With her Four Dollars she and her Brother Haggled and 'Scored' FOUR Beanie Babies and two new Zoobles in their original boxes... at a whopping 60% off the starting Prices before Negotiations!  And the Young Prince Haggled and 'Scored' two Vintage Dragonball Z Action Figures for his Two Bucks at a 50% off the starting Price before Negotiations... these Kids are putting Gramma to Shame I tell ya!  I might just have them Negotiate my next Deal!?!  *Winks*  Princess T had Styled her own Ensemble and Hairstyle... very Wednesday Addams-ish dontcha think, well, if Wednesday had been a Gypsy Child!  *Smiles*  And they were having a Big Time, the odd squinty expressions are merely from intense Sun Glare as they struck a pose!  *LOL*

Several of my Friends were out in Force and had Amazing Inventory and Booths at the Event... this is Shelly beside a very Austin Powers Retro Chair in her Booth...
And Kathy and her Posse at their Booths...
And Brett and Myko had a Booth...
And Rick, Jr. ...

And Hugh... who I beelined for because he enjoys Haggling and the Art of the Deal as much as I do so we have too much Fun Haggling and bantering.  And he's an absolute Riot... you leave Laughing 'til you cry AND with a great Bargain because he Sources some of the best and Unique Treasures, you'll never know what Hugh has in Inventory and he'll start Haggling immediately to loosen up that Wallet of yours!  *LOL*  Hugh is definitely an Honorary Gypsy Soul!


Okay, so this is what I 'Scored' from Hugh... a Vintage 1940's Era Bakelite Dominoes Set in original Leather Case... for a mere Seven Bucks!!!  Comps have Sold on E-Bay recently for around $70-125.  And Hugh's sidesplitting line goes something like this: "Yeah, I know... I'm Crazy... but I'm behind on payments to my Psychiatrist so it's your Lucky Day!"   I could stand around listening to his Hilarious Barter banterings all day long... you get a Show and he'll make you an Offer you can't refuse... it doesn't get any better than that!   He could easily make a living writing Comedy for Comedian's Routines... and it comes so effortless to him, what a Gift to make people Laugh and Close a Sale where everyone is Delighted with the outcome!
And it was a good thing I 'Scored' my Dominoes for only Seven Bucks because that's all the Cash the wiley G-Force had left me with this Day for my own Negotiations!  *LOL*  
Luckily The Brass was also selling Hot Dogs and Bottled Spring Ice-Water for Twenty-Five Cents each, so you could rehydrate and cop a Meal inexpensively whilst Junquing in earnest!  Note to Self: bring more Cash next time!
I didn't manage to get close-ups of all my Friends who had Booths because I was so intently focused on THE TREASURES that were laid out all around me!!!  As well as Visiting with everyone about how well the Event was being Received by the Public... the turnout was impressive and this was only our first ever Parking Lot Sale so word had obviously really gotten out and around!
Okay, so here's my Favorite Thing that I didn't come Home with... but only because I didn't have enough Cash on hand... because I mean... how PERFECT is this for ME?!?  *Winks*  It was at my Friend Myko's Booth... and Hopefully if it didn't get Sold I might still have a chance at it later... you never know... the Graphics are Awesome!
It really was a 'Picker's Paradise'...
With some Rare and Unusual Finds... such as this New 'Old Stock' Grapette Crate, never used, from a now defunct East Coast Soda Company... 'Scored' in the early 70's by the Dealer just before the Biz was Sold, Relocated and the Name changed.  Note the number of bottles this Crate holds since Grapette came in smaller sized containers. 
I thought this Sweet Pink Milk Glass Flamenco Dancer Lamp was Cool.
And as an avid long time Wedgwood Collector my Mom would have Loved this Booth!
The Variety and Selection of Inventory was really good... from Signage...
To Vintage Industrial...
Architectural Salvage...
To Vintage Fabrics...
And Vintage Luggage...
This is another piece I was loathe to have to leave behind since it was priced at only Six Bucks!!!
Stained Glass...
And did I mention Vintage Fabrics?  *Winks*  You know how Fabric Artists gravitate to the Vintage Fabrics... like a Moth to a Flame!!!   I Loved the Fabulously Boheme' Faded Floral Paisley Fabric and Hues of this piece!
And the Cool Old Signs were AMAZING and everywhere!!!  Dontcha just Love the Name 'Shady Ridge'?  And who wouldn't Love a Rural Grocery Store where you can snag your baskets, pottery and CHAIRS too?!?  *LOL*
I have a Bistro Set like this... so comfy for Alfresco Dining!
We're going to be having these Parking Lot Sales a few times each Year... a couple in the Spring and a couple in the Fall... so stay tuned to THE BRASS ARMADILLO FB site for upcoming Events and Dates!
Now after the Sale we went to a Friend's Wedding... and then into the City to Visit Grandpa at the VA Hospital.   We'll know by Monday, his Birthday, whether they will be releasing him to come Home or if he'll have to go to a Rehabilitation Facility first?  But it is looking like he'll have to spend his Birthday at the Hospital so we plan to bring the Party to him and the G-Force is ready... they donned Surgical Gloves and Masks to entertain him!  *Winks*  Some of the best things in Life are Free... though they had ditched the Masks by the time we got into the Parking Lot to go Home, they decided they'd Entertain my Blog Friends for this Post with some Jazz Hands and a Dance too...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian... and the G-Kid Force


  1. This made me REALLY antsy for some sunshine & warm weather! I had a little cabin fever yesterday so we went to our neighboring town's antique mall & indoor flea market. Spent a few hours and racked up a LOT of savings by not buying a BUNCH of stuff I would have loved to bring home with me :)

  2. I think it's great that you are teaching the kids how to find a bargain! This is a skill that will last a lifetime and serve them well!

  3. Dawn - How did I miss running into you at the parking lot sale? LOL! So funny that you scored the vintage bakelite dominoes from dealer Hugh, I've been looking for some today at GW!!! ha ha! {no luck!}

    I did score a big crate of vintage Fisher-Price from Rick Jr...he is so generous with the deals he makes!

    -PaMeLa ;)


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