Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meet Yvonne... Vintage Dress Form Valentine's Gift

Meet Yvonne... the newest Addition to my Vintage Dress Form Collection!
The Son hates to go Shopping as much as The Man does, so for Valentine's Day he gave me a wad of Cash so that I could just pick out the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift from him for myself! *Whoo Hoo!*  I knew right where I was heading since THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST was having 20% Off Everything on Valentine's Day and I'd been Lusting after a particular Vintage Wolf Caged Dress Form from the Garment District for what seemed like an Eternity!  *Winks*
Isn't she Lovely?  And just the right amount of Aging to make her Perfect in my eyes, plus she has no missing parts, which is rare, since most I've found from this Era are ravaged and in Sad shape or missing parts and still cost an arm and a leg.   She was actually at a good Price before the 20% Off, so I was Delighted to get such a Bargain with the Big Sale going on! 
Her Condition Issues, for her Age, are rather minor and give her just enough Character and Personality.  She has a Metal Knob on top, whereas my other Vintage Caged Dress Form has a Wooden one... the top Knobs are usually what's missing on the Vintage Caged Forms I've found Locally.  Either that or the Foot Pedal on the Stand to Adjust Height is usually absent... she is Complete and hasn't Lost anything over the Years and is fully Functional.
Her Cage is just a few inches shorter than my other Vintage Caged J.R. Bauman Dress Form, Yvette.  So they're each distinctive enough to be cohesive and yet Individuals.
And her Graphics are still Legible...
Indicating that Yvonne is a Model 1946 and Size 16... whereas Yvette is a Model 1951 and a Size 18... so both Big Girls, which I like since if I'm using them for Wardrobe Creations I need them to be Real Woman Sized... you know, like ME!  *LOL*
In fact, Yvette and Yvonne are Sharing a Room... and excuse the clutter... this is the Diningroom and I haven't yet gotten to that part of this Old House to Edit, Purge and Cull the Excess of Hoarded Treasures!  *Smiles*  I usually use the Room for Crafting and Creating rather than Formal Dining anyway since the Bohemian Valhalla Clan would rather sit in front of the TV's to eat than at a Sit Down around a Diningroom Table in a Room devoid of Electronics of any kind!  *LOL*  I think they'd all go thru serious Electronics and Media Withdrawal if I made them have Meals here the Old Fashioned way! *LOL*  So except for a few Holidays the Harvest Table lies dormant unless I want to Create something... and that hasn't happened in a while with all the Family Crisis piling up!
Seriously, I don't care that the back half of the House has been my Private Sanctuary and rarely used by the rest of the Family... you see... the back half is the part the rest of them Believe is the most Haunted!   So if I don't want anyone to bother me... I migrate towards the Huge Back Farmhouse Kitchen, Guest Room and Diningroom... especially after Dark!  *LOL*  The Spirits have never bothered me, guess they know I need the Respite and Solitude sometimes, so they just seem to bother and scare everyone else!  *Smiles*   They probably hang out back there to get away from everyone else too I suspect?!?  *Bwahaha!*
There was another Model 1950 Size 12 Vintage Caged Dress Form at the Mall too... but she was rather rough, missing her Knob and Foot Pedal and cost more... so I knew Yvonne was the one for me and I'd put my Mojo all over until I could afford to Bail her out!  *Winks*
Sadly, the other Gal's Dealer had moved out by February anyway taking her with them... which was a shame since they had an Awesome Vibe and Great Inventory and Style that I Loved.
So I'd taken loads of Images of their Booth... and will probably just now Share some from time to time for Inspiration and Visual Delight... since I don't know where they went?
I had liked the way they Repurposed and Upcycled Architectural Salvage and was going to buy one of those Doorknob Votive Wall Creations... alas, too late... but at least it provided Inspiration so I suppose I'll have to go thru my stash of Old Door Hardware and make one of my own now!  Like I need another Project, right?!?  *LOL*
They had really nice pieces of Unique Re-painted Furniture as well with a decidedly French Country Vibe which is very On Trend... and were New Dealers that hadn't been there very long... so I was very Surprised to see them go so soon... aw, hell, I'll just go ahead and show you the last of the Images I'd taken of their Booth in the brief time they were there for your Inspiration... before I forget to. *LOL*
See... so Cute... this Inventory would have moved, I'm sure of it... given time for peeps to know they were there.  Sometimes I think some Antique Mall Vendors don't give it enough time to become Established and develop a Clientele Base and Loyal Following before they Bail on their venture.  It is a reasonable expectation when you begin something that it will take some time to develop properly... especially Small Biz Ventures.  I'd think it would be rather rare for it to be an Instant Success and Get Rich Quick scenario... High Five and Kudos to anyone whose had THAT experience!  
But I suppose that's something each person has to decide for themselves, what their Expectations are and how long they're willing to Invest in something and Work It?   I wish this Vendor much luck and Success where ever they are now... I just Hope they're still at it somewhere because they really have Great Style and Cool Inventory.
But I digress... back to my Girls, who are Center Stage Today in this Post!  *Winks*
You see Yvette had needed a Partner... because she's a 'Keeper' and my other Dress Form Gals, Yazmin and Yashyme, well, they're not.   Yes, I said it...
I like them just fine, but one day when I upgrade them to the more Desired Older Vintage Dress Forms with Cages that I J'Adore, they'll be Replaced. *Gasp!* 
Yep, it's True... there will one day be a 'New' Older Yazmin and Yashyme... because that duo are Vintage, but not all that Special when undressed. 
Just your garden variety common Vintage Dress Forms that Sewing Housewives used and not Commercial or Industrial Grade Forms.  So I'm not Attached to either of them and they'll one day be Showroom Bound.
Sorry my Gals... but you is what you is... and I paid practically nothing for ya... and its difficult to have you attempt to wear my Big Grrrrrl Clothes and Accessories because they practically fall off of ya and often have to be pinned to stay on or need to be wrapped around you twice!  *LOL*
But I was Desperate for Vintage Dress Forms Years ago when you couldn't find the Garment District ones Locally for Love nor Money because they weren't really On Trend yet so nobody was Pickin' them and bringing them Out West... and well, I wasn't getting back East either on my Junquin' Forrays.  So I made do 'til the East Coast Gals began Arriving... of coarse by then their Value had increased significantly too... I recall when they could be had for a Song as well... and I Lived in Mobile Abodes and had no room to put even one and was too Nomadic to drag them along anyway... but that's another Story!  *LOL*
You see Yazmin and Yashyme are more diminutive Sized Single Digit Dress Forms... which look mighty Cute Dressed Up in Clothing I will never again wear at this Season of Life, because I will never be, nor would I want to be a Size 6 or Less again, I'd probably look Frail and have no fluff to plump out the wrinkles! *LOL*  So give me the Size 16+ Vintage Dress Forms to Style with for Real Projects that I could actually wear myself!  So I continue to seek out the elusive Larger BMW Forms {Big Made Woman}...
So here's Yvonne Arriving and completely neckid' in all her Birthday Suit Glory! *Winks*  Excuse the messy and tragic looking Front Porch... we'd just had a Blustery Storm the Night Before so it was still a Hot Mess!  Not to mention I haven't had the Time this Season to get my Spring Bulbs and Florals planted yet and trim the Winter deadness off the plants that Survived this Year's brutal low Winter temps... maybe by Easter... maybe!  *Le Sigh*  I don't know why Yvonne has the White Linen Accents, but she's so Old I don't want to risk removing anything and causing damage.  She already had signs of some Open Heart Surgery... *Smiles*
Still Adoring her in spite of any Quirks and Oddities...
Here she is from behind... no arse... so I'll have to make adjustments when Styling anything for Moi... coz Baby I Got Back... and plenty of Junk in my Trunk!  *Winks*
And I owe a Huge Hug and Thank You, Mwahhhh, to The Son for making sure Mom got the Bestest Valentine's Day Gift EVER!  Especially when I'm going thru a tough time I can always count on him to come through and to do anything to make me Light Up and Smile... you're a Good Son... Love Ya!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I enjoyed reading your post tonight and learning about the dress forms.I actually never really have read anything about them so it was fun.I have no room for them myself.They did remind Me though of My Dad.He spent His working years in the garment industry down town L.A. as a floor manager making tons of cloths. Thank you for the lesson-Denise

  2. Dawn - Your postings and musings make me chuckle!!! Glad Yvonne went home with you! LOL! I pinned your patio photo on Pinterest...♥

    I was also surprised to see those NEW Dealers move out as quickly as they moved in...I liked their style. Their pretty chalk paint dresser had sold...not sure what else they sold.

    See you tomorrow for Hippies Breakfast and another "SWEET" day in Melrose... xo

    -PaMeLa ;)

  3. I love your dress forms! They look great dressed up or not! What an awesome gesture from your son to give you a "treat yourself gift". You have amazing style, and I always enjoy your entertaining posts. Prayers for you and your husband, and I hope he will be back home soon. Take care my friend ♥


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