Saturday, January 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Is Coming!


Hard to Believe but Valentine's Day is already just around the Corner!  And that means Gifts you might have been Jonesin' for all Year long... the Big Kahunas of Gifts... the Guilty Indulgence that can FINALLY be Justified in the Name of Love!  *Winks*


And though The Man is notoriously hard to Buy Gifts for... I am certainly NOT... so he's always got it easy!  *Winks*  No... REALLY he does!

Because I have such a vast array of Loves and am Passionate about so many different things that you would really have to not be paying any attention at all not to have a Clue or think there's nothing I Want or Imagine I Need!  *LOL*  I'm also a Creature of Habit so The Man knows all my Favorite Haunts and Hangouts that he's Bankrolled Sprees to in the Past... and that I much prefer to have Fun picking out and Shopping for my own Gifts.


And the Icing on the Cake for me is that The Man also HATES to go Shopping, even for himself, so he's not likely to sneak out and go on a Buying Spree or Protest the Method that Works so well for us.  Most especially he cringes to be asked to accompany me to Girly or Artsy places and be dragged around pretending to be "into it" for my sake, just so that I could point out what my Heart is set on now and have him Pony Up so I can now get it! 
Knowing full well that I'll always run into Friends and want to Hang Out for a while talking about all the Latest Artsy, Trending and Styling News so that the Gift almost becomes secondary!  He abhors it in fact, I can tell by his Countenance that he'd almost rather be asked to go to War again!  *LOL*  And unlike the G-Son whose still Young enuf that I can ask him to Model something for me... The Man is NOT going to don a Bohemian Bag or hold up some Gypsy Ensemble so I can Photograph it for Blog Fodder!  *LOL*
(Note: Look of Resignation... but Prince R will oblige Gramma, though those days are surely now numbered as he's reaching Puberty. Smiles)

And I LOVE Shopping and the Thrill Of The Hunt... so I not only get to go Shopping for my own Gifts and get exactly what I Desire... but the Process of seeking it out is a Gift in and unto itself for me actually!


Not Romantic some might argue... Really? How Romantic is it to Receive a Gift that you really don't like that a Man that Hates to go Shopping has picked out and some Shop Girl who doesn't have a Clue about you probably talked him into because she could see that he was like a Deer caught in the headlights the moment he walked into the Shop? He was obviously an Easy Mark to talk into just about anything they wanted to Sell or Promote and he won't even know why he bought it... he'll just be relieved its over and Hope you're gonna Love it and not be disappointed?!

Yeah, that's My Man and I know this about him... The Son too... he's also got the 'I Hate To Go Shopping Gene' even though both are Exceedingly Generous to their Core and would do anything for those they Love.   The only reason The Son goes along on the Gift Buying Process with a Special Gal is that he's still Dating.  And you're always 'Dating' some Guy's or Gal's 'Best Representative' at first.  *Winks*  You know it's the Truth, the 'Dating You' who hadn't yet found "The One" wasn't exactly the Everyday You... nobody can keep up that Illusion and Charm forever and Pretend they're Keepin' it Real!  *Smiles*   That Facade can Collapse and be Real only when you know you've found your True Soul Mate for Life who Loves the Real You and Knows you Well... Quirks, Scars and all!  *Smiles*
Sure, The Man and I went thru the Rituals at first of trying to Secretly pick out the Perfect Gifts for each other to Exchange... and that's usually the right word for it... because it was promptly EXCHANGED for what we each really wanted rather than feigning Delight over something that we really weren't feelin' that the other had really tried to get right.  *LOL*

We still Laugh about those Gifts we attempted to bestow upon each other so many Years ago early in our Relationship and promptly Exchanged once we knew the other's Feelings would be hurt about returning it.  And are glad that we're both Secure enough to always Keep it Real with those we Love and just get right to the point without any smoke and mirrors, speaking the Truth in Love.  Which in a Perfect Gift Exchange for us means that he'll just tell me EXACTLY what he'd like for me to pick up for him next time I'm at that Shop which carries it. Because I Love Shopping so much I could be an Awesome Paid Personal Shopper for those who can't get out or Hate to Shop.  *LOL*

And for me it means he and The Son will each give me a wad of Cash, which is ALWAYS the right Color and Size *Winks*... and turn me loose to do "My Thing" with it with my Posse of Gals that will spend an entire Day or more seeking out or racing directly to the Ideal Found Treasures to drag back Home!  Ahhh... I Love Valentine's Day, don't you?  I'm already spending that $$$ in my Head!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  2. Hi sweet friend....Oh I do love Valentines day!!! Cash is always NICE!! I know you will find oodles of treasures...hugs to you for a Great weekend..hope your New Year is amazing so far. xoxo

  3. Love Valentines... My son was born on that day .. Been telling him all his life he was my true valentine : ) Loved all your posts .. Have a blessed week


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