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Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres ~ Part IV

I Hope you're having Fun with us at the SWEET SALVAGE "Green Acres" Event?  In case you want to see even more of it in Print, Stylist and Editorial Story Producer Heather Bullard Photographed the Event for her Spring Issue of "Souvenir" Magazine.  Can't wait for it to hit the Bookstores to get my Copy and behold Images taken by the Pros in the Biz!!!  They really make an Event come to Life again in the Pages of their Publications and Books!
I'm so Happy that some of our Great Indie Shops, Stylists and Artists here in the Valley Of The Sun are finally being recognized Nationally and Internationally, being Profiled in well known Publications so that everyone can hear about them and get to know what amazing things they're doing and Creating.
And SWEET SALVAGE will also be Published sometime soon in a well known French Magazine... how exciting and Fabulous is that, where folks are coming direct from Paris to see our Phoenix Vibe and bring it back for the folks in France and the rest of Europe to Enjoy!?!  I'll update you when dates and Publication are revealed...

I fell in Love with this Bohemian Glam Dress... alas, it was not in Big Girl Size... but aren't the Fabrics Lucious!?!  If Princess T were a Teenager I'd be dressing her up like a Full Grown Barbie because she Loves Gramma's Style too and is a fledgling Bohemian Spirit! *LOL*

And this Vignette had a Lovely nod to French Nordic Styling... with Light and Organic Hues, but with just enough pops of Color to make it not so monochromatic.  I know some of you Adore monochromatic Styling and when done right it does look Lovely, but I MUST have me some pops of COLOR!  *Smiles*  Color always creeps into my Styling even when I'm Intending something different.  But I am still practicing moving towards more Simplicity and the Shorter Blog Post... at least MY Version of it anyway.  *Ha ha ha!*  I'm obviously STILL a Work In Progress!

I've always had a Love Affair with Hand-Woven Baskets from around the World... some in my Personal Collection I procured well over forty years ago and I Love them just as much Today as I did when I first laid eyes upon them and had to have them.  Some Styling Elements stand the tests of Time well and never go out of Style or seem 'Dated'.

Even though we're in the dead of Winter I am already thinking upon Springtime Florals that I want to plant outside and bring into the Home once the Weather is condusive to them thriving.  Bell Cloches are excellent for sprouting Seedlings and making mini hothouses for them to come to Life.  There was a Beautiful Lineup of these gorgeous Metal Based Cloches... but not by the time I got to that section of the Event!  *Smiles*  My Friend Judy captured it though at her Blog MY ARTISTIC SIDE.  That's what's great about having your Friends at the same Event, they Capture and Photograph things you might not have had the chance to see unspoiled and unpicked!  *Winks*

In fact, I Believe that the abundance of Fresh Greenery, Bright Florals, Blossoming Bulbs, fragrant Herbs, lush Ferns and trailing Ivy in the Styling was what made this particular Event so very Appealing to me.   There's a lot of things I could probably live without, but Living Plants certainly wouldn't be one of them.  My Parents used to joke that you needed a Machete to move through my Room when I was a Youngster still living at Home, it looked like a blend of a Funky British Victorian Conservatory and Morticia Addams House if they'd been Hippies.  *Winks*

I would have Loved to of been able to procure this Fab Vintage Industrial matching pair of Rusty Metal and thick Porcelain "Open" and "Closed" Signs.  The weight of them was super heavy and they were just my Style... I was SERIOUSLY Jonesin' for them both, alas, Budget didn't permit a purchase of even one this Month.  *Le Sigh*  Dontcha HATE when that happens?!?  They really needed to stay together as a Set though so I Hope whoever did procure them bought both?

And in hindsight I do regret not wading through this large Collection of Vintage Marbles and picking out my Favs.   I had thought I might get the chance to go back during the Weekend with the G-Kid Force and pick up some Boho Jams and a few other modest items I left behind... but Princess T hasn't been well... Winter is always a really tough Season Healthwise for her.   It was all Gramma could do to get away half a day for my Girl's Day Out since we've had a wave of sickness running thru the Household since Winter began.  Thank Goodness for my Gypsy Cold Care and other Herbal Remedies... it has kept me Well to Nurse the rest of them.

Once the initial surge of Shopping Madness and frenzy of Opening Day subsides I usually like to take the G-Kid Force in so that they can Enjoy the Event too, because they always want and are eager to come along. Like most Children they don't do crowds well and its not a Child Friendly Shopping Experience that I'm comfortable with when things are super busy and packed at a Store or Event anyway.  But they really Love all of Grammas Fav Shops and Events... and visiting with my Friends there, because both G-Kids are "Old Souls" for their Ages... so on Day two to four its usually just right for them.  I'm Blessed that they truly do Enjoy many of the same things that I Enjoy so that we can often do those things Together.  But this Month it was not meant to be...

We like to Imagine what we'd do with Fav Pieces and how we might Style a Room if we had a Blank Canvas?   I really liked this little Homemade Cart in a lucious shade of Seafoam Green.  That would be so Cool attached to my Three Wheel Bicycle to load Found Treasures up with or Picnic Supplies on a ride to the Park!  A G-Kid might enjoy sitting back there too on a pile of Old Feather Pillows Rickshaw Style.

How Cute was this Mannequin nod to Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert?  I really miss that Show... it always made me Smile and I Lived to see what Eva would wear or decorate with next?  My Mom had a Beautiful Hungarian BFF when I was growing up and Miss Martha looked very much like and spoke with the same Accent as the Gabor Sisters.  So as a Child I was captivated by her drop dead Beauty, Sexy Accent, Impeccible Style and Pizzazz.  She used to make me fresh Hungarian Goulash and she was such a Class Act.  Her Huge Home on Cape Cod was very Old Hollywood Glam and I Loved to come along when Mom went to visit Miss Martha, it was a Real Life Wonderland!  I used to Believe she had Secretly been a Movie Star before Marrying her Handsome Husband who was a prominent Officer in the Navy?!?   Their last name started with a 'W' and I liked that when she said it with her Sexy Hungarian Accent it sounded more like it started with a 'V'.

How decadent is this Ornate Vintage Black Mirror?!  Loved it!!!  Since I'm back full circle to my Black and Jewel Toned sensibilities of Styling I'm noticing more Goth Elements that I'd Decorate with now. 

And the abundance of Harvest Tables was perfect for those who have been desperately seeking one.  They're not as easy to come by in the Southwest and I'm glad I snagged mine Years ago before their Popularity surged!  Of coarse The Man made me one too and I've got to get him to Create some more Custom Harvest Tables out of Salvaged Lumber for my Showroom in various sizes because they'll Sell well.  He's been in the Mood to get back to Carpentry Work and he's so Amazing and Talented at it that I can hardly wait to give him my 'List' of what to Create for the back Storage Cottage Re-Do and the Showroom!  *LOL*

Be sure to come back Tomorrow for the Final Installment of the SWEET SALVAGE "Green Acres" Event.  And the rest of our Girl's Day Out Adventures in subsequent Posts.  Guess I Failed miserably at the attempt of a Shorter Post today! *LOL*  But the Young Prince cheered me up by reminding me that the typical Over-The-Top Posts that are more my Style get a lot more Visitors, so this attempted Minimalization Thing is probably more for myself as a Self-Improvement Thing anyway.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You torture me with all this deliciousness!

    Now, it was suggested to me to try Google Chrome for loading my pix onto Blogger, and it worked!

  2. I just LOVED that striped sofa! It SOLD on the first day!

    OK, I LOVE the cookies and can't wait to go back for those yummy cookies at the hot dog cart! LOL!
    I posted Sweet photos on my FVDS blog...check it out!

    -pamela ;)


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