Monday, January 21, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres Event ~ Part III


As we continue with our SWEET SALVAGE "Green Acres" Experience let me Share with you my 2nd Favorite Treasure of the Event... this beyond Amazing Upcycled Antique Stone Lighting Fixture converted into an Awesome Hanging Planter!!!  *Swooning*
I can only Imagine the Grandeur of the Original Building that once housed this Magnificent piece of Architectural Salvage?!  Naturally is "Sold" immediately and I'd Love to see where it ended up, wouldn't you?

This Sweet Weathered Chippy Shabby Robin's Egg Blue Wooden Bench was full of Rustic Charm.  I could definitely Envision my Galvanized Watering Can Collection lined up across it at Home.

And my Funny Story for this Event: I think I might have caused a Mild Anxiety and Panic Attack in the Young Woman reaching for these Awesome Old Apothecary Jars!? *Smiles*  Seriously... we arrived at the Beautiful Vignette simultaneously.  She was nervously guarding them like a Mother Hen as I snapped a quick pix of the lineup before she even touched the first one.  And when I  picked up the one on the far right for closer Inspection, she quickly informed me she was going to buy them all and hastily scooped the rest up, waiting for me to relinquish the one I was holding, cradling them like Newborn Babes that almost got abducted!  *LOL* 

 Calm down... it was Amusing to me and I already have my own Collection of them so she was Safe this time. *Winks*  I had no problem handing the coveted 5th one over too because I wasn't desperately Jonesin' for it and really didn't care.  But Beware Darlin', usual Rule of Junquing 101 is that whoever has it in their hands first... Wins!  *LOL*  Some Die-Hard Junquers and Zealous Treasure Seekers will certainly not graciously hand it over just because you said you 'Were Gonna'...  *Winks*   Personally... I never get 'Crazy' or Frenzied over buying Stuff... 'cause after all, it's just Stuff... but I do find it immensely entertaining and humorous to watch some folks Spazz out during Sales or Events!  *LMAO because really it's quite Comical to me when someone is a Manic Shopper!*

At this Season of Life I'm much more attuned to the Art of Decorating and Styling at Events, capturing it all through the Eye of the Lens, because I know how much hard Work and Talent goes into the Process to make it look so Appealing and Inspiring.  Not to mention the endless Hours and Miles spent Sourcing and 'Picking' it all for resale and the Imagination, Brainstorming and Vision to make it all Cohesively come to Life.  Sometimes it's easy to forget that there are Twelve different Stylists putting this Event together... because everything is so seamlessly Cohesive!  Cute Lil Dress Form Display... aren't they so much Fun to Play with and Style?

I really was having a Good Time... but we didn't stay long during the Initial Shopping Frenzy, can't handle too much of that Madness... so after a leisurely Breakfast, Shopping up and down 7th Avenue and Visiting with Friends we came back later to have a more Zen Shopping Experience after the crowds had subsided and I could Photograph it more easily for your Enjoyment. 
'Cause I know you all Enjoy coming along with us Virtually and being duly Inspired by Local Events you might not get to Attend in Person.  Though I really do Hope one day you can be there in the flesh 'cause my amateur photography doesn't do it justice... it's so much better and Awe Inspiring when you're actually there!  You know I couldn't pass up Photographing at least one Creepy Doll Head... I think they might have put it there just for me?!  *LOL*

I know I certainly Enjoy the Events you all Cover for us here in the Land of Blog and I've Virtually come along on during many, many occassions... constantly adding to my 'Bucket List' the Places, Shows, Shops and Events that "one day" I Hope to Attend in the flesh!?  That's what's so Cool about Blogging huh?

You don't really have to Miss anything or Wonder what it might have been like... speculating on whether or not you'd ever want to add it to your itinerary or save up for a splurge at 'one day'.

You get to Discover so many New Artists, Kindred Spirits, Events and Places that might never have been Revealed to you in any other format... or not nearly so well as Blogland!

Yes, Bloggers are indeed Dedicated to their Happy little Bloggy Space and the Loyal Supporters that Show Up and become Friends and a Virtual Network of Like Minded Souls that gather online... and sometimes even in Person if you're Fortunate enough to Connect that way too.   Sharing and Caring in a way that I never quite expected and certainly am Grateful for because it has been such an Enriching and Positive Experience.  Getting glimpses into the Imaginings, Lives, Loves and Passions of each Blogger.

I know that I now see my World through Fresh Eyes... because of those who have showed up and reminded me of my Blessings and what a Good Life it truly is that I am Blessed to have!

Sometimes the Grass does sometimes appear Greener on the other side of the fence... until those on the other side of the fence remind you of your own Amazing Green Acres!  *Winks*

I've had Blog Friends come and tell me what a Great Life I have... and you know what... they're absolutely right... it IS a Great Life!   Sure, online it can be an Edited Version of Life as we actually know it... or an Idealized Version of it that shows the very Best... and sometimes, if we feel Safe enough, the not so good parts too... but all in all... it IS a Great Life we've been given... and we Write our own Story as we Journey through it and make our Decisions that will shape much of our Destiny and Destination.

May yours also be a Wonderful Journey my Friends... and though the Event is now over... be sure to join us again Tomorrow as we continue our Journey of Imagery of this Month's Girl's Day Out... what Fun we had!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Thanks for bringing Green Acres to me here on State Road 37 in Harlan, IN :)

    Green acres IS the place for me.
    Farm livin' is the life for me.
    Land spreadin' out so far and wide
    Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.

  2. Wow, what a fabulous event and you showcased it beautifully. Makes me wish I was there. We don't have such things down here. I'm with you on the manic shopper thing. I had an incident this week at Goodwill with one such woman who freaked out on me when I touched something she considered hers. There's always something just as cool down the next aisle, at the next sale, in the next trash pile, right? Enjoyed your post!

  3. Yes Liz... the Manic Shoppers are certainly a Riot... but when someone behaves as though they possibly might consider killing for a chachke... gotta Wonder about the Sanity of that, it's not somebody I'd go Shopping with, I'd be too embarrassed for them! *LOL*


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