Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres Event ~ Part I

This Month was SWEET SALVAGE'S "Green Acres" Event and I'd have to say this was definitely one of my personal Favorites with the fusion of Rural Charm, Glam Elements and Garden Style.  I always Loved the Old TV Sitcom "Green Acres" with the Fabulous Eva Gabor because it humorously melded her over-the-top Oppulent Hollywood Glam Style with Organic Country Life on a rundown Farm.  That unlikely juxtaposition Appealed to me even as a Youngster, the Show was certainly ahead of it's time as the acceptability of such fusion of Styles has now become the norm rather than the exception to Styling 'rules'.
My Favorite Dream Styling Element at this Month's Event that I had to leave behind... this Killer Chippy Shabby Turquoise Vintage Santa Fe Style Bench in my Friend Jackie's Section.
In fact, Jackie's Section was my Favorite Vignette... but only by a narrow margin... always hard to pick a Fav when every Section is so Beautifully Styled and filled with Treasures and a Feast for the Eyes!
I always base my Fav by how long I linger and savor a Vignette... the amount of Inspiration it provided... the amount of Inventory I would have carted Home if money were no object... and when I download my Images, which Sections I found myself taking the most Photos of.   All that compiled is a pretty good indicator of what drew me in and held me the longest.
Sweet Jackie did it this Event for me.  Loved EVERYTHING about it Jackie, down to the tiniest Details and the great Vines covering everything as though I had just wandered into and Explored a Secret overgrown Garden!
And that entire Wall of Fabulous Cubbies provided the catalyst of Inspiration on a Wall I Hope to achieve in my Storage Cottage Makeover now!  What a Charming way to Organize and Showcase my own Found Treasures and Inspiration Library!  If only I'd had the Seed $$$ I would have bought that entire Wall of Fab Vintage Storage Cubbies and Shelves!  But now The Man will have to Adapt and Improvise a similar Wall of Storage out of Salvaged Lumber and Industrial Storage!  *Winks... Poor Man, he has so many Honey-Do Projects lining up for 2013 already!*
And the Great Reveal I was Promising you... our Friends Myko and Brett are now part of the Sweet Team!!!   They had a mere two weeks to Style their Section before the Event began... but with the Magic of Myko and the Brawn of Brett they accomplished it Beautifully... as I knew they would!   I'm so very Happy for you two, you provide Great Synergy and Style to the Sweet Salvage Experience!
Here's Brett busily revamping  and replenishing their Section after the Huge initial surge on Opening Day.  If you want to see more and sneek peeks of the unspoiled Vignette prior to the Opening please visit their Facebook Page HERE.

Myko's Collection of Fabulous Smalls and Attention to Detail are Legendary... and she is also an Amazing Published Artist as well. 

And they are King and Queen of 'Picking' as well... check out this Fab Vintage Commercial Cabinet they 'Scored' just for the Event in the Northern part of the State.   The Lucky Lady that snagged this said she had spent Years looking for one!
And Brett scours the Country Sourcing Great OOAK pieces... such as this enormous Vintage Sign that hung above the Vignettes.
Sweet Kim greeted everyone standing in line prior to opening and handed out numbered lanyards... be sure to come back Tomorrow to see even more of our "Green Acres" Experience at The Sweet! 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So many temptations the way you dress awesome!!!

  2. Dawn, you rock! Loved reading your blog posts! I just now had the time! Big hugs, Myko ;)


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