Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sage And Sepia Romantic Visions ~ Melrose Vintage

Not everything at MELROSE VINTAGE is for the Pastel Romantic... oh no, there is most definitely the Sage And Sepia Romantic Visions for those of us, like me, that the height of Romance would be in Organic Sepia Toned surroundings.  The Man likes that about my Aesthetic, because for a Guy, Sepia isn't too Girly a Hue to live with.  *Winks*

I can roll with this Palette freely and not feel like the Menfolk in the Family have to compromise too much to cohabitate with me in a Nest I've Feathered to my own liking and Personal Feminine Taste.

And did you notice it my Friends?  THE CHAIR... the Fabulous Velveteen Rabbit Chair, a Found Treasure that I dragged Home because as I was Admiring it and Photographing it I happened to glance down and realize it was not just a Shop Prop after all... but was FOR SALE and was ONLY EIGHTEEN DOLLARS!!!   Be still my beating Heart... that's practically Free!  *LOL*  So yes...

The Chair is now at Home in my Storage Cottage which is in the Process of being Re-Done as the first major Renovation Project of 2013 at Bohemian Valhalla!   It was my Fav 'Score' of Girl's Day Out in fact!  And my Friend Pamela is Amazed at what I can pack into the Extended Cab of my Truck!   Seems I've done this kind of thing before... a few times... *Winks*

Just look at those Fabulous Carved Wood Details... and the fact it's a Velveteen Rabbit Chair in my absolute Fav Sepia Hues, Aged to Perfection, yet still Functional... AND was less than Twenty Bucks... it was a good day to be Me!!! 

But enough about Me... you're our Guest Today as I take you on the Virtual Tour through MELROSE VINTAGE  and I'm fairly certain you're also seeing Treasures and Decor you would Love to Feather YOUR Nest with or which has Inspired you!?
A Comfortable, Inviting, Romantic Vision in Beautiful Organic Tones.
With Furnishings Sourced with Care and Beautifully Styled.
I was taken with the lineup of Beautiful Old European Demijohns in various sizes.
Even if not encased in Wickerwork the Demijohn is one of my Favorite utilitarian Vintage items... they just Display so well and I like to Wonder where they came from, their History and what they once might have held?  And what a Party it must have been to have perhaps a Jug of Wine that big! *LOL*
And the Sweet Fabric Covered Seating of the Dinette Sets scattered about the Shop look so Comfortable and have such Charm that couldn't you just Imagine Hosting Meals around them?  
And given my Quirky Sensibilities I'm always particularly drawn to those Vintage pieces of Furniture that have a Faded Decaying Oppulence of days gone by and may or may not still be Functional, and most people would probably feel are ruined or would be in dire need of a makeover  *LOL*... but to me they're absolutely Perfect in their decayed and deconstructed condition. 
Since I have a very Fertile Imagination and unending Curiosity I like to Imagine what happened that something so Beautiful and Special fell into such a state of Benign Neglect in the first place?   How did it get water damaged, stained, where has it been that it was allowed to naturally begin to fall apart over Time and become somewhat of a Beautiful Ruin?  Unique in it's Imperfection... and yet, something that was still held onto and not allowed to be Lost forever, either by accident or intention?  Do you sometimes Wonder and Imagine such things too my Friends?
Are you someone who would Save a Beautiful or Interesting Bottle that once held something and now doesn't, but you were loathe to just throw away for one reason or another?  Quite often I'm glad that someone cared enough to Save and Salvage some of the Utilitarian Items of the Past, things really considered of no particular Value except perhaps Aesthetically to a Chosen Few or for Nostalgia's sake or Sentimental Value.  Tied to a Place, a Time, a Memory, an Event or Just Because.
Maybe something Organic like dried Florals that just looked so Lovely even when past their Prime that you kept them and still Decorate with them?   Okay... so these were faux, but still Lovely... and I'm definitely a Fan of the Dried Floral and Herb bundles to Decorate with and Scent our Homes with as Potpourri or just a delightful Visual.
And I Hope you'll come back Tomorrow as we continue our Journey and Enjoy even more Romantic Visions at MELROSE VINTAGE?  Because Wendy had Decorated and Restyled the Shop so Beautifully that it was a Photographer's Dreamscape to capture through the Eye of the Lens in a Photo Shoot and Preserve for Inspiration... as well as to Revel in on a Shopping Spree with your Gal Pals and just Pretend it was ALL yours.  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I see lots of pretty things here! Happy Sunday.

  2. I love those Jars behind the couch . What are they called. WELL Bottles behind the couch I meant.. I love those !!! Love this post and everything looks beautiful .. Great job sister


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