Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rust And Roses... And More Introspection

As we continue Together through RUST AND ROSES, enjoying the Beautiful Visuals... I am also reminded that all in Life isn't necessarily Pretty... and dealing with the Ugly Stuff of Life just isn't as Ideal now is it?
And yet, perhaps I Appreciate the Beauty all the more though because of those Life situations and things that aren't Pretty?  There has to be the polar opposite of something for us to recognize and appreciate the difference... Light and Darkness... Sweet and Sour... Wet and Dry... Hot and Cold... Comfort and Discomfort... Joy and Sadness... Beautiful and Ugly.
Lately our Family has been 'Going Through'... A LOT... and it wears  you down over time or as Trials pile up... and so keeping Healthy Perspective and noticing the Beauty and the Joy of Life is very important during those dark periods when things pretty much suck and are very far from Ideal.  And you really want it to be different... and so at the end of each day that was Difficult, you Hope that Tomorrow brings Relief and will be better... or bring a fresh Revelation so that you Cope better and remain steadfast and strong through the Storms of Life you're moving through.  No Storm lasts forever...
Of coarse you want to wake up at the beginning of each New Day and Hope for an Ideal Day... who doesn't?  And when it plays out just the opposite it can be very disheartening to say the least... and depressing if it is prolonged for any amount of time or certain circumstances are beyond your Control and there's no making it Right or better than it is, so you're just Dealing With It as best you can.  Sometimes more successfully than other times.
I really am somewhat of an Idealist and Optimist at Heart... I always tend to see the Glass as Half Full and Imagine my Ideal and ways to Achieve it, because I do Believe it is possible.   And so, I realized that having some things that aren't Idyllic within a Day does not mean that it cannot still be Perceived as the Ideal Day.  Yet there were still those days where the Negative Stuff altered my Perception considerably anyway. 
And Perception is EVERYTHING.  If I Perceived the day NOT to be Ideal or a Good Day, well then, it wasn't.  And conversely if I Perceived the day to BE Ideal, or at least a Good Day, well then, it was.  The only thing that really changed was my own Perception of it.

And maybe it's because it's a Brand New Year full of Promise... well, that's how I tend to view each Brand New Year anyway for some strange reason... I get more 'deep' in my Thoughts.  A lot more Introspective about what I WANT for this New Year... what I NEED to Change in Positive ways... and what is hindering me and becoming an obstacle to Achieving those Goals that I have envisioned and having what I Perceive to be more Ideal and Good Days?

And most importantly, what is MY Part in all of this?  Because I do have a Part, though some things aren't what I have chosen or within my Control, how I choose to Deal With It is very much under my Control.  And other things are entirely the product of choices made, either directly or indirectly and often over a period of time... which will mean there's no Quick Fix... it too will be a Process.  Yes, this and every day is the day that the Lord has made... so let us remember to Rejoice and be Glad in it!  Even if that means Working at it and DECIDING to be Glad and Appreciative regardless of how the day plays out and what it holds!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So wise girlfriend. I'm keeping you in my prayers and I'm especially praying that this will be a better year for you. I'm also thinking that we have to meet so I can give you a hug!

    Virtual hugs for now,

  2. Another wonderful post to give all of us pause to think. Life is what you make of it...I also choose to see the glass half full and to be happy and smile. I know that sounds corny, but I believe what you put forth into the world resonates. I hope that whatever you are going through gets better. Have you had a chance to work on any ATC's? I'm sure everyone would love to see them if you ever want to share.

    Blessings to you,

  3. Dear Dawn,I have been following your blog for a while.Sorry to hear tht life is not giving out sunshine for you right now!...Thank God for SEASON'S!!.You have brought me GREAT ENCOURAGEMENT..I will send up prayers!! ..This too will PASS!!! Sincerely,Victoria

  4. Tonight you are in my prayers! I sometimes over-think and I get real down and my husband make me pray a rosary! Love the Mary picture... God bless you girlfriend.


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