Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rural Rustic Charm And Inspiration

Today I'm taking you to THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST for some Rural Rustic Charm and Inspiration!

As I'm clearing out the Storage Cottage on our back Acreage I'm contemplating how I Plan to Style and Decorate it to Transform it into what Purpose I want for the Space now.

I'm really leaning towards Rural Rustic Charm with some Gypsy Flair... but a more Simplified Style than is usually my Aesthetic and tendancies.  To see if I'm up the Challenge of Decorating with a 'Less is More' Philosphy too?

It should be Interesting and if I can manage to pull it off there in that Cottage... then my Hope is that I will be Inspired to pare down the Main House later on down the line as well, for practicalities sake, so there is less Work and more Time for Play.  So the Goal is a Motivating Factor for sure!

I need to resurface the Walls of the Storage Cottage Inexpensively and this look is what I'm leaning towards... Salvage Lumber Strips in various Aged Hues.  I will probably not intermingle New Lumber in mine, but I am definitely digging this 'Look'... and especially that Vivid Blue Old Barnwood!

Lots of Cool Old Agricultrual, Industrial and Commercial Storage Baskets... and Old Suitcase Storage for sure, I need a Space to put my Hoard of them anyway and Organize it into adequate Storage in the Cottage for my Artistic Supplies.  I'll probably have The Man build me some Old Suitcase Cubbies across one wall.

And since I have a Hoard of Old Doors, Old Door Hardware and Vintage Dress Forms... they will move in too when the Time is right to Migrate them from the Main House to the Cottage Restoration and Remodeling Project.

The Man will be Delighted that I'm FINALLY using the Old Doors, Old Windows, Old Keys and Hardware for some Practical Purposes after all these Years of accumulating a Hoard of them!  *LOL*  So what do you think about me mounting Old Door Hardware randomly onto said Salvage Lumber Strip Walls for Function and Interest?  Just an Idea I'm perculating in my Head about how the Space might look.

And of coarse there shall be the Collections I have of Vintage Demijohns, Victorian Ceiling Tin, Old Sap Buckets, Vintage Trophies and Loving Cups, Vintage Bottles converted into Altered Art and naturally... Vintage Fabrics.   Though with the Velvets and Exotic Tapestries there shall also be Vintage European Grainsacks and a variety of Old Feather Pillows with Original Ticking Fabrics in a variety of Designs that I have amassed over the Years for this Space.

Yes, I've got a lot Planned and being Mapped out in my Head as the Cottage is being cleared out and will soon become a Blank Canvas to Create upon... and I can hardly wait to begin the Process of my First New Year's Transformation at Bohemian Valhalla.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh my gosh, you have so many awesome treasures! I love old doors too and have dragged my share out of the dump! I can't wait to see what you come up with for this space!



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