Saturday, January 26, 2013

Romantic Pastel Visions At Melrose Vintage

So, are  you ready to Lose yourself... and possibly your mind, because you're probably gonna have a Romantic Overdose as we continue to take you around MELROSE VINTAGE to luxuriate in Romantic Pastel Visions?!

If Chippy Aqua Old Doors, Italian Rose Tole Chandies and oversized Robin Egg Blue Commercial Letters send you into ultimate Romantic Imaginings...

If Sweet Art, Pastels, ultra Feminine Decor and Ornate Ironwork are your Dream Surroundings...
Then you're definitely in the right place and in for a Treat during the next few days worth of Posts my Friends.   What's on the Menu?   All that Feeds your Feminine Soul and Romantic Appetite!
Now this Palette might not Work for me in our Home, but as a Woman I can't help but find it to still be Fabulously Appealing.  To Fantasize about a Romantic Beach Cottage Styled in just this way that I could Retreat to with my Gal Pals and just do all those Girly things that make the Guys roll their eyes and just not always 'Get'.  *LOL* 
You know... watching all our Fav Classic Chick Flicks over a glass of our Fav Wine or having a Tea Party with a Buffet of Tea Time Confections, Crafting Beautiful Creations, swapping Stories, painting each other's Nails or having a Mendhi Party to decorate each other with Fabulous Exotic Body Art.

Surrounded by Beauty of a decidedly Feminine Taste, with Luxurious Fabrics, Furnishings in Minty Hues with Ornate Old World Details or Simple Comfortable Cottage Appeal, Ambiant Lighting, big squishy Down filled Pillows with ruffles...

Gingerbread Architectural Salvage, Chippy Old Columns, Canning Jars, Victorian Tin Frames, loads of Crystal, Sparkle and Fluff... you know, those things that Guys would never confess to finding Appealing even if Secretly they did find it to be as Soothing and Cheerful as we do!?!  *Winks* 
And I say that because just ask a Little Boy, one who hasn't yet been told or convinced that he shouldn't like such things because they're allegedly 'Gender Specific'... and you'll find he probably has no Problem or Issues with them at all because it is admittedly 'Pretty'... and who doesn't like Pretty as opposed to Ugly? *LOL*
Granted... it is decidedly Feminine... and designed with us Girls in mind... and I wouldn't expect The Man, The Son or the G-Son to be quite as comfortable in such Estro Laden Surroundings as the Princess and I... and so it's a nice Girly Retreat... one that's JUST FOR US GALS and is almost like Guy Repellant so they wouldn't even bother us there!  *LOL*

And so for a Girl's Day Out it is the perfect spot to revel in Girly Delights in Decor and Style.
Or Imagine those Dream Vacation Homes on the Beach... or in the Country... where we might Indulge ourselves with Romantic Overload and spend some time away with our Pals.  Remember having Slumber Parties?  
It wasn't something our Brothers really 'Got' or even wanted to do... but for us it was Gal Pal Heaven and we'd stay up half the Night with long animated Conversations, looking through Fav Magazines and Books, Giggling, doing each other's hair, swapping Wardrobe and Sharing our Dreams.  I could definitely Imagine this Bedside Stand sitting beside my Bed in the Boudoir couldn't you?

And even though we're all Grown Up now we still Enjoy those Special Times with our Gal Pals, doing what Gals like to do and seem hard-wired for Enjoying immensely.  Appreciating similar things that our Boyfriends or Husbands probably only politely pretend to be as interested in and really couldn't care less about. *LOL* 

Amid Romantic Pastel Visions and all that Speaks so strongly to the Feminine Soul, Aesthetic and Heart...  things that Feathering a Nest with just seems perfectly Natural and Nurturing.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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