Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making Tossing Your Cookies Fun!

Yes, on New Year's Day at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST we made 'Tossing Your Cookies' (figuratively speaking) Fun!   The Play on Words and the Cookie Toss Game were a Big Success and everyone had a Great Time Winning between 5%~20% off their Entire Purchase that day tossing Rubber Cookies!  And Yours Truly was the Cookie~Toss~Miester between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.   Yes, I was like a Carny Cookie Toss Barker at the Fair, what Fun being in charge of the Cookie Toss was... I could be a Great Midway Game Carny!  I Encouraged EVERYONE to try their Luck, including Dealers, because we all know that most of us Dealers can also be the best Customers at an Antique Mall since Old Stuff is our Passion and Weakness!  *LOL*   With Winning their Discounts as they walked through the Doors the Customers were Excited to go seek out Found Treasures to use it on and so Sales were brisk!  The G-Kid Force even talked Grandpa into coming on down and getting in on the Action as well... and asked Gramma to show them how it 'Was Done'.  And yep, a little Brag and Swag here, I 'Scored' the coveted 20% Off on my first throw!  And after my Shift promptly used it to purchase this Fab Vintage Canvas Hat Form I've been Lusting after for some time now!  *Winks*

See... you Win a Good Discount you ARE gonna find something to use it on now aren't you?  *LOL*  How could you help yourself?  And I'm also using this opportunity to show off the Cool Vintage Autobridge Game I got during one of our previous Sales just before Christmas... I'd never seen one of those before and hadda have it since it was priced so well and was so Cool.

I like to utilize Old Game Boards, especially those in muted Sepia Aged Hues, for Decorating... and this one has lots of Fun sliding pieces on it as well as being Visually Appealing...

It also came with two Original Packets of a total of seventy-two great pieces of Ephemera that make up the Game Board's Strategy... and the Cover of one Packet had these Great Vintage Retro Graphics... so 50's!   And as you can see it cost a Buck back in the day, which was a fair bit of coin way back in the 50's... so I REALLY got a great Deal on the whole Set.

I Love Old Ephemera, don't you?!  And to find it in it's Original Packaging is always a Sweet Bonus!
So... how did YOU spend your New Year's Day and the Start of 2013 my Friends?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. We spent ours quietly. Very quietly. Ate out a couple of times & went to see Parental Guidance, played a few games of Split (card game), and I got up close and personal with my first very own "Smart Phone" while hubby watched football.

    Happy New Year, Dawn.


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