Friday, January 18, 2013

Gypsy Trades And Craft Store Sales

Two things I Love and Live for... a good Gypsy Trade and The Thrill Of The Hunt for a Bargain!  Tuesday I had a blend of both... and it doesn't get much better than that!  First my Friend Myko and I conducted a Gypsy Trade and so now the Greek Trophy Studmuffin joins his Greek Trophy Goddess Mate at Bohemian Valhalla!   They belong Together as a Set and its Sweet that they didn't have to break up and end up in different Homes.  Orphaned Pieces previously part of a Set are never as much of a Statement as when they were Together and remain United.

And a 'Trophy' of some kind is always exhilerating to come Home with, right?  It makes you feel positively like an Olympic Athlete!  *Winks*   I'm always willing to Work a Good Gypsy Trade... so keep that in mind anytime you wanna Negotiate a Barter.  To me Trading always means that both Parties leave Mutually Satisfied with the Transaction and nobody has to Compromise or Lose.  I'd rather Trade Services for Services and Items for Items than do a Monetary Exchange anyway, because then Money and Economics is no longer a Barrier for obtaining what you or the other Person Wants, Desires or Needs.   I remember my Parents Working Trades all of the time and it was always Mutually Beneficial, even in Personal Hard Times and during a 'Down' Economic Turn.

But I'm always Game for The Thrill Of The Hunt too... and 'Scoring' a Good Bargain.  SALE is one of the few four letter words that doesn't offend anyone.  *LOL*  And a Craft Store Sale... where the Raw Materials for Creating something Special are marked 50% to 80% off... well, you KNOW I was gonna be there!  *Winks*   I really like the 'Industrial Chic' Line by Susan Lenart Kazmer and the 'art-i-cake' Line by Amy Labbe, they are Personal Favs... because Quirky Assemblage and Collage Style Bling is just my Style.  And when it's marked 50% off or more... I'm seriously stocking up!!! 

Toss in that some of my Fav Bohemian Style Cling Stamps were marked 80% off... and I felt like a Looter during a Riot!  Seriously, by the time something you really wanted anyway is at a markdown of 80% to 90% off you're practically Stealing it.  Is this for Real?  I was pinching myself as I left the Store to make sure I wasn't Dreaming!  I Love to Stamp Tea Stained Price Tags with Boheme' Images... sure, you don't have to make everything a piece of Art and Beautiful, but I say, why not?!  I Embellish just about everything I put my hands on... it's my Gift.  *Winks*

SOURCE: Pinterest
And the Final Image for a Heady Dose of Cottage Remodel Inspiration comes from this Idyllic Scene... YES... I can definitely Envision that back Storage Cottage coming to Life and resembling this on the Exterior now.  In fact, I even have Stone Facade Elements that can be attached to the Wood Frame that currently exists and this would be 'Desert Do-able' so I Plan to utilize it for my Exterior Inspiration.  In case any of you are Wondering what 'Desert Do-able' means?  When you live in a harsh Extreme Climate, not everything on Pinterest is possible, practical or feasible.   Whatever I do has to be able to withstand and thrive 117+ degree Scorching Desert Heat in the Summer and bitter Cold Evenings that chill you to the bone.  This WOULD work with Desert Wildflower and Xeriscape plantings to get the full Effect... and Spanish Terra Cotta Tile Roofing and Fieldstone are a Southwest Fav anyway for this Climate. 
May you too have Zen Days and Daily Inspiration my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh, my! That Cottage Remodel is all the Daily Inspiration I can handle! It should hold me for at least the next 12-25 hours. (I hope to see photos of your personal version one of these days...)


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