Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sirens And Saints ~ Girl's Day Out

I'm glad you've decided to join us again as we now head to my Friend Shelly's other Shop for a moment... SIRENS AND SAINTS.  If you've been looking to enhance or expand your Wardrobe and Accessories, this is definitely going to be a Blissful Adventure for you.
And for me its not just about the Fabulous Inventory for Sale... but also the Inspiration and Styling that Shelly and The Shop Gals do so Creatively and Uniquely, which gives the Shop a Special Distinctive Atmosphere and Vibe that you will thoroughly Enjoy.
I am all about Upcycling  and Repurposing of Vintage Objects into Wearable Art and Decorative Elements so I really Enjoy seeing what the Artists have been Salvaging to Create OOAK Treasures.  The Drawer Pulls and Vintage Brooches Upcycled into Beautiful Necklaces and Belts are among my Personal Favorites.
And as well as being Wearable Art they also look good Displayed around the Home on your Vintage Dress Forms or wrapped around Lampshades and suspended or hung from favorite Decorative Elements.  Or how about wrapping one around a favorite Fedora, Tophat or Cowboy Hat and interchanging it often to suit your Mood and the Occassion?
Thats why I also like the versatility of the Silk or Velvet Floral Clips and Brooches... to add Interest to Clothing, Hat, Hair, Bags or just as a Decorating Accent.

And one of my Resolutions for 2013 is to get around to Creating Jewelry and Accessorizing Vintage Hats out of the many Vintage and Antique Bits and Bobs, Millinery and Lucious Fabrics that I have spent Years Collecting and Curating.

But there are also some Creations here at SIRENS AND SAINTS that I wouldn't mind adding to my Personal Collection as well... many of my Favorite Artists have Work Showcased here and slowly but surely I have been adding to my Collection of their Beautiful and Unique Creations.  Because you know how it is, even if you are an Artist yourself, you're still going to find Pieces Created by other Artists that you fall in Love with and want to own!
These Accessorized knit Turban Wraps are Fun... in the late 60's and early 70's I used to wear Turbans all of the time and I see that the Style is making a Comeback and being Enjoyed all over again.  I'm so Happy to see so many of my Favorite Styles of the Past having a resurgence in Popularity... often by a New Generation Experiencing it for the first time!   And for the rest of us there is definitely a Nostalgic Element... and perhaps some who didn't wear it Back In The Day, but might like to try it now!?

Are there any Styles you didn't get a chance to own and wear that you would definitely add to your Wardrobe now?  I have met many people who have favored Styles of the Past that they Adored but perhaps weren't allowed to wear or didn't get to add to their Wardrobe for one reason or another. I was fortunate that my Family were very progressive when it came to Fashion, Style and Fun.  If I didn't have it the reason was more likely Economics more than my Parents not being Liberal enough to allow it into my Wardrobe... to them Fashion wasn't Permanent so they didn't sweat it. 
 If it was Exotic, Stylish, Fashionable, Unique or On Trend my Mom was probably already wearing or doing it long before anyone else was jumping on the bandwagon anyway.  She was always a Trend Setter not a Trend Follower... in fact, if everyone else began wearing something she was more likely to avoid that 'look' and Create her own.  Mom was Fearlessly Fashion Forward and always totally Rocked It Confidently, she still does at 81 Years Young!   Personal Expression was always Encouraged as I was growing up and I'm Thankful for that... it made us totally comfortable in our own Skin and with our Personal Tastes and Aesthetics.

And I Hope that you too will Wear, Live and Style with what YOU Love and are drawn to... because there is a Reason that it Speaks to your Soul in such a way. 
Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What an awesome place full of vintage goodies. You know I love the hardware jewelry and those doll heads are so fun too.
    A very happy and healthy 2013 to you and your family.

  2. The doll heads are captivating! Their expressions are wonderful....What a great friend you are to feature your friend's shop.


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    Kathy Shea Mormino

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  4. Looks like an amazing shop.. YOUR children are just beautiful . YOU are blessed my friend. Love the shop and some of your display pieces are awesome too ... Have a blessed 2013


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