Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prayers, Sorrow & Reflection.

In the wake of the senseless massacre, magnitude & circumstances of the recent tragedy I am left numb and without adequate words.  So many of the innocent victims were the same age & Grade as one of my Precious Grandchildren... so I cannot even Imagine nor comprehend the horror & sorrow the Loved Ones and Community are Experiencing.  It is supposed to be the Season of Love and Goodwill towards others and instead they are faced with utter devestation only days before a Holy Holiday due to the actions of one obviously tortured & troubled Soul showing no Mercy towards even the Innocents.  Our Prayers are with each person touched by this horrific event... there are so many.   In quiet Reflection I am reminded how Fragile & uncertain Life can be... and it makes me hug my Grandchildren this day just a little tighter than usual.
Dawn... The Bohemian   


  1. Dear Dawn,

    There are no words that could ever do justice to the horror we feel. May we instil in our children that the season of love and goodwill towards others is a season that never ends.

    In peace and hope, Penny the Jack Russell dog and her human, Gary

  2. I can't watch the news. Every time I catch a piece of it, I break down. The horror is too much. We live in the United States of guns, and I am appalled by it.


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