Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Melrose Vintage ~ Part I ~ Girl's Day Out

Today we're taking you back to MELROSE VINTAGE during our recent Girl's Day Out.

Back to Romantic Styling and Cottage Charm at it's very best.   This is no ordinary Scrapbook Store... it is a Delightful Blend of that coupled with Vintage Romance in Decor for every Room of the Home... and the most Lucious Fabrics and Trims.  
And you KNOW how obsessed I am about Lucious Fabrics and Trims! 
And it doesn't get much more Romantic than Beautiful Rose Paintings by Artist Christie Repasy!

And Silk Brocade Pillows and Seating in Gorgeous Pastels...

With Gingerbread Architectural Salvage Accents in Chippy White... Vintage Style Floral Wallpaper...
Crystal Chandies... and Velvet Pillows...

So Relaxing... so Inviting... so ultra Feminine!

And I really needed a Romantic Inspired Girly Retreat and Respite because during the Holidays particularly I can feel a bit Blue with the Missing of Loved Ones not able to be present or who are no longer with us. 
It's been quite a few years now, but I lost my Dad just after a Thanksgiving, which had also been only days after his Seventy-Fourth Birthday... and this year Mom is in the Hospital at Christmastime and not doing well.  And so many of the Family and Long Time Friends are now scattered abroad and across the Country and we're all Missing each other so much.  So the Holidays can be bittersweet for me as there is a mixture of Joy and Sadness.  If you've ever had Heartaches, Painful Memories or Crisis during or around Special Holidays perhaps you can relate to this conflict of Emotions being jumbled together? 
And being around all this really bouys the Spirit and Calms the Troubled or Aching Soul... how can it NOT?!?  It is so Soothing, like a Warm Embrace!

And of coarse being there with Good Friends brings Smiles and Laughter... and having the Unexpected Surprise of being in a Friend's Scrapbook Store and having none other than Tim Holtz drop in just as we were Admiring his Line of Products there... was quite Surreal!!!   That is kind of the Stuff Dreams are made of!

And everywhere around the Shop are the most Creative OOAK Accents that the Owner has made... and her Co-Owner Daughter, our Friend Wendy, said that her Mom will soon be Teaching a Class on how to Create these enormous and Beautiful Rosettes!!! 

And the Romantic Table Settings here make you want to bring your Lunch and sit down to Enjoy a Meal in Shabby yet Chic and definitely Romantic Oppulence! *Winks*

I don't think my Dining Tables at Home have ever looked quite this Romantic and Festive!

Pamela and I were Daydreaming and Conspiring on how to possibly sneak Lunch in here during the next visit?!?  *LOL*   Do you think Wendy would notice?  *Winks*

This is an Alice In Wonderland Fantasy Tea Party Table Setting for sure!  I expect the White Rabbit to show up any minute... and Hopefully Mr. Depp as well!?  Hey, the Handsome and Talented Mr. Holtz showed up unexpectedly this day, so I Imagine anything could happen!  *Smiles*

Wendy, you and your Mom certainly have Created a Fantasy Scape that Speaks to the Feminine Soul, the Creative Spirit and the Romantic in us all!   And your Smile and bubbly Personality just Lights up a Room!  We certainly Enjoyed our Visit!

I can't help but Imagine these Gorgeous Trims Gracing a Bohemian Treasures Bag someday!

And Signing up for a Workshop on how to Create these Gorgeous Rosettes!

This one was my Personal Favorite...

And I was drawn to the Color Palette and Bling in this one.
Couldn't you just Imagine sitting at your Computer here?

And the Victorian Ceiling Tin and Vintage Hardware Crosses are Simply Divine!

And though I know She's not for Sale... I am Lusting After this Big Girl Vintage Dress Form...

She's the Perfect Size for me to Create some of my Wardrobe upon... The Mannequin Triplets at Home are all too Slender to Create My Size Wardrobe with... I need a Big Real Size Gal like this!

Be sure to come back Tomorrow as we continue our Tour of MELROSE VINTAGE... there is much more Loveliness and Romantic Visions to Share with you my Friends!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn - OMG! Were we in the same store together? LOL! How did I miss some of those pretty things?
    BTW, I'm snagging that photo of me - love it!

    Looking forward to our next junking adventure!


    -PaMeLa ;)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today.....merry Xmas from

  3. Dawn,
    Thanks for finding my blog because now I have found you. That shop in your posts has a lot of eye candy for sure. I love that ruffle table cloth and oh my that chandelier so pretty. I have a few dress forms and love them maybe if you bug them enough they will sell you that great one in the store!!!!! Thanks for your sweet comments.

  4. Oh my gosh....that store is just calling to my ever-loving shabby chic heart, Dawn. :) What amazing treasures! I was swooning over that velvet ribbon and the velvet pillows. Looks like you had such a fun visit there! I wanted to thank you, too, for your prayers for my mom. You are such a sweet friend. ♥ Have a blessed new year!

    xoxo laurie


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