Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vintage Bliss ~ The Big Heap

Another Talented Artist Friend that was also at "The Big Heap" this past Weekend was the Adorable Tricia of VINTAGE BLISS, with the Fab Retro Pink & White Bliss Lounge.
If you Adore Retro Romantic Chic and Cowgirl Chic you're gonna LOVE Tricia's Amazing Creations and Vintage Sourced Inventory.
Her Mannequin Triplets were totally Rockin' it... LOVE these Gals!!!  And I also Adore Tricia's Victorian Ceiling Art Creations and Victorian Ceiling Art Jewelry... I own several pieces and just LOVE them!!!

Tricia is such a Sweetheart and took a couple of pixs of Yours Truly in front of the Bliss Lounge with my camera and hers.

See... I was officially there at "The Big Heap" having the time of my Life... *Winks*

Okay... so let me get out of the way and let you see what you really want to take a gander at... The Bliss Lounge unobstructed... *LOL*... isn't she Lovely!!!???!
And along with Fabulous Jewelry and Wardrobe Creations, Tricia also Creates Fab Altered Art Bottles and Velvet Pumpkins... this Gal does it ALL I tell ya... where does she find the time?!?!  Especially since she's on the Road so much doing the Shows... she's Truly an Inspiration of what can be accomplished.

And she Styles Beautifully too... her Vignettes are always so Interesting and Lovely... and FILLED with Found Treasures and Creations!
Resisting all the Temptation was Brutal I tell ya!!!

I had Promised The Man that I was merely Covering the Event and not going on a Seek and Buy Everything I fell in Love with Mission!  *LOL*  Can you Believe it... I actually kept my Word and Resisted all Temptation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *Gasp!*

Yeah, even he couldn't Believe it when I got home sans any Treasures... he felt sure there would be Contraband SOMEWHERE!?!  *Smiles*   But Nope... I was a Good Girl and just Covered the Event!
Focusing on my Photography and Lusting after what I'd Love to buy once the Budget permits...
And that List was LONG I tell ya!  *Winks*
Okay, I knew you'd want a lil peek inside the Bliss Lounge... all decked out for Christmas.

And Tricia had even Created some Sweet Shiny Bright Ornament topped Altered Art Bottles for the Holidays.   Be sure to come back... we've only just begun our Tour of the Event... lots more to come...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Lucky you - "covering the event"!!!

  2. Wow, what a ya really got me anxious to get busy pimping my pull. I've got some fun ideas for the interior, am so anxious to get on the road. Have a besty in Surprise, AZ. that is trying to get me out to her place...would love to meet up if I do...have a great day!

    sharon(the wild thing)

  3. She has lovley brocante stuff,

    love Janny


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