Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Remnants Of An Autumn Vibe

I've said it before, I'm not one to rush through the Seasons, I revel and languish in each one... setting up early and taking down late the Decor of each Season and Holiday... and so the Remnants of an Autumn Vibe are still being thoroughly enjoyed by Yours Truly and will be evident in our Household until the day after Thanksgiving. 
I got my Specialty "Pink Pumpkins" for a mere Dollar apiece since they had been marked down after Halloween... and will look perfect in my Thanksgiving Harvest Decor.  Color me Happy since that was an 80% Savings!
We'll prepare some Seeds for snacking on, make all kinds of Pumpkin Flavored Foods with the meat and save the rest of the Seeds to plant in the Vegetable Garden to grow some of our own for next Season.  I'm wondering if "Pink Pumpkin" meat will taste slightly different?
The Stems will be saved for the Project of being re-purposed for Velvet Pumpkin Creations.  So I always carefully consider not only the Shape and Hues of each Pumpkin, but the Stems as well when choosing the perfect ones.

I particularly Love Autumn... there's just something about it that gives me the warm fuzzies.  Here in the Arizona Desert our Weather couldn't be more Glorious this time of year and it will be when many of our Winter Visitors & Friends begin to return, fleeing from colder climates.
I'm glad to see that some of the Shops still have Thanksgiving in mind and are Styling and Decorating for that important Holiday.  I've always felt that Thanksgiving is the neglected Holiday when it comes to Retail Styling and Decorating.  Since it falls between Halloween and Christmas it is often overlooked by the Retail Market... sad, because I Love Decorating for it too, with the Lovely Harvest Theme and Accents that will remind us of how much we have to be Thankful for.
Have you Decorated for Thanksgiving... or have you rushed right in to Christmas already?  On the Homefront I'm speaking... naturally if you have Retail Space Christmas has to be considered earlier than usual... but I Hope you haven't totally neglected or ignored Thanksgiving Decor there either?  Maybe a balance of each?
Over at APPLE TREE ANTIQUES in Downtown Glendale they have so many Country Primitives that it fairly reeks of an Autumn Vibe... wonderful Country Primitives just evoke a sense of Autumn and Traditional Old Americana Home Comforts to me.  Some of our Country Primitive pieces at Home have been well Loved and used.
And at Our Home I've been playing with my "Pink Pumpkins" and deciding where I'll put them all on the front Porch and Entryway.  I brought my Harvest Table Home when I Closed Booth #44 this week, it's good to have it back Home.  Though it may go back in the new Showroom #114 at some later date if I need some permanent display furniture to stock Inventory upon.
And as I'm always on the lookout for Inventory during my Junquing Forrays I scour the Valley to seek out not only great 'Scores', but also heavy doses of Inspiration and great Visuals to Share here in the Land of Blog.
And though certainly I've already started taking Fab Christmas Images to Share later... for now I'm combing through my Autumn Photo Archives to Share those Images I captured when everyone was in an Autumn Vibe... and those Remnants of an Autumn Vibe which still remain.

They were so Lovely that they begged to be Shared and Savored a while longer.

And Playing in your own Pumpkin Patch Created at Home is always such Fun. *Winks, I freely admit that I'm a Big Kid at Heart!  Growing Old may be mandatory but Growing Up is optional!*

Princess T was as Sad as me to see the Halloween Decor go down in all the Shops... being Wednesday Addams types of Gals we thoroughly Connected to and Enjoyed that Vibe tremendously! *Smiles*

And we're still seeking out the best Gypsy Granny Square Afghans and Quilts we can Source...

And I was happy to see that over at MAD HATTER ANTIQUES they still had some great Autumn Treasures to Enjoy and Purchase.

Don't you just Love this Black Wicker Vintage Porch Sofa with the Grainsack Pillows they had?!?  I do... I could Envision this at Bohemian Valhalla.

Surrounded by "Pink Pumpkins" of coarse!  *LOL*

The Man was cracking up that this year we had Tomato Plants, Mint and Sweet Basil springing up everywhere and in the most unlikely of places outside of the Vegetable Garden!  Guess those Wild Birds that come to steal the Cat's Kibbles on the Porch leave a Lil "Future Harvest" behind in the plant pots that are all over the Porch?!?  *LOL*   Hey, we'll take and be Thankful for our Harvests anywhere they decide to grow and thrive!
And as I'm getting Porch Shots guess who HAD to get in on the action... our resident Hambone Fur Baby, Yul... who jumped right in front of the camera... because after all, he thinks everything is all about HIM!  He must have gotten that Attitude and Impression from the G-Kid Force as they Share the same Opinion of it being all about THEM and necessitating being the Center of Attention and the Universe!?!  *Smiles*
Such a "Poser" he is once he could see that I would willingly oblige and do a Photo Shoot of him if he insisted.  *LOL*   After all, he's much more Interesting than any ole "Pink Pumpkins"...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Nice pics, and thanks again for allowing a peak inside A Mad Hatters! I am loving the fall temperatures, finally! Your garden looks so welcoming. I ALWAYS love visiting you here!

  2. I love this post,I have never seen so many pumpkins in my life and I have an old treddle sewing machine too.I rad a fantasy novel about the arizona desert "The Wood Wife" by Terri Windling who lived there for a while but now live here in England.It brought that area toa magical life. Thanks for dropping in on me I have replied to your comment on Bright Star.Blessing from legendary Cornwall

  3. Hi Dawn, I'm loving your Fall decorations, very inspiring! thanks for stopping by to say hi and leave your sweet thoughts! XO Christie


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