Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Big Heap Finale

There were a multitude of Booths that I absolutely Adored the Styling, Creations and Inventory of at THE BIG HEAP... but I didn't get the Biz Cards of them all or have a chance to talk to everyone about their Work and Treasures due to time constraints.  I arrived rather late in the day due to getting Lost on the way there, which always happens when I'm heading East it seems. *LOL* So I'll just regale you in the Finale Post with the rest of the Images I captured through the eye of my lens... and Credits to the Vendor and/or Artist where I thought I knew where I might be at?!  *Winks*  There were a pair of these Gorgeous Bohemian Wing Chairs near the front Entrance that I fell in Lust with... just my Style... problem is, if this Upholstery got jacked up here at Home I'd go Postal... so I'll just have a Love Affair from afar... *Le Sigh*

This RHINESTONES N RELICS Booth had a lot of Rustic and Architectural Salvage Creations which caught my Eye...

Loved the Vintage Door Plate & Knob Clocks too... though I couldn't find a Website, so Hope the Gals will be back for yet another Event?!
I've seen these great Vintage Industrial Brachs Candies Tables before and would Love to own one to Create a Potting Bench with... maybe one day...
And the MAUDE VIOLA Gypsy Style Tent was adorable... Loved the use of Vintage Chenille Bedspreads for the Funky Bedouin Vibe!  Sorry... didn't snag a Biz Card and can't find a Website, so I Hope the Gals will be back during the next Event at THE BIG HEAP?
And the REKELEKT Booth has me positively Swooning!  The use of Amazing Architectural Salvage for OOAK Creations, Decorative Art and Custom Furnishings were off the hook!!!
And they had an Impressive Resume of previous Custom Creations in several Books up front to peruse and drool over... OMG, there were no Words!!!  And BTW, I desperately want that Urn!!!
Oh... and these oversized Victorian Corbels too... load those up...
And all those sitting on that Amazing Table constructed out of a Drum... I could definitely be a Corbel Hoarder can't you tell?  *Winks*
And when I could drag myself away from the previous Booth I ran into this one... RUSTY SATURDAY {Located inside EVERYTHING GOES}...  for even more Amazing Vintage Industrial Creations... want... that... Table!!!  I already have a Hoard of mismatched Vintage Chairs that would look terrific around it... and the fact it has Wheels... well... you could take that Alfresco Party and Buffet ANYWHERE with it... gotta LOVE that Feature!!!  That's the only Fast Food I like... *Winks*...  Gourmet Delights on a Gorgeous Table with Wheels being rolled out to me!!!  *LOL*
And their Framed Metal Signs with the Amazing Patina were Awesome!!!  Want one of those too!!!
And over at RETHUNQUE JUNQUE {Julie Busskohl & Sherry Egler} there was a ton of Upcycled and Repurposed Treasures and loads of Inspiration... along with a Killer Vintage Dress Form and Hat Box that I was drooling over...  I definitely have to get busy cutting up some of my Globe Stash to make into Lampshades and Hanging Lamps, I Love that Look and saw it all over Pinterest, so of coarse now I want some around the Showroom since my Maps and Globes have been fast Sells.
So many Projects... so little Time... ain't that the way it always rolls?!?  *Le Sigh*  But I'm Delighted to see that many of the Amazing Stylists and Vendors are not procrastinating as much as Yours Truly... so you can still obtain these Great Styles for your Nest. 

And I learned a Cool new Word from the Biz Card of Wood & Metal Artist Dave Tollkuhn... Gemutlikkit: An active way of preventing negative influences by going to places and meeting with people that do not emit tension or cause stress... the Atmosphere of Comfort, Peace and Acceptance.
I Like that!!!
Hope you Enjoyed your Tour with us through THE BIG HEAP my Friends... can't wait 'til we can do it again!!!  Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Well I was there on the last day, Sunday, and you must have been there in the days before because you've got things there in your pictures that I didn't see. However, because we went on the last day, a lot of stuff was marked down, so that was awesome. I guess you didn't get piccy's of the crazy doll was sooooo cool, but she wouldn't sell me any of her decapitated dolls. She did sell me a bunch of old watch parts and the innards of an old clock for a great price. I also got some gorgeous crochet and tatted laces and a significant section of a hand beaded 1800's circa dress all for $10. So I missed you at Sweet Salvage and now at the Big Heap, but I'm thinking of showing at the Big Heap next year, so maybe I'll see you then.

    I hope all is going well with your family and that they are in healing mode.


  2. Bummed that I missed it...I'm glad for your fab photos and descriptions, just like i was there!!! xo

    -PaMeLa ;)


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