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Sweet Salvage ~ Comfort And Joy Part II

One thing that Surprised me at this SWEET SALVAGE "Comfort & Joy" Event was how drawn I was to the Peacock Blues, Jewel Tone Greens, Aquas and Teals mixed with Earthtones for Holiday Decorating.  Though I do Love that Color Palette since it's Jewel Tones mixed with Organic Hues, I have rarely Decorated for Christmas with it specifically as my Primary Inspiration that I can recall.
This particular Vignette took my breath away and I confess was THE Favorite Vignette that I found myself coming back to because I was strongly drawn to it!!! 
 With a Gorgeous Pheasant Taxidermy Centerpiece that I would Love to have had the Budget for this Holiday Season... since I certainly could have Envisioned this as our Holiday Table Centerpiece... only a Taxidermy Peacock could trump this!  *Winks* 
The Man says this looks like a Crossbred or Exotic Pheasant of some sort... the Blues are quite unusual from the usual Pheasant Browns.

I think I would have wanted to put a tiny Tiara atop it's head and maybe some Bohemian Bling around it's neck to make it feel right at Home with us... though with this type of Natural Plumage you hardly need any Accessorizing!  I'll have to talk to my Brother-In-Law The Taxidermist about a Stuffed Pheasant now... but I'd want one of these mutant Exotic Peacock type Pheasants with that Gorgeous Plumage!!!  *LOL*

Yes, the overall Appeal of this Color Palette for the Holidays drew me right in.

To take a closer look and scrutinize every detail.  And I completely forgot to ask Kim what her Inspiration had been for this Vignette... so if you're reading this GF drop me a line with the back end Storyline Okay?!  I know it's gotta be good!!! *Smiles*

And now I'm on the lookout for some of that Peacock Blue irredescent Greenery too...
And Bottlebrush Trees are always a Holiday Favorite!!!

And this is yet another long-put-off Project of mine too... Stamping Vintage Silverware!  I might just have to give in and just purchase a set if this Project doesn't come to fruition anytime soon!?!  *LOL*  But it is something I've wanted to try... though it could probably become addictive and then no Silverware in the House would be safe and we'd be eating with our hands!!!??!?!  *Smiles*
And I REALLY was Impressed with this Idea of suspending dozens of oversized Lightbulbs from the ceiling... it really made a Visual Impact that was perfect for the Holiday Season, when Lights are a very vital part of Decorating. 
And I always Enjoy the Word Flash Cards... you can get so Creative with your Messages using those for Styling.
Check out the Golden Reindeer in a Vintage Birdcage...
And this needs no Explanation as to why I was drawn to it and Loving it... right?   I personally find any Excuse to put Peacock Feathers everywhere and anywhere, regardless of Season!!!  My House looks as though a Peacock Molt en mass happened there!!!  *LOL*
Now here was a very Unusual Piece that I was seriously Jonesin' for... a Street Sign... Faith SE... how Cool is THAT and Ideal not only for the Season, but every day to be Inspired and Encouraged by!!
Love the Necklace with the Upcycled Cash Register 25 Cent Metal and Bling... this whole Vignette was just very Eyecatching.
The Necklace warranted a closer look and Inspection... LOVE IT!!!  That's a piece of Unique Bling that I would certainly wear!
And now lets step back and take in the entire Vignette... Gorgeous huh?
Loving the Colors and that Sweet little Bird Ornament that clips on Tree Branches.

And how Inviting would your Vintage Themed Bar look with all this Gracing it?

I admit I've never tried Bombay Sapphire Gin but I sure Love their Packaging... look at the Hue on that Bottle!!! *LOL*  Okay, Short Survey here... who has bought a Visually Appealing Bottle of Liquor BECAUSE OF or just to procure the Cool Packaging?  Come clean... I Confess that I have been known to do that... and I rarely even drink... I passed on the Wine at the Preview Party and just drank Ice Water and that's not uncommon for me... but some of the Packaging of Wine & Liquor is so Awesome!  *Smiles*  So I may have to Invite you over sometime just to drink up the Liquor in some Cool Bottle I just wanted and couldn't care less about the contents of, Okay?  *LOL*
And what would any Vintage Christmas be like without some Shiny Bright Ornaments?  I remember Shiny Brights Gracing every Christmas Tree of my Childhood... and we even have some European Blown Glass Antique Ornaments that belonged to my Great-Grandparents that have been handed down for Generations!

And who remembers making some of these as a Kid Back-in-the-Day?  Very over-the-top Kitschy Bohemian they were so I still Love em to this day and still own several we made years and years ago!!!

Remember how terribly Creative and Artistic you felt making these Kit Ornaments with gaudy Pushpins, Sequins and Trims?  *LOL*

Yeah, I totally thought I was the Grand Master after I'd made mine... I had become a Wee Child Protege' Legend in my own Mind after Creating my Pushpin Kit Ornamentations!  *Winks*
But then we Grow Up... but still don't Outgrow our propensity for Accessorizing and Decorating everything in sight... so we move up to... Vintage Dress Form Decorating!!!  *LOL*
With miles of Tinsel Garland, Bohemian Bling, Crowns and Angelic Wings... FABULOUS!!!  Yeah, my Vintage Dress Form Triplets will probably get a Makeover like this for Christmas too... now that I've Graduated from Pushpin Ornament Art to bigger and better things!  *LOL* 
So... what have YOU Graduated to Decorating and Accessorizing now that you're all Grown Up?
Or are you the one that Delegates the Decorating to someone else in your Household that's more 'into it' than yourself?  I'm the Decorator and Stylist around here...
The Man and The Son would probably be Content to plop a Pine Bough Sprig in a Vase with a single Christmas Ornament on it 'Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Style' and call it a day...  *Smiles* 
It's just not their "Thing" to Decorate and The Son's Cottage is totally devoid of Christmas or any other Seasonal Decorating for that matter!  *Gasp!*  So he usually Celebrates with us here in the Main House and isn't at all interested in Creating a Christmas Vibe in his Bachelor Pad back there... well, except for maybe his Collection of Liquor Bottles... but that has absolutely nothing to do with the Packaging aspect or making them look Pretty like Mom {me} is inclined towards... more the Contents is his and his Posse's focus!  *LOL*  But it sure has gleened me some Great Liquor Packaging to Style with after they're done with the Contents!   "Whatcha gonna do with them Bottles my Son?" *Smiles*
And the G-Kid Force, though they Adore the Sights, Sounds and Smells of Christmas... well, they fade at the Gate when it comes to the Decorating Marathon that goes on at this Ole House... they're only good for the first 40 minutes or so of a Styling Project before they're "Tired".  *Winks*

As for me... I LIVE for and LOVE to Decorate, Style and seek out the best Treasures to Create Holiday Vignettes with!!!   The Thrill Of The Hunt is Magnified for me during the Holidays!  So I don't mind being 'The One' who assumes the responsibility of Styling this Ole House for each Holiday... it's 'My Thing' and they totally Support my Passion for it and Enjoy the Fruits of my Labor.
In fact it's much like how the rest of us thoroughly Enjoy the Fruits of the Labor of the 'Sweet Team' that bring us these Delightful Themed Events each Month!  And having others Appreciate your Efforts makes it all so very worthwhile doesn't it?
Because part of the intense Joy of the Season is in the Giving... of ourselves, our Time, our Talents and our Treasures for the Joy of others to Experience.  May you Discover the perfect mixture of each to Give this Holiday Season to those you Care about.
And if you've just begun your Treasure Hunt... well, there's still Time left during this Month's Occassional Sale to head out to SWEET SALVAGE'S 'Comfort & Joy' Event which will run through this Sunday!!!
And since I've only just scratched the surface of the gazillion Images I captured during the two days I was there... well, be sure to come back for more Posts of the Wonderland they have Created for the Holidays!!!
We are absolutely Determined to get you Inspired and into the Holiday Spirit my Friends!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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