Friday, November 16, 2012

Sweet Salvage ~ Comfort And Joy Part I

So Yesterday Morning was the Grand Opening to the Public of the SWEET SALVAGE "Comfort & Joy" Event!  We got there just as they opened the doors so there was no standing in line for us... we cruised right on in and headed for what I'd Scoped out the Night Before at the Preview Party! *Winks*  But there were many items, especially the Religious Collectible Treasures, that I was Adoring and yet had to 'pass' on this time around. *Le Sigh*
My Religious and Spiritual Collections are in fact my Oldest and most Beloved Collections, so I am particularly drawn to Beautiful Religious and Spiritual Art of all kinds, especially Vintage or Antique pieces like this one. 
Everything about the Display was just my Style so I would have Loved to have had the Budget to purchase the whole thing as it was Showcased... it was among one of my Favorite Displays at the Event.

But it wasn't the only piece of Spiritual Art that caught my Eye... this Painting of St. Theresa was Exquisite and had a wonderful Timeworn Patina to the Canvas!  I Love that it was unframed as well... I like to prop unframed Art around the House... and unless a Frame is as Exquisite as the Art, I'd prefer it to remain unframed.
Since this Event had a Christmas Theme it was nice to see so much Spiritual Art offered... He is the Reason for the Season after all!!!
And the Vintage and Antique Religious Inventory Sourced for the Event was Impressive.
My Friend Pamela and I had carpooled to the Event to attend it together and have our Girl's Day Out.
And as always I ran into several other Friends there at the Event, such as Adorable dynamic duo Audrey and Pauline.  Often in everyone's busy lives it is at the Local Events that we finally get to see each other each Month and get caught up on what everyone has been up to!
Connecting with Friends, Seeking out Found Treasures at a Fabulous Event that provides an overload of Inspiration... yeah, that makes for a Great Day!
My Friend Judy was also there... as was Gail who I didn't get a picture of... and as I downloaded this Image I had to Smile at Judy's "Sweet Claim Ticket Lanyard" Letter and Number... K9!!!  Hey Judy, did you buy a Dog that was being held back there in the Receiving Area?!?  *LOL*
Well actually, speaking of Dogs, I was the one with the Dog Ribbon... and my lanyard was equally funny as my Claim Lanyard Letter and Number was U1... as in You Won that coveted Vintage Dog Show Ribbon you were Hoping to 'Score' and came back to the Event for specifically... I felt like Best In Show!  *Winks*
Color me Happy!  And Proud to have had the Restraint to limit myself once again to a Single Purchase!  *Whoo Hoo!*  Since 5 things have to go out the door for every one I drag Home to 'keep' it is making me a whole lot more discerning and exercising Restraint.  Mostly now I buy for Inventory, Picking for my Showroom... which is making the Family Happier too!  *LOL*
Joy... yes, that would be the Word for Today... because the entire day was Joyful!
How could you not feel Joyful surrounded by so much Inspiration and Beauty?!?

I really liked the Burlap wrapped unadorned Christmas Trees in their Urn Planters... Simple and Understated, yet Elegant.

And my Favorite Vintage Color... Seafoam Green... was Gracing a great number of Fab Vintage Furniture too... good thing I have no more room for Furniture or my Restraint might have been wavering more!  *Whew*
I have a Yard Art Swan Planter at Home that I may now throw a Wreath around the neck of after being Inspired by this Visual!
And Dressing up the Dress Form Triplets and Mannequin Heads at Home in Holiday Attire is another possibility.
As well as stringing up my Vintage Shoe Forms with some Pine Boughs... yep, I'm Shamelessly Stealing... ummm, I mean Borrowing all kinds of Inspirational and Creative Ideas from this Month's Event!   *Smiles*
Because there was so many of the Vignettes that I Loved and caught my Eye.
The Nod to our Military during the Holiday Season was a Favorite Vignette too.  When I think of all the Christmases and other Holidays The Man and I were separated during his Military Service abroad during the Holiday Seasons, it reminds me of just how much our Troops & Military Service Families Sacrifice of their Personal Lives to Serve.  My Friend Pamela currently has Card Making Get Togethers called "Card Gathering For Operation Write Home" at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST to Create Greeting Cards that will be sent to Military Personnel Serving abroad so that they can keep in touch with Loved ones at Home during the Holidays. 
No "Hallmark Card" Stores you see for our Troops in Wartime locales, so it's a great Cause, come join us some time to Support our Troops!   All supplies are provided, just show up and get Creative!
The Man has all kinds of Vintage Military Memorabilia and Supplies... so I might just drag some in from his Man Cave and utilize them for Holiday Decor now!  This might cause a Panic Attack in The Man that I'm eyeballing his Stuff for Styling options and intruding upon Mantique Man Cave Sacred Ground... so upon further contemplation... maybe I'll pass on that Idea!  *Winks*   But it did look Cool... and I was totally diggin' it!
As I was this Trio of great Green Enamel Vintage Industrial Lights... not only a perfect Christmas Hue... but I could see these hanging in the Kitchen instead of the Italian Tole Chandies I presently have.  *LOL*

And this Piece... I Die!!!  Yeah, had THIS PIECE been within Budget it might have been the Single Purchase I would have opted for... Alas, it wasn't, so I had to say Good-Bye and leave MY Amazing Vintage Storage Cubby behind for someone else to buy... don't you just Hate when that happens?  *Winks*

I kept Lustfully looking over my shoulder at it as I walked away though... wouldda looked great on this Antique Desk I Create my Blog Posts on daily... every little supply now being Organized and easily within reach... *Le Sigh*

I am still really in Love with the use of the Vintage Military Uniform in the Holiday Decor, so perhaps one of The Man's Military Uniforms can be utilized in such a way this Christmas?
And how Creative was this Grapevine Wreath Garland?  It was comprised of several sizes of Grapevine Wreaths that were then put on the Tree from largest to smallest... great Idea!!!
Well... be sure to come back Tomorrow for even more of "Comfort And Joy" at The Sweet... 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn - it's always well worth the visit to Sweet Salvage every month!!! What a great time! xo

    -PaMeLa ;)

  2. Dawn . . . We Love Religious Icons Too ! . . . (see our current post) What a great show, Thanks for Sharing ! TAKE CARE, JOE & GLENN

  3. Oh my, that was a wonderful event . . . it truly gets you thinking about Christmas. Thanks for taking all these delightful photos.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Hi Dawn - it's so nice to " meet " you - and I just love your post - felt like I was right there beside you the whole day!
    I came by to wish you the best of luck on my xmas ornament give away - and to let you know that I'm very happily following you back!
    Big hugs,
    ( you're a no reply blogger by the way )

  5. Hi Dawn! Just saw your post on my blog. I am out of town right now visiting my son and his family for the holiday. I noted the K9 lanyard as well but didn't note yours! How wonderful!! U1!! It's always good to see you at Sweet Salvage. Just wish I had charged my camera battery so I could have taken another 50 pictures! I did get that many! All posted on FB. See you next month!!


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