Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I lament probably more than most that Thanksgiving is often the neglected Holiday that is squashed inbetween the two more popular Holidays to Style and Decorate for, Halloween and Christmas.  It is in fact the most perfect Holiday for a full blown Autumn & Harvest Inspired Theme and Decor.  And yet usually folks are rushing to take the Halloween or Autumn Harvest Decor down and put up the Christmas Decor, sometimes even before Thanksgiving has arrived!
Not at Bohemian Valhalla though... it is our Custom to keep our Autumn Vibe going strong and resist putting up even one Christmas Decoration until Thanksgiving is Celebrated and over.  Traditionally we don't Decorate or Style for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving and I hold firm to that Custom.  We have a LOT to be Thankful for... and Thanksgiving for us is that time of year and the Holiday to Celebrate our Thanksgiving of how Blessed and Grateful we are.  We'll have our Feast and Share with others... every year more than one Turkey or Ham goes out our door as a Gift to someone else... and there have been years when some have been Gifted to us as well.  As the G-Kid Force like to say, "Sharing is Caring!"  Amen!    
It was odd for me this year, being in Retail Sales for myself for the first time this part of the year, to be putting up even a little bit of Christmas Decor before Thanksgiving in my Showroom. 
I have to Confess I didn't like to even though I knew that it was time to be putting up some Christmas offerings for Customers earlier than I'd be used to or comfortable with. 
So I refused to put out much... and the majority of it was gone in a flash, including the Vintage Aluminum Christmas Tree... so I know I'll have to re-stock with more Christmas soon... but I want to wait now until the day after Thanksgiving.  My Showroom will have a decidedly Autumn Vibe until then, on purpose.
In Today's Post I'm Showing off a pair of 1903 Warrior Women Candleholders I recently 'Scored' at ZINNIA'S AT MELROSE to add to my Autumn Decor just in time for Thanksgiving and they're particularly meaningful to me right now.
Because in recent Months I've had so much come against our Family that I've had to feel like a Warrior Woman and stand strong against quite a lot of adversity and opposition in rapid succession.  And though it has been quite difficult, I am Thankful for the fact that we survived it all and came through it the stronger for it.   Sometimes  you don't recognize the strength you actually have within until you have been pressed into action to utilize it and bring it forth in Faith.
And it is often through Adversity and Life's Challenges that we can Truly be Thankful for and fully Appreciate what we have... what is left and abides... rather than focusing upon what has been lost or we've had to go through during the difficult times. 

 And this Thanksgiving, as always, we will Give Thanks for the Blessings... in our Lives and in the Lives of others.  Because a Thankful Heart and Gratitude is hard to keep down, even during the most difficult of times and circumstances.
Hope springs Eternal.  And an Attitude of Gratitude is something we should never, ever lose!
And yes, you'll still find me luxuriating in the Velvet Pumpkin Patch until the day after Thanksgiving... in fact, I just procured this Lovely Tapestry Floral Velvet one from J. SPARROW HOME & GARDEN this week.  I never had the Time, once again, to work on the Project of Creating some Velvet Pumpkins, so I'm glad someone did so that I could add to my ever growing Collection!  *Winks*  Stems and Velvet sit ready waiting to be Manifest into some Creations... but I guess that will have to wait now until the Holidays conclude and I have more Free Time. {I'm naturally Assuming and Hoping that I eventually WILL have more Free Time in 2013?!?  LOL}
But I am Adamant and Determined to MAKE some Free Time to do those things that make the Heart & Spirit Sing and Feed the Soul!  And I Encourage you to do the same my Friends... so that it will be Well with you too!
And while we're here being Thankful on this Thanksgiving Day I'm Sharing a few Gramma Brag Images that just came in via the Internet from Mexico of the G-Kid Force's three little Sisters that live there...
Princess M. who is said to have inherited Gramma Dawn's Gray-Blue Eyes...
And wee Princess N. who is definitely a "Daddy's Girl" since she's the Baby of the Family and my Youngest Daughter's last Child...
And Princess R., who like her Older Sister Princess T, Loves to Dance... and so her Gramma Maria made this Beautiful Folklorico Ensemble for her to Dance in.  Gramma Maria is a Gifted and Incredible Seamstress.
Princess R. apparently wanted her Close-Up Shot too! 
And the Oldest of the Grand-Daughters in Mexico, the Beautiful Princess S, who is Married and gave us our first Great-Grandchild!  Oh how I long to touch and hold all four of these Lovelies and not have to send Long Distance Love!!!  And I've most definitely got to bone up on my Spanish fluency so that we can have more to talk about during phone calls!
And back East are more Beautiful G-Kids to Celebrate and be Thankful for and wish we lived closer to so that we could hug, touch and hold...  the Princess M. and Princess K.
And Princess N. who is the most camera shy of the Sisters. {Huge HINT from Gramma Dawn... more Pixs of Beautiful Princess N. desired!  Winks}
Our Oldest Daughter with her Youngest Daughter... always so nice to get updated Photos from those Loved ones who don't live close enough to be with.  There were so many Special Events and Milestones we couldn't be a part of due to distance being a factor and that is so hard... the missing of Births and Birthdays...
And Proms we missed...
And Graduations too... and so much more that didn't get captured through the Eye of the Lens so that we could Share it with one another and Preserve those Moments in Time to look back upon or see for the very first time...
But I am Thankful for the Internet and all of the Modern Technology that helps those of us who cannot be together in Person to Connect, to Meet, keep in Touch and form Relationship that way if it cannot always be in Person.

And not just with Family and Old Friends... but with New Friends too... like YOU!  I am Thankful for each and every one of YOU too my Friends here in the Wonderful Land Of Blog Community!!!  How else would or could we have ever met except through the Blogasphere?!?  And I Believe it is one of those Divine Appointments that those who are meant to cross our Paths in Life in Positive and Enriching ways Connect through whatever means are necessary to form Special Bonds.  In Vast Cyberspace just think about it... you just HAPPENED to show up HERE... or I showed up THERE on your site and become New Friends!  Amazing!!!

Okay, so I'm Shamelessly Showing Off some other recent 'Scores' of Old Suitcases, Vintage Cut Velvet Linens, Vintage Laundry Pins... and...

And Amazing Goodwill Hunting 'Score' of a Large Vintage Trophy I snagged for under five bucks!!!
Oh... and some Show Ribbons for just over a Dollar apiece!!!  Color me Happy!!!  The Diningroom Table was awash with Found Treasures just 'Scored'... and then the delimma of which to keep and which to flip... or if I keep them all then there are a minimum of 5 items per piece that I have to Let Go of so that I'm continuing to Cull the Hoard of Pretties?!?!???!???!?  *Le Sigh*  Yeah... I was busy loading up a mass of long owned Treasures to flip in the Showroom so that I could Enjoy the New Found Treasures a little longer at least!  *Winks*  My Loss is your Gain... so hurry on in!  *Smiles*
I Confess... Vintage Trophy was going nowhere but in my Personal Collection!  *LOL*  And since the latest acquisitions were things I absolutely LOVED well, it was just easier to Let Go of things I've Enjoyed for years and could part with and fall somewhat out of Love with... *LOL*  The Topper on this Trophy after all looks like a Mythical Phoenix Woman Rising from the Ashes... how Appropriate... I kinda feel like that right now.  And Living just outside of Phoenix, AZ... how Ironic huh?  *Smiles*
And a Blog Shout Out for Sue of VINTAGE RESCUE SQUAD where I 'Scored' this Trio of Awesome Vintage Laundry Pins on her Etsy Shop selling in sets of three with your choice of Colors {Brass, Rusty & Silver Toned} ... and of coarse I couldn't chose "A" Color for Heaven's Sakes, so just give me one of each Sue, right?! *LOL*
Sue's 'What if I buy them ALL' propensity had obviously been ratcheted up a tad by her own Admission... Lord, that's a Woman after my own Heart... I can definitely relate to that!  *Winks*  And since she had 147, there might still be some left so if you hurry on over to her Link... well, you can 'Score' some too my Friends!  I plan to make Jewelry out of mine.
Like I don't have enough Jewelry, among other things, right?!?  *Bwahaha!!!*  Okay... so one more thing to be Thankful for... that the Family haven't contacted the "Hoarders" Reality Show and asked them to Profile me in the Newest Series coming out... *LOL*   I Wonder though... aren't they Financially Compensated... and ALSO send in a HUGE Crew to come in and help you CLEAN, ORGANIZE, help dispose of said Hoard appropriately and Receive AFTERCARE Support and THERAPY for FREE?!?  Humnnn... on second thoughts... *Winks*  Maybe I could use some of THAT!!!!!  *LOL*  Wonder if they'd throw in a temporary G-Kid Force Babysitter too???  I could Milk this... to my advantage... {Insert Evil Cackle}
Okay... so Princess T DID Assist me this week with my Showroom and Loft Spaces so the G-Force do come in handy at times *Winks*... though she was trying to manipulate me into reconsidering the Sale of the Lifelike Collectible Doll that she had once pulled the eyelashes of one eye off of when she was Two and attached them to her own Lashes... *LOL*... yeah, this is why Babydoll's gotta go... while she's still relatively intact and worth somethin'!  *Smiles*
Yeah, Princess T and Adorable Fur Baby Nikki Starbuck are regular fixtures and Great Helpers at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST... but don't let Princess T's "Angel" T-Shirt fool ya my Friends... the Dog is better behaved, less Wild and much more obedient!  *LOL*
Check out the Adorable Oreo & Candy Turkey Creations The Son brought Home last Night from the Thanksgiving Potluck at Work!  How Creative!!!
And be sure to stop by THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST this Saturday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm for the Kids to meet Santa and get FREE pixs taken with him!!!  Check out that Awesome Santa Throne that my Friend Geo provided!  He's got a great selection of Awesome Imported Carved Throne Chairs in his Showroom... just in case you want one just like Santas for Christmas?  *Winks*
 And join us over at COMMON GROUND for a Thanksgiving VINTAGE INSPIRATION BEING THANKFUL Blog Party!
Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So many pretty things to look at and so much to be thankful for. All your princesses are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this post. I wish you and your entire family a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. You have such a stunning, beautiful family ... all those lovely girls, I hope I have lots of grand-daughters too as I have three sons and one daughter - the dress on the wee Baby N is glorious!! It's amazing to look back on hard times and you certainly ought to congratulate yourself on your strength. Oh, and the strength to resist putting up xmas decorations until after Thanksgiving:)

  3. Good morning Dawn.....I must confess I did not read every word of this lovely post...but I did want to tell you what a lovely family you have...even though distance separates you....I know this has been a tough year for you...but you are really a strong woman....Happy Thanksgiving to you sweet lady




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