Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gypsy Junk Fairy ~ The Big Heap

While I was attending "THE BIG HEAP" I had the pleasure of being Introduced to and meeting another Delightful Artist and Kindred Spirit, Deb the 'GYPSY JUNK FAIRY'. {Contact Information: 480-241-7372}  Isn't she Adorable... and so very Friendly and Creative... I Adored her Style, her Aesthetic, her Amazing Booth and her Creations... and I know you'll see why...

SEE... WHY... I did!?!  *LOL*  Yep, she makes Art out of and Decorates with Creepy Dolls... and you all know how much I totally dig THAT and "Get It"!  Her Booth was festooned with Doll Parts...

Ahhhhh... yet another Wednesday Addams Type of Gal... we hit it off immediately, as if we'd always known each other and had so much in common to talk about!
Because... she also is an avid Junquer... Gypsy Junk in particular... so loads of Cool and Interesting 'Scores' that she Offers for Sale too!
AND she's a Talented Fabric Artist and Creates Beautiful Bags out of Vintage Fabrics!!!  This one Created from a Vintage Indian Blanket and Beautiful Vintage Church Vestment was my Personal Favorite, had Budget permit I would have 'Scored' this one for myself!  *Le Sigh*  Hate Budgets... specially when you Discover a New Artist whose Work you would Love to add to your Collection!
And you would Love to add some of Deb's Bags to your Collection too, I'm sure... if you're a Gypsy Soul and Bohemian Spirit like us too!
And if you're a Wednesday Addams Type of Gal like us too you will certainly Appreciate her Creepy Doll Art!!!  How Fun is the 'Bad Girl' Doll?!?   
There were once forgotten Vintage Dolls suspended everywhere!
And loads of Cool Smalls she had Sourced...
And Cool Larger Junque as well!  I Loved the Patina & Hues on this Old Car Door!
Yep, Deb is certainly not your average, ordinary run-of-the-mill Gramma either... she is Extraordinary, Free Spirited and Unique... and I just Loved that about her!  So glad to meet and talk with you Deb, you've overcome so much and I know you'll continue to... I also Hope we'll be meeting again soon and I can't wait to see what you Create next?!?  You go Girl!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Creepy dolls seem to all the rage right now. I've seen lots of doll head collections. Love the vintage typewriter! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Laura

  2. Wednesday Addams--I laughed out loud. Creepy doll art reminds me of a scary episode of Twilight Zone about Talking Tina--do you know it?

  3. Reminds me of a trip we took down to Bisbee about 15 years ago where someone had taken an old rusty car and attached old dolls, doll bodies, and heads all over the entire car - it was so creepy and funny! Glad you had fun, Dawn :o) Hugs, Janice


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